Freedom Fighter Fought Alone

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The harassment has not stopped, but we are managing around it. I used a neighbors computer today to find out that we got the donations we needed and I was able to get it out to the bank.  But understand that this dramatic increase in cyber harassment, plays into this below very well.  Were they using gradualism leading to some ultimate larger goal?  We will find out.  
 Vatic Note: The reason we do not have anymore heroes, or resistance fighters is because we have abandoned them to be murdered, destroyed professionally, or slandered without any recourse.  We didn't listen, raise up by the millions to resist and follow those who took the first steps of resistance alone.  

Our education system has taught us not to have higher thoughts and ideals or even to question what is true richness or wealth in our lives, what is important, what truly matters?  What is morality, why is it necessary?  Is it material,  spiritual or within our own measure of greatness that is personal?

We never ask (that is the "royal we") each of us, since many of us have risen but have not had sufficient numbers to continue the battle, so many fight on alone in isolation and never ever give up.  That is when they have to die.  The questions are not allowed by teachers to use in critical thinking training for students, so they never question anything, because they never think ouside of the box or the moment about sages, history, philosophers, ages and myths or legends, etc...  Nope, its the bare minimum we need to become and remain only "beasts of burden".... to operate at the will of the cattle  owners whose brand we carry. 

I suppose the good news is "if you are sufficiently dumbed down", you won't even notice it at all and will simply "exist" in a state of slavery with a smile on ones face.  If you are too dumb to notice, then you would be too dumb to suffer and if no suffering, then who is to say its bad???  

I don't know, now I have another question I have to resolve for myself.  But  I respect this man from Canada, since Canada is way worse off then we are, its an even greater courage he has and love for his country, since Canada is as bad as we are and that is because we still have our guns, so they can't do to us what they have done to Canada after taking their guns.  They are worse by a mile.  There is total and complete control in Canada by the Zionists and even greater than in Britain which is saying a lot.  What is great about him and Canada lost a lot, was he is visionary. He saw way back then what we are all experiencing now 10 years later.

I just realized something reading this all the way through.... The Zionists had this all worked out by using Russia since 1917 until the mid 80's to identify and work on the mistakes they made, to reinformce the things that worked, etc.  Remember, this entire plan for the planet was worked out and written up on 1897 called the protocols. It was a blueprint for world domination.

Well, what good is a plan if you have not war gamed it to work out the kinks, before trying it on everyone else, and that is what we are seeing here.  The rest of us Christian and Muslim nations are going by the way of the Dodo  bird because all the kinks  have been worked out  and its ready to be implemented and we are the Zionists hated groups as they have proven and stated many times over the past 100 years

Putin is calling for a global conference to set up a New World Order with all the good things one would expect to hear if you wanted people to buy into it.  So his newly created image by the international zionist owned press is  working overtime to restore his previous image as the potential enemy in our next world war they need.  Poor babies.  Obama was ruined and so was Prince Williams who was the back up good guy if Obama suffered any fall out from their actions.

Well, they had to find someone to turn too and sure enough, it was putin, their main KGB guy to the rescue. I hope they have not killed off all the good men and women who still harbor integrity, values, prinicples of righteous living in harmony with his fellow man. 

Freedom Fighter Fought Alone
September 24, 2013 
   (left, former Canadian privacy commissioner, George Radwanski)

This is a reminder of how one courageous man's 2003 resistance to police state surveillance was quashed without any protest from press or public. It is proof debt "slaves" can indeed "love their slavery," as Aldous Huxley surmised.
Radwanski's eloquent words are especially prescient in light of recent revelations of NSA domestic spying.  Society has been weaned off genuine freedom by its traitorous elite, and neither understands or misses it. Radwanski's warnings remind us what's been lost, and prove "human rights" are a facade.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(From June 29, 2003. )

In June 2003, Canada's Privacy Commissioner George Radwanski was hounded from office amid a firestorm of allegations about expense account abuses. [Radwanski was acquitted of all criminal charges in 2009.]

Press hacks and politicians continued to nip at his heels accusing him of misleading parliament and "intimidating" his staff. One Member of Parliament suggested he deserved jail time or even execution.

Why such ferocity?

George Radwanski had been a valiant and eloquent opponent of the Canadian government's new initiatives for repressive public surveillance. His courageous leadership is the reason he was tarred and feathered. The real scoundrels are the Canadian politicians and press who abjectly betrayed the public trust.

In January 2003, Radwanski warned Canadians that the government "regrettably has lost its moral compass."

Although Canada hasn't had a terrorist attack, planned initiatives will result in the loss "not only of privacy rights that we take for granted but also of ... freedom as we now know it."

He warned "September 11 is being invoked as a kind of magic incantation to stifle debate, disparage critical analysis and persuade us that we suddenly live in a new world where the old rules cannot apply."

"The Government is doing all this in blatant, open and repeated disregard of the concerns that it is my duty to express..." Radwanski said.  He revealed that American pressure was to blame, and urged Canadians to assert their sovereignty.

"The right of privacy is at the core of the basic freedoms of our society. Freedom of speech, of thought, of association, to name just a few, are grounded in the idea that we have a private sphere of thought and action that is our business and nobody else's -- not our neighbours', not our employers', not some telemarketer's, and certainly not the state's. In Canada today, that fundamental human right is under unprecedented assault."

He foresaw the potential uses of surveillance for political repression. While only thousands march against globalization today, what if millions wanted to demonstrate in the future?

Radwanski compared the "war on terror" to Orwell's "1984, "which takes place against the background of a mysterious chronic war in which it is never clear just who the enemy is or who is winning or losing."

His office was becoming "an international leader in privacy protection" and a thorn in George Bush's side. It focused opposition to the monitoring of communications, biometric passports and identity cards, video surveillance and genetic databases.

"My trips to the US enabled me to raise awareness among American decision-makers about Canada's different approach to privacy rights," Radwanski said in his resignation statement. 

"Several members of the US Congress expressed an interest in creating an American position of Privacy Commissioner along the Canadian model."

This resignation statement has been removed from the Privacy Commission web site  Soviet-style, Radwanski is already becoming a non-person.


In a supposedly civilized country, George Radwanski was not given a fair and impartial hearing. No one in authority came to his defense. No one made the obvious connection between his sensitive political stand and his removal. This is the state of public discourse today. (VN:  that is how it is everywhere now.)

The whole episode smacks of a carefully orchestrated operation. Politicians of all stripes and virtually the whole press corps fell into line like geese. Typical of the press' prescience were disingenuous editorials like "Gorg'in George Had to Go" and "Radwanski's Vainglorious Reign Crumbles."

The Toronto Star had an editorial Sunday (June 29) entitled "Good from Radwanski." Did it take note of his warnings? No. The "good" referred to more scrutiny of future appointments like his and protection for the "whistle blowers" who revealed his expense account anomalies.

The vicious "swarming" of a dedicated public defender sets a bad precedent. It suggests the fate of anybody with influence that stands in Big Brother's way.

We may assume that any target of media defamation is a genuine defender of democratic ideals.

In the years prior to the murderous "Reign of Terror" and the French Revolution, the Jacobins used vile and unscrupulous smear campaigns like this one to eliminate opponents. This process was known as "L'infamie."


George Radwanski doubtlessly became a marked man in January when he delivered his 2001-2002 Annual Report. Here are some excerpts:

 "The fundamental human right of privacy in Canada is under assault as never before. Unless the Government of Canada is quickly dissuaded from its present course by Parliamentary action and public insistence, we are on a path that may well lead to the permanent loss not only of privacy rights but also important elements of freedom as we now know it...

The Government is, quite simply, using September 11 as an excuse for new [surveillance databases] that cannot be justified by the requirements of anti-terrorism and that, indeed, have no place in a free and democratic society...

These are not abstract or theoretical concerns. If these measures are allowed to go forward... there is a very real prospect that before long our lives here in Canada will look like this:

-All our travels outside Canada will be systematically recorded, tracked and analyzed for signs of anything that the Government might find suspicious or undesirable. "Big Brother" dossiers of personal information about every law-abiding Canadian... will be kept by the federal Government and will be available to virtually every federal department and agency...

-Any time we travel within Canada, we will have to identify ourselves to police so that their computers can check whether we are wanted for anything or are otherwise of interest to the state.

-Police and security will be able to access records of every e-mail we send and every cellular phone call we make. Information on what we read on the Internet, every Web site and page we visit, will likewise be readily available to government authorities.

-We will all be fingerprinted or retina-scanned by the Government. This biometric information will be on compulsory national ID cards that will open the way to being stopped in the streets by police and required to identify ourselves on demand.

-Our movements through the public streets will be relentlessly observed through proliferating police video surveillance cameras. Eventually, these cameras will likely be linked to biometric face-recognition technologies that will match our on-screen images to file photos -- from such sources as drivers' licences, passports or ID cards -- and enable the police to identify us by name and address as we go about our law-abiding business in the streets.

Now I am informing Parliament that ... governmental disregard for crucially important privacy rights is moving beyond isolated instances and becoming systematic.

The bottom line is this: If we have to live our lives weighing every action, every communication, every human contact, wondering what agents of the state might find out about it, analyze it, judge it, possibly misconstrue it, and somehow use it to our detriment, we are not truly free.

That sort of life is characteristic of totalitarian countries, not a free and open society like Canada. But that is where we are inexorably headed, if the Government's current initiatives are allowed to proceed."


No one can read this excerpt without being ashamed. As Canadians, we have behaved like little children. We have clapped while our champion has been struck down and humiliated. We will discover that our freedom is a lot easier to squander than it is to regain.

We don't recognize the danger facing us because conditions are still pretty good. But these measures are not planned for good times. They are designed for the bad times that are in store.

Sept. 11 was an audacious act on the part of the world's financial elite. It served the double purpose of providing an excuse to subjugate the Muslim world while at the same time creating an enemy to justify political repression at home.

The crumbling twin towers signaled the final stage in a long-term plan for a world police state governed by the super rich. The New World Order is the work of the devil, and Canadians brought it a step closer in 2003.

Original version contained details of Radwanski's expense account misdeeds.

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