Russian Scientists says Immortality Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045

Vatic Note:  Oh, great, that is all we need, perpetual Kissingers.  NOT!!! This is the problem with a system that has lost all credibility.  This all below could be true, or even partially true,  but until there are credible sources to confirm it, it should be treated with suspicion, discernment, and passed on with warnings.  Our dictator "wannabes" have always worked to prove to us that they are all powerful and that we must see resistance to them as futile.  That is the only reason I view this with some suspicion since this fits with that agenda.

Having said that,  lets also remember, there is always some truth in what they do, put out, or allow out.  They need that for increased credibility.  Lets also remember, that due to the MSM diminishing credibility, that, now,  the evil ones have turned to the net for disbursing their propoganda and disinfo.  Right now, we have suspicions of who the net traitors are, but no proof as of yet.   This is what the evil ones called "Controlled opposition" in their protocols, especially where the press was concerned.

We did a blog back in 2010 exposing Israel's "project Blue Brain" and first announced the discovery, on Rumormills radio.  Since then, the powers that be gutted the link, which meant you could not read the blog by using a link, you had to stumble upon it to read it.  Since then, after reputting it up with a new link, we have found other evidence that they may have successfully developed a fully functioning and programmable brain, but are not admitting or announcing it.  Add that to this below and it seems these should be viewed together in this context.

Since Israel lacks anything resembling ethical and Moral considerations when dealing with weapons against other humans, I have wondered why they have allowed this out?  Its not in their best interest to do so, or so it seems on the surface.  Working in this somewhat unstable moral environment, makes it difficult to be precise and sure of what we are seeing and its veracity.  So what we have learned to do is take in the information, store it and as new info comes in supporting one side or the other, we then update the blog.  That is what you are seeing here.

Russian Scientist Says ‘Immortality’ Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045
Anthony Gucciardi
by Anthony Gucciardi
August 1st, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012
Ruling families and the wealthy elite have long dreamed of immortality to preserve their ability to rule for all of eternity, with heads of dynasties historically offering abundant prizes and gifts to those with secrets to everlasting life on Earth.

One prominent Russian scientist now says that such an achievement will be possible for the wealthy elite by roughly 2045 through a concept deeply studied and publicized by researchers like Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo.

Often criticized as ‘conspiracy theory’ or bizarre science fiction back when analysts were blowing the whistle over this ‘privileged’ technology, the process involves generating fully functional holographic human avatars and transporting one’s ‘consciousness’ into an artificial brain. While the overall ‘immortality’ process is intended to be completed by 2045, the scientist states on his website that the act of transplanting a human brain into an artificial body will be available in as little as seven years. (VN:  We did a blog a few years back about Israel's project called "Project Blue Brain"

The rest of the project would extend all the way to 2045, ran by a ‘team of the world’s leading scientists’ working on the initiative.

On the website of Dmitry Itskov, the scientist behind the idea, the 31-year-old asks for contributions from the world’s wealthiest members of society in order to accelerate his plan. These wealthy contributors will then be rewarded with the use of this technology upon completion, allowing them to ‘live’ in an artificial brain and body throughout the course of history. On the website is also an image which outlines the projected process of completion, with the holographic body avatars actually available by 2015:

holographicbodyimmortality Russian Scientist Says Immortality Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045

Following the creation of a remotely controlled robotic copy of one’s body in 2015, 2020 then brings a body in which a human brain can be transplanted after death. In 2030, human personality is set to be transferred directly to the ‘borg’ brain and implanted.

In 2040-2045, the plan is set to complete with a full-fledged hologram-like avatar in which the artificial brain and body will ‘store’ the consciousness of the subject. In a more detailed description, Dmitry Itskov explains on his website how these new borg-like bodies feature a ‘artificial brain linked to a robot’ complete with a consciousness link to an internet-esque system. Once again, this was spoken of verbatim more than three decades ago by analysts like Steve Quayle and Stan Deyo.
2015-2020 Plan

This phase of the plan includes the emergence of android ‘avatar’ bodies controlled with a ‘brain-computer’ chip interface (likely of RFID nature). This chip would be systematically established to issue ‘orders’ to the artificial body and eventually interlink with the artificial brain.

This time frame involves the linking of the human brain and robot with an ‘autonomous life-support system’, giving way to a new field of transhumanistic developments and further turning the human body into a bio-electronic ‘avatar’.

In this near-final stage, human consciousness is to be transplanted onto an artificial carrier or ‘brain’ creating ‘cybernetic immortality’. Artificial intelligence will emerge with robots likely taking the role of all military, police, and others. These robots will have their own form of artificial ‘consciousness’.

The artificial brain turns into something that has no substance, linking into an ‘internet’ of sorts in which the ‘global consciousness’ network is established. Humanity is set to “become a new species” and forfeit any form of physical materialization.  (VN:  Maybe!!!  But will that be a Zombie with no spirit?  Will it be programmable?  "WHAT" it will be, is the key ethical question and who should decide if its for the good or the detriment of humanity? As we know from experience, Israel will have one opinion and we will have a different opinion.  I believe this should be determined by the global community that will be at risk, should they finish their work and use it against other nations populations.)

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