Barack Obama & ‘His Boys’: Mia Pope Joins Jeff Rense For Part II Of Shocking Obama Revelations

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Vatic Note: He is not the first gay President. Bush Jr was and his boyfriend was a guy named Ashe who was the mayor in a City in the south, either Tennessee or Kentucky. When Bush Jr won the election, his handlers shipped Ash over to Poland as an ambassador to Poland to get rid of him and stop any exposure to the public about Bush's liaison with the mayor. It was too late by then , it got out anyway.

Obama is now no different.  The only question now is who is Michelle and those two girls?  Where did they come from and why are they agreeing to play this part? I wonder if anyone has asked? 

Barack Obama & ‘His Boys’: Mia Pope Joins Jeff Rense For Part II Of Shocking Obama Revelations

Mia Pope joins Jeff Rense for part II of their interview called “Shocking Obama Revelations.” Mia drops more Obama bombshells including “there was nothing about a girls body that would have been of interest to him” and shares that the ring Barack wears on his finger he’s been wearing “long before Michelle came along”, the same ring that says ‘there is no God but Allah’ on it. 

Mia also shares that ‘Barry’ has quite the temper, has always been ‘sociopathic’ and has never had the slightest problem performing sexual acts upon men while outright rejecting girls. For those who missed it, part 1 of this interview can be found here.


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Anonymous said...

You know, I have difficulty with this Mia Pope person. where did TPTB scrape her up from, more importantly, where has she been all this time....while Barry was qweefing about "hope and change", where was Mia? Why now? And, if she is the real deal, why and how is she still alive? People have been disappearing and showing up "suicided" for much less. There was a youtube video some years back of those eye witnesses who babbled into the camera about how they heard explosions in one of the towers' basements on 9/11, about how there could not have a plane crashing into the building....well, all of them have met with unfortunate "accidents" in the ensuing years.
Witnesses to the JFK assasination have turned up dead.
So, along comes Mia Pope, to "clear things up about Barry". Really? And not only is she given a platform, she is given a SECOND interview? I mean, the whole thing just reeks. I do not understand, perhaps you might be able to help?

Vatic Master said...

You make some very good cogent points that should be taken seriously. What my take on this is .... the powers that be are done with Obama, just like they were with Bush after his second term and now its time for the GOP to take over since there is not difference between the parties. Its not just an attack on Obama, its an attack on the system and the democratic party. So, the PTB have selected who will run and win in the next election and I bet its a GOP winner to finalize the bring down of the country, so I think we have til 2016 for the final hammer. Just a thought, I have no proof, but I wondered the same as you did.

I can somewhat rationalize her late appearance in the game since the MSM is owned by the PTB and would never have allowed her story to be put up. We don't know if she tried. But the fact that she went on Rense was a trigger for me that she was part of the cabal because Rense is a gatekeeper for them.