Vatic Note:  This was excellent since it proved that aids was a created bioweapon and who the scientist was that did it.   I wonder if those that ordered it done and those that did it, realized that is premeditated and genocidal murder?  One thing about a psychopath that you can count on..... they will respond to any threat to them and that is a good thing, since they don't care about "ANYTHING ELSE".   The are deeply and genuinely "cowards" and have a fear running so deep, they operate as a controlling force (called a "police state") to ensure their own safety, well being and survival.

I also wonder if  they realize those are death penalty offenses under international law as well as under our sovereign law?  Once the criminals are finally prosecuted and punished accordingly,  I will once again begin to slowly and gradually believe its possible to responsibly trust our system again.  Who are the only ones that can do that?  "WE, THE PEOPLE" and no one else, its becoming clear.

As long as the foreign occupying nation of Rothschild (Israel) is still in control of our government, I will only believe that international mafia, law breaking, criminal enterprises, drug running, money laundering, sex slave trade, child labor and sex slave trade, pedophilia, Global Prostitution, Satanism,  and  genocide are the only things we can be sure of in this time and space of history, and if that is the case, this nation is in a sorry state of affairs like never before, as is the rest of the planet.  Every single nation on earth is at risk as much, if not more than we are.

To me, this is amazing that these animals think they could run the planet, much less do anything else at a level that is not destructive.  AIPAC must go,  Dept of  "gestapo - storm troopers" Homeland Security and their so called "citizen advisory committee" full of foreign agents and spies, must also go.  Once the system is cleared of all that is sick, perverted and destructive, then we have a chance to rebuild and reinstitute the law and order that was so prevelant in this country and kept it civilized.   

I can now undertand why Mongolia kicked these khazar Zionists out of Mongolia, early on in their tribal existance.  I always knew the Mongolians had a ton of common sense, and this proves it.  Now we hve to take a hard look at ourselves for not kicking them out, sooner? 

One last bit of irony, is that most of these Khazars are bi-sexual or gay from being pedophiled as children and that is ONE WAY, that Aids is passed on, thus destroys those infected.  Remember, these khazars were only one of seven cultures that paganly believed in worshipping the phallic symbol.  They are still pagans and not torah practicing Jews.  Their revised Talmud proves that.

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Courtesy: Dr Leonard Horovitz [in the interests of extending Human Educational knowledge].

AIDS was deliberately created to deliberately depopulation development of humanity - created at Fort Dietrick through US Bioweapons development.


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