Israel’s threat to us all becomes obvious

*** Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Readers.  We still have a lot to be grateful for:  our Country, which is big and beautiful,  our people who are gracious and generous when needed to be. And our soldiers who are willing to die for their fellow Americans and to fight tyranny NO MATTER WHO IS DOING IT, EITHER FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC.

Vatic Note:   My father used to drive home the crime of lying and how it was the worse one, bigger than theft.  He used to say "You can trust a thief more than you can trust a liar, because you can lock your valuables up on the thief, and thus you can trust him, but you can NEVER, EVER TRUST A LIAR because once they lie, you will never know when or if he is ever telling you the truth."  Because of that lesson drummed into me, I can not even tell a white lie, so I do not trust Bibi.

Israel, run by zionist khazars or their puppets, control our government against our best interests.  They are all traitors.  Israel is trying to make us the next nazi regime, and Obama the next Hitler.  That way, they can make us lose the third world war, while extracting wealth from us for the next century like they have done to Germany following the same slanderous and lying story about Germany that they are beginning to spew about us.

We should have bombed Israel back when they killed 37 of our sailors for political gain, and instead we let them off the hook, so they could do it again in Yemen when they attacked the USS Cole and again when they killed 12,000 souls in 9-11.  Their resident traitor in our government,  Chertoff, gave Israel immunity for what she did on 9-11, so their dual citizens who infiltrate our governments around the globe are as void of conscience, integrity, and loyalty as the Israeli's are with their own allies.   We give them billions of dollars for military spending, while our own citizens get cut on food stamps and starve.  Now how is that for doing what is in the best interest of our nation? 

These are psychopaths, narcissists, and completely insane from being pedophiled as children, and they have carried that insanity into adulthood.  No wonder the mongolians kicked them out of Mongolia, they were so bad.  Mongolia is the safe haven for criminals such as Genghis Khan, so those khazars had to be really bad to get kicked out of Mongolia.

Well, its time we kicked them out of Europe and the United States since that is who they plan on losing the war and making our people into slave labor subjects of Israel while they steal our industry and natural resources.  There is no doubt they are conducting war against the American people with the help of traitors within our own elected and appointed government.  Time to clean house and recover from their deception, mafia criminal acts, and money laundering.  THE ONLY WORLD WAR WE SHOULD FIGHT IS AGAINST THE ZIONIST BANKERS AND ISRAEL WHO SERVES THE BANKERS INTERESTS AND THEIR OWN.   Remember, it was the Israeli's, using Stexnet, that did Fukishima false flag and then had their minions in the pentagon dump DU poisoning on the American people.

There is no doubt, these people are dangerous to everyone in the world, not just the USA, but every single country with any resident wealth they can grab by force.  Good luck and stay away from them. 

Israel’s threat to us all becomes obvious
Jim W. Dean,  Senior Editor,  Veterans today, 11/28/2013

We are getting some serious licks in on the Radical Zionists

… by  Jim W. Dean    … with  Press TV, Tehran

Bibi has been banging his head against the wall
Bibi has been banging his head against the wall

The recent breakthrough in the Iran-Sextet nuclear talks, a geopolitical earthquake in itself, has also brought on many interesting aftershocks which could usher in a New World Order much different than the one normally associated with the term.

The fight leading up to the Sunday night success has revealed the battle lines more clearly than ever before who the real threat has been all along.

Israel deployed a full scale assault on America and the world, attempting to strangle the peace baby in its bed. Sure, we had the usual Congressional shills shaming America as they went through their sock puppet talking points recitations. Americans are used to having this humiliation.

But this time the Zionist lobby lead with their A-team, the senior senators who have long worked hand in glove with Israeli intelligence operatives to perpetrate a long running psychological operation on the American people. This is a treasonous act but they unfortunately have immunity for it.

The Israelis, especially Netanyahu, have been running the ‘Iran is about to have the bomb’ scam for twenty years. In the early years they were wrong, the middle years wrong, and in what I call the current ‘red line’ years even more so.

Why did they keep spouting this garbage out when it was proven wrong time after time?
The answer is that their intelligence operations have so infiltrated American media, government and the think tank pundits, they have bullet proofed Israel from any loss of credibility consequences whatsoever.
Promoting Israeli lies and deceptions became just another day at the office for their American 5th column. They even turned the deception game around to falsely accuse the Iranians.
New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, quoting his Israeli Intel crib notes gave us a good example of their subterfuge, writing in USA Today, “We cannot substitute wild-eyed hope for clear-eyed pragmatism given Iran’s record of deception.”  (VN:  what deception?  Iran has not attacked another nation, except in self defense, for over 360 years, and Israel attacks someone every few years if that long a wait.  They are even practicing genocide on their own arab population.)

He went on further to say, “Iran is on the ropes because of its intransigent policies and our collective will…. Tougher sanctions will serve as an incentive for Iran to verifiably dismantle its nuclear weapons program.”  (VN: Israel has no idea just how little they are fooling anyone else in this world.  They are not.  THEY ARE GOING TO HIT IRAN FOR ROTHSCHILD since they are one of three countries left in the world that refuses Rothschild banking system and they are doing very well without it.  That makes them a target and they will be bombed until they accept Rothschild banking and control of their economy.)

There is just one little problem here. Senator Menendez got his Intel from the Israelis about the Iranian “nuclear weapons program.” Our own intelligence community has stated in writing that they have never found any evidence of such a program.

But that is not a problem for Menendez because the Israelis lie all the time and American media print the lies without question.
But you don’t have to take my word for who has a ‘history of deception.’ The Israelis spilled the beans when a few years ago they started talking not about finding a bomb plant, but the ability of Iran to ‘break out’ with one, meaning they could make one quickly once they decided to, which is total nonsense.
Menendez has made a fool of himself, the Senate and the country
Menendez has made a fool of himself, the Senate and the country

It was a fabrication to keep the threat hoax in the spotlight without ever having to show any proof… which they did not have.

The constant repeating that Iran was reprocessing was drummed into the public endlessly till they just assumed it must be headed toward making a bomb, so no one even bothered to demand proof.
Enrichment, rather than bomb making, was presented to us as an act of aggression on Iran’s part. And that was just a setup for the pre-emptive strike justification, and then the sanctions as a ‘measured’ response.

The public just assumed that our government must be aware of some diversion going on from the civilian facilities to the secret military ones, or why else would they have pushed so hard for sanctions.

But the story that corporate media never told is that the stockpiled uranium is carefully inventoried and under constant surveillance. Our VT nuke expert Clinton Bastin said we would know within a day if any material had been moved improperly, and of course there was never a word of that happening.

When the IAEA did their last inventory in Iran they reported not one gram missing. That should have been headline news, kicking off a big debate about why we were led to believe a big diversion was going on when it wasn’t. Of course that was ducked because it would have shown us acting in bad faith, and giving the Israeli pushed hoax more credibility.

The Zios and their helpers knew that with a cooperative media that they could implant the threat onto the public’s mind and never have to bother with any proof. It’s an old game, honed during wartime and continued on during peacetime to keep the sheepeople more manageable.
Our American media has been just pitiful during the Iran talks controversy. They were actively engaged in propaganda rather than real journalism. Any Iran threat comments from the Israelis got huge coverage. Our own compromised media never challenged Israeli positions or facts on any of their outrageous claims.
Maariv headline predicts "Khomeini's atomic bomb in final stage of production"...April 25 1984
Maariv headline predicts “Khomeini’s atomic bomb in final stage of production”…April 25 1984

Let us not forget the purposeful mistranslations that are still repeated today even though they had been debunked the whole time. The worst was the one about wanting to wipe all the Israelis out. Our media has acted as a stage and a conveyor belt for Zionists talking points.

Veterans Today, on the other hand, never gets mass media calls for input because they know we are going to be critics. Israeli Intel comes over here to brief our Congress and they believe every word, like they have never heard of the Israelis lying about anything that might be to their benefit.

The justifications for pursuing the talks made by Obama were treated with universal skepticism. This is where our media went over to being a political espionage agent. That is what they are infiltrated for.
John Kerry gave us the scoop with his early Monday Press conference where he got some hard licks on the Israeli leaders and their American backers. He said the reason the Obama administration had pursued the Iran talks was because none of the experts or the countries involved thought increased or continuing sanctions would brow beat Iran into some kind of Western submission.
Kerry puts the word on Netanyahu
Kerry puts the word on Netanyahu

That was a complete refutation of the increased sanctions plan the Israelis knew would drive the Iranians out of the talks.

And Kerry went further by mentioning how the Bush-Cheney regime missed a chance to resolve the issue in 2003, when Iran only had 164 centrifuges, whereas now they have 19,000 under the sanctions.

Missed by the media was that 164 centrifuges was slam dunk proof of the impossibility of Iran having had a ‘military nuke program’ with only a handful of them.

I doubt any of them have put the Israelis on the spot to explain their past claims of Iran being one year away, etc.

The Israelis lied because it suited them, and way too many people who consider themselves honorable let them do it, in effect selling the lies to their own countrymen.

As congratulations pour in from countries around the world for this important breakthrough, Israel continues to deny its deception, which has been an attack on all the rest of us. It is time for us to extract several pounds of flesh from those who have attempted to throw the world into another bogus war on the wrong party.
To discourage such attacks in the future, everyone involved in pushing for the phony war with Iran has earned a suitable punishment. For us to not deliver that punishment continues to leave us exposed to the extensive political espionage involved with this one.
We could fill Gitmo many times over just with the key conspirators. Let us work together now on a dual track for the next six months to confront those guilty of pushing for war in bad faith, and give them a dose of their own medicine. We can never be safe while they walk among us.
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