From Crotch awareness to Christ Consciousness

Vatic Note:  This is a good time to revisit the protocols and see the role the khazar Zionists have planned for sex and use of it, in the demise of our culture and nation.  They made the point in the protocols that attacking these values through the youth was the way to ensure getting the adults they wanted that would be so easy to mainpulate, once reprogrammed from spiritual paths to temporal paths of immediate gratification through the senses and out of the higher levels of consciousness.

If you watch MTV, you will see they have done an excellent job of moving us toward that goal.  After all, the zionist/khazars own all forms of communication on a mass level basis and we did a blog about the Tavistock group out of Britian hiring NIH, and various illum universities to study and report back, ways to bring a nation and its culture down.  We are certainly on the path.  But the good news is, many many are awakening and seeing what that mentality has done to the khazar Zionist state of Israel.   It has brought it down to a level that would be the equivalent of sloshing in a pig sty and expecting to come out smelling and being clean. It just won't happen.

Its like eating..... you have a choice,  healthy food, in moderation at the appropriate time for the appropriate reason (to nourish and to satisfy normal hunger),  or junk food anytime of day or night only because it tastes good.  Go for the effective on our senses instead of for the purposes for which real food was made, to nourish, sustain and heal.  Lots to think about here.  Our war enemies are addicts in many areas, cocaine, alcohol, drugs, and sex.  Look what its done to their "lack of culture".  All we see is hate, harm, and emptiness in all they pursue.  Is that  how we want to end up?  Not me. 

From Crotch awareness to Christ Consciousness
by Narayan Das,  (henrymakow.com)

November 26, 2013
neo.jpgLike Neo in the 'Matrix'; the more he awakened, the more he wanted to awaken.

The Vedanta View of Sex - Vedanta - "a Hindu philosophy based on the doctrine of the Upanishads, especially in its monastic form."

The senses suck the soul into this temporal world, and shackle it there.
The dark forces in this world desire us
 to indulge our senses to the max. Indulgence will inevitably
 keep us dumbed-down and oblivious to life's goals.

Sex. The subject is a vital one; it makes or breaks people. Depending on how we deal with it, we find ourselves aligning with saints or cavorting with demons - literally.

Absorption in sexual matters diverts the soul from it's goal in this world,  i.e. to understand its true identity and to extricate itself from the fatal attractions of the material world of Maya.

Becoming aloof from the cloying, phobic morass of sexual concerns enables the entrapped soul to realize the folly of mindlessly pursuing mundane sense gratification.

The various sensory organs can be employed to operate the body (or biological interface if you like) in a sane manner, or they can be let to run amok and degrade one's intelligence to the sub-animal status.

A 'sane manner', of course, refers to the potential offered to the soul who has this human form, to increasingly become more cognizant of the bigger picture in which all exists. Sanity. This consciousness expansion is offered to the human, not to the sub-human.
TooMuch_x5.jpgAccording to the grand Vedic version of things, the soul in the human form is imbued with the quest for Divine awareness. 

This sets us aside from the lower species,where the inherent consciousness blocks awareness beyond eating, sleeping, mating and defending. For them (the less than human life forms), their soul journey is still in place, but is managed for them - on auto pilot if you like.

Achieving a human form is a grand milestone for the soul on its sojourn in this world, and we become more aware of the value at stake in proportion to the effort we invest in awakening to that value. An exponential dynamic kicks in.

Like Neo in the 'Matrix'; the more he awakened, the more he wanted to awaken.

This awakening to the divine order to the bigger picture if you like, is voluntary, but ultimately inevitable. The extent of one's freewill is simply a question of postponement; I can put effort into the process now, or tomorrow, or whenever; but I dally in the school of hard knocks until I commit to God/self realization.


The origins of celibacy, as with the concept of sin, were never the domain of sexually frustrated clergy, finger-waving from the pulpits. No, they hail from Godly advice given out of sheer kindness to we, the wayward souls of this world.  Sex oriented clergy are a more recent phenomenon in this demoniac influenced age of Kali.

The wayward mind allows the senses to seek the sense objects within this temporal world, and, by dint of that sense indulgence, shackle us there. Shackle the soul to the bodily concept of life (the profound bane of our involvement here), shackle us to the school of hard knocks, and shackle us to repeating the same mistakes over and over in the said school. Conversely, abstinence from rampant sense activity, combined with effective spiritual guidance, will transition the soul from crotch consciousness to Christ consciousness. One's vista then transcends that of the beasts.

BodyCard_2x2.jpgThere are some significant dots to be connected here. Indulging in any sex for the sake of trying to wring out some pleasure in this mundane zone causes oneself and partner to remain in the deluded bodily concept of life. It is a profound violence, at the soul level, to all involved.

The dark forces in this world program us to indulge our senses to the max. They know that rampant indulgence will inevitably keep us dumbed-down and oblivious to life's goals. Being unaware and dumbed down facilitates herding of the victims into the obedient, fearful mindset. The ill-intended control freaks desire the populace to perceive all manner of undesirable shortcomings to be the result of sense restraint.

As we know, the opposite of their propaganda is much closer to the truth. That being said, rare is the person who sees the all-pervasive hand of the regressive ones in matters sexual.

According to the wisdom of the ancients, all sexual activity binds us to the illusion. The exception is, of course, for procreation only.

Such a lofty level of mind control is almost non-existent today. I know, howls of protest from the New Age construct. Please be aware, that this New Age movement has provided a classic 'poisoning of the well' scenario by the dark agents for us, the vulgar.

JoyToEarthCard_2x2.jpgYou know - if it feels good, do it! Or 'free love' is the go, where 'love' means fucking. White becomes black, and vice versa. Truths are to be found within the New Age framework, but it's laced with poison - at the user's discretion - whatever discretion is intact after all the 'free love'!

Another interesting point is the most valuable effects of semen retention. I presented a little something on the subject a few years ago to an Educateyourself.org forum, and got run out of town by a couple of the more vacuous of the keyboard cowboys on line at the time - their comfort zones having been breached - big time!

Thanks for hammering the sex thing Henry, for indeed it's a pivotal piece in the jigsaw puzzle of our lot in this world. Practicing some intelligent discrimination in this regard ramps up a certain objective awareness of the bigger picture, and conversely, going with the PC flow of not discriminating on sexual matters encourages the reverse effect, where seeing a world beyond the genitals is unthinkable!

The assault is from within (the loose mind) and from without (the dark globalists). To undo the negative exploitation which has targeted the crotch is no mean feat!
- See more at: http://www.savethemales.ca/#sthash.RoIgJppv.dpuf

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Kosta said...

So having sex for pleasure is some sort of rampant indulgence, according to Makow.

So, once for procreation, and a short spell of say..3 months, from the ages of say.. 16 to 56, so we have 40 kids.... nah...
3-5 kids is enough...
so intercourse 3-5 times in a life time presumably is enough for Makow, in order to presumably achieve some higher state of conscientious...

One would certainly need a good wank after that, but evidently Makow is liberal with wanking [IMO at least] when he writes.

I noticed that comments on his site only get there by email to him, heavily vetted no doubt.

For example, how could he possibly have a topic around circumcision in Judaism and not mention the practice of oral suction of the infant's penis during the ritual known as Metzitzah Bpeh.

His solution seems to be controlled dissent, at the hand of wank.

Anonymous said...

As a father of 10 (ages 5-25) who has had this issue brought up throughout my life so far, I can only ad that Henry is right on. As to Kosta intercourse only 3-5 times is not an accurate presumption, neither is 40 kids - life don't work that way.

You only have to be OPEN to life - procreation. So my wife and I have been OPEN to creation more than 10 times I can assure you. We have a wonderful family who does and will contribute to society to raise its consciousness (we hope - see wearesantacroce.com)

Sex for pleasure IS a selfish act, like it or not.

Don't get me wrong, as a man I struggle with it all the time and yet deep down I know once mastered (no pun intended) I know another sense has been overcome.
ie: fasting overcomes gluttony etc...

Well worth the try - spiritually speaking!

Oh and btw, when one tries with a sincere heart - grace enters in and you'll be amazed at the results.

Vatic Master said...

Kosta, from a womans point of view, your description is not right, I strongly suggest you read Anonymouses response. I will say here and now, that women are truly made different than men in every way including sexually.

What you describe is what men see in sex, but women see more because of their responsibility for procreating which is the end result of such actions. So many womens lives have been ruined and changed for the worse, forever because of that casual self indulgent attitude. I have had a spiritual experience while engaging in sex with my husband and I can tell you that can't happen with a fast food get off event. Like I said women are different, but men can have the same experience if they refine the effort. Anonymous was so very right on, but then the protocols made it clear that position had to be gone for them to succeed in destroying our culture. Think on it and ponder a deeper meaning to it all.

I do not always agree with Makow, but in this case, he has a point, but not deep or strong enough.