Land Grab Cheats North Dakota Tribe Out of $1 Billion

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Vatic Notes: What a horrible huge mess this was. This is just so typical of the corruption that goes on at every level. Corporations are lucky, they get to hide their special interests groups under the corporate umbrella, but that can be breached by average citizens simply looking at the boards of directors of the companies getting the sweetheart deals.

The tribes have lost what this article states, however, once you read what they went through, and the different levels of failed responsibility, its amazing that they were able to recover from this corruption.  It has crossed my mind that these tribes have gone through hell with us ever since, historically, the British became the major presence in this country.  Prior to that, we got along with and helped each other so many times.  The racism that exists in Israel and Great Britain is another symptom of their genetic connections as we proved on another blog sometime ago.  Queen Victoria and Nathan Rothschild are the ancestors of the current ruling family in Britain.

Thanksgiving is a result of that cooperation and aid the American Indians gave to our WHITE SLAVE ANCESTORS who founded this nation while serving as slaves to pay off debt to British Corporations and it was the only way for them to get out of debtors prison.  Notice we have begun  that practice again recently where our record number of prisoners are now working for nothing for major Corporations...???  Slave labor has come to America, that we once got rid of from the British.  We are no less like China, Bangladesh etc now.

Its important to pass this around everywhere to show just how slick, these foreign occupiers of our country have used "GRADUALISM" to move us from an  economic powerhouse nation, into a third world slave nation.  I can't imagine just how bad this will get for our American  natives, since those doing this to our country are some of the biggest racists on the planet.  Britain's prince phillip ring a bell?   Rothschilds Israel, ring a bell?  We are putting up a blog showing how Israel and the US are developing bioweapons that are race specific.  Nice, huh?

Lets help these native tribes to overcome and in doing so, we will be helping ourselves.  

Land Grab Cheats North Dakota Tribes Out of $1 Billion, Suits Alledge

Fort Berthold in North Dakota (Abrahm Lustgarten/ProPublica)
by Abrahm Lustgarten
ProPublica, Feb. 23, 2013, 9:59 p.m.

Native Americans on an oil-rich North Dakota reservation have been cheated out of more than $1 billion by schemes to buy drilling rights for lowball prices, a flurry of recent lawsuits assert. And, the suits claim, the federal government facilitated the alleged swindle by failing in its legal obligation to ensure the tribes got a fair deal.

This is a story as old as America itself, given a new twist by fracking and the boom that technology has sparked in North Dakota oil country. Since the late 1800s, the U.S. government has appropriated much of the original tribal lands associated with the Fort Berthold reservation in North Dakota for railroads and white homesteaders.

A devastating blow was delivered when the Army Corps of Engineers dammed the Missouri River in 1953, flooding more than 150,000 acres at the heart of the remaining reservation. Members of the Three Affiliated Tribes — the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara — were forced out of the fertile valley and up into the arid and barren surrounding hills, where they live now.


Anonymous said...

The assertion that the government is to blame for these tribes getting rippped of is not correct. In this case, the tribes were ripped off by their own elected officials who were authorized to negotiate contracts on behalf of the tribes. So don't go blaming the white man, go blame the ELECTED TRIBAL OFFICIALS who ripped off their own people.

Vatic Master said...

While I agree with you about the role the tribal leaders played in this mess, it is obvious this was more than just tribal leaders. First of all they are not professionals in the field those corporations are in and who were in the position to know what something is worth while the tribe members did not, I am not talking about their leaders, rather than grassroots themselves.

If they had not enticed the leaders of the tribe, either knowingly or unknowingly, into selling out for much less than they knew it was worth, then no one would have had to worry about who was responsible.

As for the government.... considering the stranglehold on the tribes they legally have through the bureau of Indian affairs, I suspect its as much their fault and complicity as it is the tribal leaders.

Anyone who can read this story and think the victims are solely responsible for being ripped off, has no sense of what the crime really was. All participants, and I said this in my vatic note, were complicit and responsible for ripping off their citizens who had no say in any of it.

Leaders in Industry, government and tribal were all involved and aided the gouging that occurred for outrageous profits.... we see that by the prices they were willing to pay to the surrounding owners who were not Indian. That is definitely racism.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vatic Master, for pointing out both sides. This is really just the ad nauseum repeat of treaty breaking that goes back to day one as regards our indigenous peoples, which is worldwide. Thanks for posting this article. We shall overcome.