Former sex trafficking victim shines light on dark underworld of Super Bowl

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Vatic Note: My first question, when reading about the raping of these girls at 12 and 14, was "Where are the parents?"  At that age, they should be living a life of safety and childhood concerns, not rape and prostitution.  It may sound a bit naive on my part, but if a society does not value a woman for more than sex, then this is how it plays out in society. With the attack on our economy, financial institutions, there has also been an intentional attack on our society in general, through social engineering. These sexual assaults are also now happening more and more to boys as well. 

The protocols list several areas to be attacked that would need to be brought down for these zionists to be able to eventually dominate the globe.  These elements we are about to cover were then taken and written up by the Bilderberg group in 1958 called "The Lawful Path: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars", which were revised in 1979 and a copy of the revision was found in an old Copy machine cabinet sold by Boeing in a garage type sale in Seattle... and the training protocols to the CIA infiltrators were then used to train and direct the CIA operatives who were placed in schools as teachers,  heads of boy scouts and Girl scouts, Reporters like Andersen for CNN and anywhere family, church, children, and sex were present. Yes, even Pastors in churchs.  

The first one listed was "Attacks on all God centered religions" to take away the morality of society as a rule. The second was to attack the social foundations for our children..... the protocols say to direct them to houses of ill repute and put the children into the hands of their agent tutors to teach them that sex is a recreation tool instead of a sacred act of love, and foundation for a family life. Marriage was also under attack and finally, as they said, The family was the final thing to be attacked.   

That included extended families, that is why major companies, like IBM transferred their employees every three years from one town to another. It disrupted the ties with extended families, it interfered with high school relationships which were important at that stage of development for the kids, loses were suffered by the children who had to try and reconnect at the new school and we all know how difficult that is during the peer development state of maturating for the children. There was so much done to socially engineer us to where we are today. 

I know you all remember when the feds mandated the teaching of Homosexuality in school at the grade school level. I could go into all the dynamics of the intent here, but suffice it to say, that a childs sexuality is not finished forming until he/she is 26, UNLESS, they are traumatized early on. Well, we know about that based on many of our blogs regarding CPS and their pimping little children and babies to higher up officials. A child pedophiled or converted to gay life style will not be having children and creating families anytime soon.

In the case of this story, you can see how this happens to affect the creation of families. AS this woman so eloquently put it, she will never get a husband, so her life at 42 was one of no family, no children and no anchor. This is intentional AND PART OF THE DEHUMANIZING PROCESS, and if you watch movies and TV entertainment, controlled by these same zionists, you can see how the indoctrination through these vehicles all the time and soon, what they put out becomes what we reflect as a society.... and thus a direction we are moving toward is an uncivilized existance, animalistic if you will, like cattle maybe? Perhaps?

Former sex trafficking victim shines light on dark underworld of Super Bowl
By Naomi Martin, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune
February 1, 2013

Amid the parties and fun of Super Bowl 2013, authorities say, there is a dark underworld of girls and women being forced into the sex trade.

Sitting in the festive lobby of a New Orleans hotel, festooned with San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens decorations, Clemmie Greenlee, a former victim of sex trafficking from Nashville, recalled being brought to cities around the South to prostitute for those attending such large-scale events. For Greenlee's pimps, the influx of people provided a massive money-making opportunity.

"When they come to these kinds of events, the first thing you're told is how many you're gonna perform a day," she said Friday. "You've got to go through 25 men a day, or you're going through 50 of them. When they give you that number, you better make that number."

Having been abducted and gang-raped by her captors at age 12, Greenlee said, she was one of about eight girls controlled by a ring of pimps, men who injected them with heroin and, at times, kept them handcuffed to beds. For trying to run away, she was once stabbed in the back.

Now 53, Greenlee works at Eden House in Uptown New Orleans, the first shelter for sex-trafficking victims in Louisiana; the center opened in October 2012.

"If you don't make that number (of sex customers), you're going to dearly, dearly, severely pay for it," Greenlee said. "I mean with beatings, I mean with over and over rapings. With just straight torture. The worst torture they put on you is when they make you watch the other girl get tortured because of your mistake."

Sex and Super Bowls
In the past year, authorities in Louisiana have been working to raise awareness about the rampant sex trafficking that has historically accompanied the Super Bowl. While there is a widespread perception that human trafficking is a problem only in foreign countries, data from the U.S. Department of Justice show the average American prostitute begins working between the ages of 12 and 14.

Established in 2006, the Louisiana Human Trafficking Task Force, comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, plus faith-based and nongovernmental organizations, has been meeting regularly to try to increase trafficking arrests and rescue the victims.

As a tourist destination, New Orleans attracts sex workers year-round, said Bryan Cox, spokesman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in New Orleans. But many of those young women are not here by choice. So, in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, both outreach and undercover efforts have ramped up.

Those efforts have paid off to some degree already. As of Thursday, at least eight men had been booked with sex trafficking and five female victims had been rescued from their clutches, Cox said, noting that such cases are investigated jointly by the New Orleans Police Department, State Police, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, among others.

Two of the women, ages 21 and 24, were brought to Covenant House, a homeless shelter for young people at the edge of the French Quarter, according to executive director James Kelly. After taking a shower and spending the night, however, the women left without accepting the services Kelly and others were trying to offer them.

"We believe they went back to turning tricks," Kelly said. "We did our best to try to care for them and try to get them to stay, but they were 21 and 24, and there was no way we could force them to stay, and neither could the FBI."

"You've got to go through 25 men a day, or you're going through 50 of them." -- Clemmie Greenlee

Such behavior is common, Greenlee said, noting that she had repeatedly returned to her captors after stays in the hospital or jail, mainly out of fear. She said many times, the women are brainwashed; they believe they have no other options, no future to pursue.

"They're terrified," she said. "You can say you're going to save us, you can say we don't have to worry about the pimps no more. We already know what power they have shown us. So either you come back to them, or you find out two days later they either got your grandmother or they just broke your little baby's arm.
"There's no such thing as we want to go back to these guys," she said. "We do not feel that no one -- not even the law -- can protect us, and we do not want to die. I'd rather live in that misery and pain than to die."

Messages on bars of soap

Aside from police sting operations, advocacy groups and local police agencies have been trying to combat the problem by handing out pamphlets to local hotel concierges, bartenders and club bouncers, asking them to be on the lookout for women who appear fearful and show signs of being controlled by the men they're with. One of the signs a woman is being trafficked is that she is not allowed to speak for herself, advocates say.

Some groups have been handing out to hotels bars of soap that have a sex trafficking hotline phone number on them, hoping that women who are desperate to escape will see the number on the soap bar and take a chance on a phone call that could save them. Other groups have been providing strip clubs with posters that urge people to call in tips.

For Greenlee, her chance at a turnaround came from a similar help card in Nashville. Having run away from her captors in her 30s, she said, they did not chase after her because she had "aged out." Living in an abandoned house in Nashville, shooting heroin with other junkies and prostituting herself, she had lost all hope of a normal life.

But one woman, a former sex worker who knew Greenlee and had graduated from Magdalene House, a safe house program in Nashville -- the philosophy of which Eden House was based on -- visited Greenlee almost weekly. She would leave little cards with the Magdalene House telephone number on them. But having given up, Greenlee shunned the woman and her cards.

After about five months of cards piling up, one day Greenlee woke up and realized she needed to take the chance. She was 42 years old. "I went to the phone and I pulled out some of them 99 pieces of paper that girl had left.

"The one thing I had in my head was, 'If I learn how to live and heal, I can get back and get those girls. I can go back and tell people what they do to us,'" she said. "I'm not ashamed of what done happened to me. I don't care if I never get a husband. It just don't make no sense that we had to go through this."

"It's not as easy as saying, 'Call this number, escape,'" said Kara Van De Carr, executive director of Eden House. "But women who have hit rock bottom and realize they're going to die in that lifestyle will try anything to get out."

Authorities urge those who suspect trafficking to contact local police or the Department of Homeland Security at 1.866.347.2423. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center also staffs a toll-free 24-hour hotline at 888-373-7888.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call Department of Homeland Security...Sex Trafficking hotline appears more appropriate. Thanks for the wake up call! How do we arrest the men and women exploiting them, though?

Vatic Master said...

Your question about how do we arrest them, means we have to make much bigger decisions than that. First of all you have to accept that the justice system for the elite is gone. There is no where and no one you can turn to for their fraud, murder, asassinations, theft, etc, so what we have to decide is, "IF the system is not working then its time for us to work our own system. And that is a very big decision on our part and it takes time to make that decision since it could mean the system will use their well oiled police state, call you a dissident, or domestic terrorist and arbitrarily arrest you.

Once you decide and you are willing to risk it, then you have to get together with others who are committed as you are to a civilized society rather than the barbaric and perverted system they have for themselves. Once we do that, under the Constitution, we can call a citizens grand jury, present evidence, take testimony and draw up a Bill of Indictment.

Once that is done, the Sheriff then deputizes a posse, and send them out to arrest them. We, the people must become that posse enmass. All of us, in the millions and then we can arrest them. See the problem when you don't watch what is happening when things are good?

Then we have to pay the price for our lack of vigilance, but I bet once we get past this, we will never not be vigilant again. Thanks for asking the question.