***Fund Raising update: We have met our goal. WE wish to thank those of you who donated today that put us over the top for our first of the month deficit.  We are early in meeting that deficit and we are eternally grateful.  We had one donor from New Zealand who put us up over it today.  God bless you all who did donate this month, and helped to keep us up and functioning in our search for truth......this ensures we can continue for another month.   
Hopefully Jewelry will sell for Christmas and our hunters stop by and buy for their wives. Thank you all for all your support and aid in every way.  We appreciate our readers and their comments, and contributions on information, as well as the donations.  God bless you all.  

The harassment has not stopped, but we are managing around it. I used a neighbors computer today to find out that we got the donations we needed and I was able to get it out to the bank.  But understand that this dramatic increase in cyber harassment, plays into this below very well.  Were they using gradualism leading to some ultimate larger goal?  We will find out.  

Vatic Note:  This is not up because of the title, since all such warnings simply mean they are telling us "what THEY intend to do to us", but its up to let you know what they have planned and to make it clear to your senators, they can't go underground deep enough to shirk their responsibility for the attack upon our nation by Israel... working through their infiltrators in our government.  They did the USS Liberty trying to blame it on Egypt so we would attack Egypt for them,  lousy cowards..... I hate it when they manipulate us into doing their illegal, criminal dirty work for them. 

I actually think they are already underground since they have blocked my phone number from reaching the capitol building.   That is not our country, since they have never done that before, so its another foreign country controlling our nation who has done that to their own people and believes its ok to do here.  They are wrong.  There are intender groups around the globe along with RH negs focusing on stopping these evil ones from completing their agenda.

This has worked twice before,  the first time was in 2007 when we stopped a nuke attack in 5 cities.   The second time was when a foreign countries submarine shot off a missle off the coast of LA.  It went crazy and landed into the ocean and harmed no one.  We can do this...... starting now.  When on automatic, like  driving a car or taking a shower or on the john, we can put out our intentions to stop any harm to anyone on the planet and intend these people move to MARS.   Lets begin right now....  and keep going until we feel a change has taken place. 

Published by Truth Shock TV on Sep 3, 2013

What are FEMA planning? An upcoming "natural" disaster... and a massive cyber attack on the USA.


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