New theory suggests quantum entanglement and wormholes are linked together

Vatic Note:  As most of our regular readers know, Science is a hobby with me, along with art and other interests, so every once in a while, we will run across something so interesting that we put it up for your education and contemplation about what such information means to us in our lives and our universe.  This is one such example.

Why?  Because we are beginning to hear such things as space travel through worm holes and star gates to such wormholes, etc.  Now here is a warning that I always bring to these things.... all the institutions involved in this research and their findings are elite globalist secret society institutions, so keep that in mind for what its worth. 

If nothing else, it begs the question, if true, then why are they sharing it with us and if not true, then why use it to manipulate us into thinking, knowing or doing what? What is it they intend to do that the would need us to believe what they just presented?  If true, then enjoy the knowledge provided and contemplate the implications of this info to our view of our world and our universe.

It may well be something worth persuing down a rabbithole someday.  They did not mention "Time" in this presentation on the video below, but that may be for some other aspect of the presentation, that was not relevant to the points they wanted to make for this subject.  I do know that our view of time is simplistic and thoroughly three dimensional which is not the case in the real world universe.  Another something to think about. 

New theory suggests quantum entanglement and wormholes are linked together 
by Tibi Puiu, Dec 3, 2013

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One of the predictions derived from Einsten’s theory of general relativity is the existence of wormholes – spacetime shortcuts. In theory such bridges may offer instantaneous travel between the two bridgeheads or wormholes even if these are light-years away from each other.

Two independent studies suggest that there’s a link between quantum entanglement and wormholes, or to be more precise: each wormhole has a corresponding pair just like two entangled quantum particles.

Quantum entanglement is nothing short of bizarre. In a pair of entangled particles,  a change in the quantum characteristics of one of the particles can’t happen without also causing a change in the other particle, even if these particles are millions of miles away.

This concomitant change happens instantaneously, which is  why some people liken it to teleportation. I know, it’s a really strange and  non-intuitive aspect of the quantum theory of matter – this is why Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.”

For what’s it worth, although quantum entanglement was first theorized a long time ago, only recently did researchers prove that it’s real.

Practical applications for quantum entanglement have already been proposed, as entangled particles have been suggest for use in  powerful quantum computers and “impossible” to crack networks. Now, it seems quantum entanglement may be linked to wormholes.

Entangled wormholes

Theoretical physicists Juan Martín Maldacena at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and Leonard Susskind at Stanford University argue that wormholes are nothing but pairs of black holes entangled together.

A proposed mechanism of wormhole generation would be that when a black is born, its pair is simultaneously created as well. Moreover, they conjectured that entangled particles such as electrons and photons were connected by extraordinarily tiny wormholes.  (VN: that concept also seems to be applicable to the idea that every star has a twin which revolves around each other. )

[READ] Quantum theory suggests black holes are wormholes
Kristan Jensen, a theoretical physicist at Stony Brook University in New York and his colleague theoretical physicist Andreas Karch at the University of Washington in Seattle sought to investigate entangled particles behave in supersymmety theory which suggests that all subatomic particles have a corresponding partner or pair.

One of the biggest challenges physicists seek to address is developing a unified theory of physics, one that reconciles both general relativity and quantum mechanics. Supersymmetry is one such proposition that aims to unite the two grand theories of physics that explain the large universe (general relativity) and the tiny universe (quantum mechanics).

One huge idea expressed in this theory relates to holography or the notion that actions in this universe  may emerge from a reality with multiple dimensions; like a 2-d hologram may give the impression of 3-d object.

I’d highly recommend you watch this video of Carl Sagan discussing the tesserat. (VN: This video provided was blocked and is not allowed to be viewed in the USA, don't ask me why, they didn't say, but I found another one and will put it up below the next paragraph for your viewing and its well worth the effort).

Anyway, if you imagine a physical system that exists in only 3 dimensions, in theory you can describe that system using objects behaving in the four dimensions that general relativity describes the universe as having  (width, length, depth and time).


Jensen and Karch found that if one imagined entangled pairs in a universe with four dimensions, they behaved in the same way as wormholes in a universe with an extra fifth dimension.  A wormhole that curves space and time until two points coincide and entanglement may be one of the same thing then.
“Entangled pairs were the holographic images of a system with a wormhole,” Jensen said. Independent research from theoretical physicist Julian Sonner at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology supports this finding.
“There are certain things that get a scientist’s heart beating faster, and I think this is one of them,” Jensen told LiveScience. “One really exciting thing is that maybe, inspired by these results, we can better understand the relation between entanglement and space-time.”

Read more at http://www.zmescience.com/research/quantum-entanglement-wormholes-0424/#lOOhykODTBW9Kmvc.99

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