Another positive News: Judge's ruling today 11/26/13, Sandy Hook 911 Calls will be released on December 4th,

Vatic Note:  Northern Truthseeker does a very good job with his notes, so I will say only, that the photos of Lazars room indicates Lazars computer was ransacked and his father was subpoenaed to testify in wrong doing by the banks with the Libor interest rate manipulations, and it was put forth that The Lazard child who supposedly committed the murders had done the work on his computer for his father.  This whole game was to take attention away from the global interest rate manipulation scandel that was brewing.  Otherwise, this below is fully complete in every way based on our own independant research.  To me, that judge is a hero and very brave indeed. 

NT Note:  In my last article concerning Sandy Hook, I released the fabulous video by Sofia Smallstorm that basically rips Sandy Hook apart and takes the firm stand that we are indeed dealing with a massive fraud, swindle, and hoax.... I have stated clearly that I firmly believe that absolutely NO children died that day, and that the entire "massacre" was indeed a criminal government operation that involved actors, stooges, and a compliant media for the sole purpose of scaring the general public,and using the massive psychological effect of fear  to convince the American public into accepting more government rules, regulations, laws, and of course gun control.... I am so surprised to this day that many people do not see the fraud, and continue to attack myself and others for trying to expose the truth...

I want to share with my own readers a fabulous article from a fellow blogger out of Tennessee, named "Sherrie" who writes the important blog: Sherrie Questioning All, at www.sherryquestioningall.blogspot.com   It is entitled: "Judge's Ruling Today 11/26/13, Sandy Hook 911 Calls Will Be Released On December 4th", and as the title states, it definitely does appear that the criminals behind the Sandy Hook fraud will have to live with the consequences from the revelations from the 9-11 calls made that fateful day, December 14th, 2012..... I have this important article here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Judge's ruling today 11/26/13, Sandy Hook 911 Calls will be released on December 4th,
by Northern Truthseeker, source Sherry Questioning All,
November 26, 2013

Judge Eliot D. Prescott ordered police to release the tapes by 2 p.m. on Dec. 4 unless Danbury 

State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III can convince the Appellate Court to reverse the ruling.

It is time for them to be released and interesting enough, the calls in do not say a child was shot per the judge in deciding the ruling.

"There is no dispute in this case that the audio recordings of the 911 calls made from the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, are public records within the FOIA," he wrote.Under Sedensky's effort to use confidential provisions relating to the reporting of child abuse, the judge wrote that under the prosecutor's rationale, all records pertaining to the Sandy Hook shooting would be exempt from public disclosure. 
The judge said the calls are harrowing, but they do not identify any children, nor do they describe any injuries to a child.
This will be just in time for the media and the government to spew propaganda and try and get gun control going again at the one year anniversary of Sandy Hook.

People need to understand the only reason we have the story of Sandy Hook is because the media and government told us it happened.  Yet there has not been one shred of evidence or real proof any children were murdered that day.  (VN: in fact, its the opposite, the feds conducted the funerals which is unheard of, since families usually do that.  Then the Feds prohibited the families from viewing the bodies of their children, and that is "if" they were families and not actors, so that alone makes one wonder?)

The fact is there is more evidence that it did not happen then us just being told it did.

Does that sound cold to some people?  That I would say that when they believe 20 children were shot?

Remember this is the same government that lied over and over again about people keeping their health insurance when they knew for years it would actually be cancelled.   Besides all the other lies they have been caught in - Benghazi, IRS, etc.

So are we really just suppose to take their word that people were murdered that day without providing proof?

Remember too some authorities slipped up when they spoke, including the Governor of Connecticut saying that Holder had told him the week before that something as this was going to happen.

The news channels faked police running into the school.  They showed them running into St. Rosa school that day.

Remember there was a drill with this exact scenario going on less than a mile away.

This is besides the fact they didn't allow any EMS into the building too.

The list goes on and on, including my finding and showing in a video how the people recycled into the firehouse that day.

We shall see what the 911 calls say and we will have fun trying to figure out why the police have wanted them to stay unheard from the public.

If everything is as they have said, then what are they hiding?

NTS Notes:  I do believe that this order by this Judge has the criminals now scrambling.... They now have until December 4th to somehow either doctor and/or alter the material in these 9-11 calls to fit their "official story" behind the Sandy Hook hoax.... That or find some "legal" excuse to convince Judges to not have them released, or as a last ditch resort, conveniently have these recordings "accidentally destroyed"......

I also highlighted and enlarged the most important find by the Judge ordering the release of these tapes.. That there is NO evidence that any children were identified or injured at Sandy Hook!  This fully complies and agrees with my stating that NO children were "massacred" at Sandy Hook!

I really will want to find out how the compliant Jewish media spins what is heard on these calls to fit the official narrative behind the Sandy Hook hoax..... I can hardly wait until December 4th to hear the context of these calls, and of course file a report here at this blog.... Stay tuned....

More to come

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