Serious Message to Police by a Courageous Young Person

Vatic Note:  Wow, once you listen to her all the way through, you will understand why the powers that be are working so hard to socially engineer our children into mindless, degenerate slogs as adults who will not resist the horrific dark ages the khazars intend for us once they take control.   She was awesome and this was one of the best presentations on what Law enforcement is about ready to confront that I have seen anywhere on the net.

She was not emotional, or threatening or anything that could be construed as a threat, rather she was rational, specific, and detailed about what LEO's are about to confront in the arena of "making choices" with their free will, that could bring serious consequences to them and their families.  This was better than anything I have seen from an adult and that gave me hope for our future and our young people and the kind of adults they will turn out to be.  All that social engineering done in our schools, in movies, and on TV, done by the pervert foreigners running our government, has backfired as it should have.

But now you can understand why the powers that be want very much to do away with reproductive rights and control over our children.  They do not want us teaching them about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, natural rights etc.  The only way they can avoid that is to see to it that the children spend more time with them and their minions such as teachers,  than with their own parents.  I keep saying this, but I will continue to encourage you to rent the movie "The Soldier" since it tells you clearly what they plan for our children who will soon be "their" children.

This is why they drug children who show any level of creativity, thoughtfulness, rational thinking, and individuality and call it the bogus disease ADD or ADHD.  We did a blog proving These diseases were created for those who are independant thinkers,  & so psychiatrists could have prescription drug authority to enhance their image as doctors.   Its why the PTB hate Home schooling, since it teaches our children how to think, analyze, ask questions about things that do not make sense and to engage in "inductive and deductive" reasoning, which is murder for propogandists.

Please, give this girl the time it takes to listen to all she had to say.  You can tell she had put in a lot of effort into this endeavor and listening all the way through is the only way to reward her for her brave and courageous efforts.  I have no doubt they will try to get rid of thoughtful kids like herself.  

Published by Josie Outlaw on Dec 1, 2013
Something you need to consider if you work in law enforcement--a question of life or death that you need to answer, and answer now.


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