Denver Airport Underground: Interview with Greg Erickson on underground facilities

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This below is just more proof added onto that which we had already provided, that there is something amiss at the Denver airport with all their occult paintings on the walls, and the Horse statue outside that greets the patrons....and the so called "non working baggage system" they would not let him him see or film.

Yet he did say that whistle blowers said the area was for elite and holding dissidents and I bet its for re-education or disposal if unable to re-educate.  The form of disposal is probably why he was prevented from going below any further.  etc.  In an earlier blog we did show the so called shower heads that did not appear to have a reason for being in a concrete solid area where no fire could possibly start.  Were they gas head showers?   Shades of Nazi Germany where the camps were run by Zionists?

Denver Airport Underground: BIN Editor Interview On Travel Channel Appearance


Before It’s News editor Greg Ericson will be appearing on Travel Channel, Sunday, November 17, 10pm PST. Topic Denver Airport Underground. Travel Channel promo here.

The interview below with Greg will delve into his appearance, the filming experience, the underground abandoned 19 mile baggage system and the theories surrounding Airport since it’s inception.

SD: In your appearance on the Travel Channel, which will be shown below, you spoke about the 19 miles of a baggage system that was abandoned…. can you expand on why it was abandoned after so much money, time and work was spent on creating it?

Greg Ericson: The official reason was the state of the art baggage system failed.

SD: Ok, and after failing, but yet so much money invested, why not fix it instead of leaving it abandoned if that was the truth?

Greg: Good question.

SD: We all know official reasons are not always the truth, so do you have any theories on the baggage system and why it was really abandoned?

Greg: Since the airport denied the TC [Travel Channel] to go deeper underground that would be an indication there is an underground facility.

SD: That was mentioned on the your Travel Channel appearance and that is something I would like to discuss a little more if you don’t mind. Do you have an opinion or even a theory of what type of underground facility would be hidden down below the airport?

Greg: The alleged conspiracy by whistleblowers and others is….if the White House was under terror attack…..they would move the capitol to denver to set up the new world disorder……the underground base would be for the elite and also for dissident prisoners.

SD: Thanks for the followup answers… Next I would like to move on to the other conspiracy talk, the murals, this wasn’t discussed on the travel Channel promo, more than showing them and mentioning the mysterious nature of the airport, but there has been much chatter on the murals having hidden meaning… what have you heard about them?

Greg: I don’t feel the murals are that important other than children should not be exposed to a storm trooper killing a dove.

SD: Fair enough. I would like to know if there were parts of the airport you were refused access to during the filming?

Greg: Underground. TV crew got to go two floors down, they were denied to go further.

SD: Did they provide a reason that filming was not allowed underground?

Greg: No.

SD: Were you denied access anywhere else?


Greg: Yes, PUBLIC airport denied us to take pictures or visit the weird horse statue in front of the airport.
SD: Greg, do you think there is something on, in or seen about that horse statue that they are hiding from the general public. It is a public airport as you have pointed out, so there is no legal footing to stand on in refusing to allow the filming crew and yourself near it or to film it? 

Greg: Maybe its the entrance to the DUMB SD: Please explain to the readers what DUMB stands for.

Greg: Deep Underground Military Base.  

SD: Alright Greg, last question…. please tell us about your filming experience in general and anything you found odd that we have not covered in this interview already?

Greg: It was so much fun…..but there were many retakes. I found the retakes to take away from the energy of the filming. TC took 3 days to shoot for a 20 minute program.

SD: Thank you for your time Greg.

BIN editor Greg Ericson is also expected to appear on History Channel’s America Unearthed in early 2014. Topic will be the Denver Airport.

Susan Duclos owns/writes Wake up America

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