RH negs - The Universe has the Ability to Change our DNA - DNA Produces Wormholes in Space & much more!

Vatic Note: In reading this, I realized just how far down we have come.  Its what happens when you let Satanists and fascists run your nation.  These are merchants of death and enemies of life.  They not only celebrate suffering and death, but they seek it out to visit upon others and enjoy the trauma those chosen, go through when confronted with such perversions and abject evil.  

Its a direct attack on a civilized society.  Chaos and barberism is the fodder for the satanic evil ones and their legacy is one of darkness, barbarism and evil. The good news is, this scientist is turning the game around by moving the issue into the "light", both literally and figuratively.  So, read this all the way through as he talks about "scalar energy based Understanding of DNA" and its a ground breaking read in the area of traditional physics.

Oh, my gosh, this finally explains the connection between the intuition, psychic events and the power of "focused attention" that we don't even realize we are doing..... but lucky you, I have a testimony of this below that I will share with you.... since reading this and experiencing it are two different things and I think we need both perspectives.

Pay very special attention to item #7 below where it talks about "focused Intentions" since that is where I believe our solution to our global problems lie. Because of my previous experience with this.... I am very confident we can do it, if we decide as a group to do this together.  Because of what I just said, I highly and strongly suggest you print this one out and keep it handy.  I expect to be seriously under attack over this one. *** they definitely have messed with this one big time. I am now spending at least an hour fixing all the html they have messed up on me. The font was so small you could not read it. We are onto something here and they are definitely not happy about it.

 DNA - Gateway to Scalar Energy based Healing:  A Physicist’s Perspective
by John Michael Mallon MSc.

June 2009

from TheHealingUniverse Website

(Newtonian-science) understanding of DNA is that it contains the biological genetic instructions necessary to build an organism.


The sections of DNA which contain instructions for some specific function, such as making a protein, are called genes. Genes are like islands of information in the overall DNA molecule that are intermittently sequenced along the chromosomes.

Additional vast sequences that exist between the gene islands, are referred to as "junk" by genetic and molecular biologists.

This so-called "junk" DNA accounts for 98% of the total DNA molecule!!!

In 1957 a "Central Dogma of DNA" was institutionally endorsed which proclaimed that organisms are hardwired in their genetic makeup, and that their environment has insignificant influence on the structure and function of their genes.


This "unquestionable truth" served to endorse and reinforce the "establishment's" existing chemical/mechanical model of biology. Unfortunately, the research funding that all researchers and academics depend on for their professional advancement and personal incomes is controlled by this "establishment".


This has meant that, for the past 50 years, open enquiry on DNA has been blocked, with research focusing exclusively on mechanistic manipulations of DNA.
The results from the past 50 years read more like an account of "rape by industry", rather than "science serving mankind". (VN:  that's in every industry as we see daily, not just this one.  That is what happens when you turn your country over to fascists, which is what bankers are who manipulate the markets, buy corporations for pennies on the dollar due to those manipulations, and then basically take over a nation and use and abuse their population.  Well, no more.  This was your last crack at it.)

  • We have witnessed the cynical absurdity of patenting isolatable genes as human inventions.
  • We have witnessed a global proliferation of GM foodstuffs that are proving disastrous for mankind, for wildlife and for our planet Earth.
  • We have witnessed cloned animals, involving the horizontal transfer of genes between different organisms and species that would never interbreed in nature.
  • We have witnessed a rapid explosion in new diseases and epidemics combined with the parallel fostering of a fear mentality.
Examples of the 'fruits' from 50 years of genetic DNA research... (VN: This below breaks my heart. God gave us "dominion" over the animals and we are responsible for them since they cannot defend themselves against these evil ones.  They are so innocent and we are so brutal sometimes, especially the fasicsts who care about nothing but their profits and addictions, all of which hurt their victims)
Dolly, the first mammal clone, had to be euthanized at the age of 6 (barely 40 in human terms)

as she was crippled from arthritis and lung disease.

Pigs, engineered with a human growth hormone gene

to make them grow faster are predisposed to arthritis, ulcers, blindness, and impotency.

Salmon that grow 50 times faster than normal salmon,

behave as cannibals when crowded.

Naked chickens, that cannot stand,

have a hatchling-to-slaughter time of only 42 days.
Genetic hybrids of plants and animals are rapidly displacing and contaminating all natural species. And still there is no cure for cancer, no cure for AIDS and no means to cure tuberculosis.

In fact there still is no cure for any chronic condition!!!!

Scalar-energy based understanding of DNA ...
1. DNA emits and absorbs light:
Low-level light emissions are a common property of all living cells with up to 100 photons of light emitted every second for every square centimeter of area - equivalent to the intensity of a candle at a distance of about 10 kilometers. [24]

DNA is the source of this photon emission.

2. DNA light has laser-like characteristics:
Laser light is coherent, which means that it produces diffraction patterns when transmitted through crystalline structures.

Clear distinctions appear between healthy cells and cancer cells in the coherence-quality differences of their emitted light. [24]

By light (photonic) transmission, cells absorb the virtual-state charge structure of their environment, and emit their own internal virtual-state charge structure to their environment. This effect has been observed in both infrared and ultraviolet frequencies (IR to UV be taken as a single harmonic interval - an octave, musically speaking).

The same effect can also be reproduced in any other harmonic interval of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum.

3. DNA behaves as a liquid-crystal:
Liquid Crystal is a state of matter between crystalline and liquid which exhibits many of the properties of liquid and many of the properties of crystals.  (VN: now tell me this isn't fascinating, and intriguing.)
DNA Liquid Crystal
Laser light produces diffraction patterns (holograms) when transmitted through DNA.
DNA holograms exhibit spiral fractal characteristics.
Fractals are repeating fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided into smaller parts each of which is a perfect copy of the whole.

Fractals can be found everywhere.
Fractals are created mathematically by repetitive iterative operations. Fractals are an example of 'infinity lying within finite space'.
 4. DNA contains captive light waves:
Slow light waves, called soliton waves, circulate continuously within the superconduct DNA, facilitating absorption and radiation of information. [28]

A soliton is an ultra-stable wave with a simple closed shape which can persist in a slow or stationary state for long periods of time. It exhibits wave/particle duality and can carry information (is used in quantum computing). The soliton waves travel back and forward along the DNA helix with spiral polarization matching the helix twist of the DNA molecule.


Equivalent in concept is the slowly moving laser which follows the spiral track in a CD, reading the information encoded by the pit/land sequences.
CD Laser Reading Concept

Examples of soliton waves...
Tsunami waves                                                    Long rolling-cloud formations

Persisting dimples in flowing rivers                                  Pulsing waves within fluorescent lamps

5. DNA is an organic superconductor which behaves as a Bose-Einstein condensate:
Bose-Einstein condensate is the 5th state of matter.


It behaves both as a fluid and as a coherent matter wave. Atoms in a "Bose-Einstein condensate" coalesce so that one atom can no longer be distinguished from another.
Bose-Einstein condensate based detectors, called SQUIDS, are used to record faint magnetic activity in the brain.
Liquid helium (Bose-Einstein condensate) climbs out of any container, defying gravity, because it somehow 'knows' that outside the container it can reach a lower potential energy.

Bose-Einstein condensates react to extremely small magnetic fields that are 50 million times weaker than the Earth's magnetic field

6. DNA produces wormholes in space

Wormholes are tunnel connections between different areas in our time-space universe and between our time-space universe and parallel universes, through which information can be transmitted outside of the constraints of space and time.

DNA can cause magnetized wormholes in vacuum space.


These wormholes are microscopic equivalents of the Einstein-Rosen bridges that appear in the vicinity of black holes.[32]
Einstein-Rosen bridges close to black holes

Quantum tunnels (which are similar in concept to wormholes) enable objects to pass through barriers that are impassable according to Newton's classical laws of physics.

Quantum-tunnel effects are employed in the operation of field-effect transistors and flash memory devices.
When DNA is irradiated with laser light a diffraction-type wave pattern can be observed on a screen.


However, when the DNA sample is removed, the wave pattern does not immediately disappear but may persist for up to one month. Energy from outside of space and time is continuing to flow through the activated wormholes created by the DNA.

This is known as the "phantom DNA effect".
DNA accesses information via these wormholes, passing it to 'consciousness', so enabling one to gain access to information that is outside one's knowledge base.

This process is known as hypercommunication.

Inspiration, intuition, telepathy, and channeling are manifestations of activated hypercommunication.

Hypercommunication frequently is accompanied by disturbances in the local electromagnetic field, causing disruption to electronic devices like CD players and personal computers. (VN: Pay attention here, RH negs. Remember the watches and flickering light bulbs?) 

In nature there are many examples of hypercommunication...
Flocks of birds and shoals of fish demonstrate activated hypercommunication through synchronicity of their groups' movements.

7. DNA responds to focused intention:
The placebo effect (when a patient is cured by expecting or believing to be cured) is an example of the power of focused intention

(VN: This is where I have my story/testimony of the truth of this since I personally experienced it fully before I knew anything about anything.  I simply decided firmly that I did not want anyone cutting my body, so I decided to heal a very large breast lump myself.  I remembered my grandmother always saying "Mind over matter".  So I decided that was what I was going to do. I was using my commitment and firm resolve to never allow myself to be cut, to motivate me.  It worked.
It was a firm decision that I focused on fully and every spare moment spent on it.  In three months (It could have been sooner, but I did not think to check it  out sooner,) I went back and had it checked again and guess what?  The lump was gone and it hasn't come back since . The Doctors involved could not explain it. There is a book out by Gregg Braden called "the Healing power of Belief". It tells us how to do this and I  bet it can be gotten used and thus cheaper than new. Its worth the investment. We may want to set up a group to work on this.)
Hypnosis, which is focused suggestion, demonstrates profound effects on DNA.

Telling a patient, "You have only 3 months to live" acts like a voodoo curse, producing rapid decline until the patient does "die on time" and illustrates the destructive power of negative suggestion. (VN: this is especially true when we are subserviant in our own minds to those we perceive to be towers of authority: doctors, politicians, media, etc.They do this to us all the time and we question nothing and give automatic credibility and compliance to those in authority in those power fields (Drs. for medical, drug companies for cures, etc.)  It will require that we stop that before any of this can work.  We are our own authority and if we make that real, we can prevail)
8. DNA responds to music and spoken language:
The sequence of nucleotides within DNA molecules mirrors the sequence of "syllables" in human language and follows similar grammatical foundations. [24]
Human language appears to have actually developed from DNA. (VN:  maybe then we should check out the DNA of the Basque since their language has no foundation in any other language on the planet)
DNA reacts to speech-modulated laser light and  to other electromagnetic waves.[24]
528 Hz - the middle note on the Solfeggio music scale has reportedly been observed as having the ability to repair broken DNA.   (VN: Now this, I believe, is important, that 528 Hz is also a frequency for the occult.  I have stayed away from it and instead used the other suggestions on this article  and  that means we can repair our own broken DNA.  To deal with arthritis in my knee, I spoke directly to my dna and told it to "heal" the knee according to the original blueprint, after about 3 days of doing this the arthritis was gone and I had to do this a couple of more times within the next few days because I did not believe I could do it, but I was determined to never go on aleopathic drugs, and that motivated me to stay with it and it finally stuck, and  to this day it has not come back, which is 6 months ago since it healed.)

9. DNA-type double helixes are at the core of Nature's greatest energy systems: This Double Helix nebula is located extremely close to the center of our Milky Way galaxy.
Its axis aligns with the intense magnetic field associated with the black hole (super wormhole) that exists at the galaxy's center.
Twisting tornado funnel         Swirling water vortex

Spiral, helical and double-helix are used in scalar wave antenna design for 'weather making' and 'energy-beaming' applications

Overview of research into the energy-influenced behavior of DNA...

Frog embryos can be transformed to become salamander embryos simply by transmitting salamander embryo DNA information patterns to frog embryos with a laser beam. [34]
Two samples of fertilized fish eggs, at different phases of development, placed in optical contact with each other, exhibit significantly accelerated development in the younger eggs. [24]
When a pathogen is introduced into one of two identical cell cultures, separated by a sealed quartz barrier, the second cell culture will display the same pathology within 2-3 days. [29] [33]
Any cellular disease or death pattern can be transmitted electromagnetically, and induced in target cells.

Rats, injected with a lethal dose of a poison that destroys pancreas (the hormone responsible for insulin production) develop type 1 diabetes (high blood glucose concentration level) and normally die within 6 days.
If when they reach a critical condition they are exposed to a healing wave information they are healed; their blood sugar levels normalize and the destructed pancreatic organs regenerate. [29]

When two onions are placed so that the tip of the root of one onion points to the side of a root of the second onion a significant increase in the rate of cell divisions (mitosis) occurs in the region of nearest contact. [24]
When a laser hologram, generated from a healthy raspberry plant, is transmitted to a raspberry plant tumor (callus) it causes the callus to develop into a healthy raspberry plant. [29]
When part of a living leaf is cut off and the remaining part is viewed by a kirlian camera, initially an image of the whole leave appears, with the phantom image of the cut part fading away after 10-15 seconds. [26] [29]
Exposure to recorded DNA-wave information from living seeds, encoded on radio waves, can resuscitate seeds that had been destroyed by radioactivity. [35]
When a queen ant is separated from her colony, building still continues fervently and according to plan. However, if the queen is killed, all work in the colony immediately stops. [32]
Research, funded by a cigarette manufacturer, demonstrates that smoking is not a cause of cancer because hamsters, subjected to smoke, do not develop lung cancer, whereas independent research demonstrates that mice, subjected to smoke, do develop lung cancer!!

Hamsters in nature live underground so they have no innate fear of fire whereas mice live above ground and are life-threatened by fire. Mice therefore experience intense distress in the presence of smoke while hamsters remain calm!
DNA, removed many miles from a biological donor, registers identical and instantaneous responses to changes in the emotional state of the donor. [29]
 The Universe has the ability to change DNA...

The winter solstice, 21st December 2012, will see our solar system come into perfect synchronous alignment with the galactic equator of the Milky Way. This event will mark the synchronous completion of a 75,000 year galactic cycle and a 25,000 year planetary cycle.

This alignment event also marks the transition from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius.
As we approach alignment, the Solar system is experiencing substantial increases in energetic radiation, [37]
Years when our solar system aligns

with the galactic equator during the winter solstice.

Galactic radiation has enormous influence on human life. For example, our ESP ability peaks by 450% each day, during the period when the galactic centre is overhead. [36]


We are already witnessing many effects of this increasing energy, including increasing severity and heightened sense of panic in all major world events ranging from human disasters to global politics, economics and religion.

Dramatic changes are evident in Earth's behavior.
Major earthquake and volcanic activity have each increased by over 300% during the past 30 years.

In our solar system we are observing a growth trend in cyclic behavior.


The Sun is pulsating more energetically with increased solar flare and sunspot activity.
In addition to planet Earth, other planets of our solar system, including Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, are also experiencing global warming. [37]
In humans we are also observing changes. There are dramatic increases in the numbers of children being born with amazing hyper-communication abilities and very strong sense of individuality. [31]

Much has been prophesied about the significance of this coming alignment event by ancient civilizations. Mayans, for example, equated it with the ending of their own time-system and the arrival of a Golden Age for humanity.

It is widely believed that the coherent group-consciousness of humanity will become significantly raised and our DNA will be reprogrammed.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Vatic Master said...

These are comments from a reader that google would not let post, so I am doing it for her. She contacted me and said she is having a difficult time doing anything on our site. If anyone else is having this problem, please contact me by the email on the blog and I will put your comments up for you. Thanks for your patience, this blog in particular was harassed more than the average, so there is definitely something to it. Here is the readers comment:


Great article! The Solfeggio scale is much more than frequency!! It conveys an advanced mathematical relationship explained by the genius Marko Rodin. He calls it Vortex Based Mathematics. Look into this elegantly simple but stunningly profound work that seems in my mind what Pythagorus was really teaching.


Also in frequency terms, there is a worldwide push to return to the international standard of 432 Hz for A. Nazi Dr. Joseph Goebbels was behind this change.

The difference in 8 Hz induces a chaotic entrainment between the natural sounds that have resonant fractal correspondences within the Uni-Verse and the discordant, cacophony known as "music" today.

Fortunately there is a movement to return to the 432hz standard. There are even apps now that will convert the sounds on your mobile devices!


FYI, Jamie Buturff explains this very well & has had some interesting exchanges w/Horowitz who btw was knighted by the queen???

Pat, I know all three of these men personally and have much more info to delve into.

Yes let's keep focused on conscious positivity! I'm feeling better already! Thanks for all your efforts too!!

With Love for Life,

Vatic Master said...

thank you anonymous and I am looking forward to going down those rabbitholes you provided, especially about the music. Notice on my other sites list off to the right, I have "Upchuckydotcom"? That is a source for all old music under the previously harmonious and soul touching music, that has disappeared by the satanists who hate anything that triggers love, good feelings, peace and good energy. Please feel free to click on it. I use it to play as I do the blog and it keeps me focused and relaxed. Thanks again so much and please let me know if you are able to get on now. I filed a complaint with google and now we will see if it works.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get something from listening to these beautiful young musicians...I love them!


Vatic Master said...

OH, indeed, I did. I even did something I never do. I shared it on facebook. If they want to spy let them spy on something as amazing and delightful as this video you gave the link too. I am going to try and find it on Youtube so I can post it on here. Wish me luck. I wanted to get up and dance. LOL

Unknown said...

Fantastic comments above! So true about the effect of sound on the body.
Have you heard of Dr. Raymond Rife? Look up his works and how he cured cancer by pinpointing the exact megahertz that would effectively target disease. He was involved even in a Supreme court case in the US but ended up his labs were raided and materials destroyed and he had to take his practice elsewhere. Interesting story there.

Truly, each plant has a megahertz. Plant oils are chemically the same as human blood, which is why they work in perfect tandem with the human body to heal it. The human body has a healthy megahertz of around 80, if i remember right. When the human body's megahertz drops to 40-50, we can start contracting illness like colds and such. When our megahertz drops below that, we start contracting serious mutations/ diseases like cancer. And when our mghtz is 20 or below, the body is dying.

Fumes in the air, coffee, other certain things, can bring our megahertz down and can take up to three days to restore it. So it's imperative to take in more organic fresh fruits and veggies picked at peak ripeness, so that they've absorbed all the nutrients from the soil and are able to bring the energy in our bodies back up.(I take Juice Plus every day for this, because they're the only thoroughly tested source of whole foods which are organic/ kosher/ etc.)

Plant immune systems also don't take time to build a response to disease like the human body, so if we take in plant oils (which easily enter into the blood stream and are not repelled by skin like water is), the immune response is immediate.

Also. Interesting to note: Before Christ became the 'sacrifice', humans, as we know, gave animal and plant sacrifices in order to be washed clean of their sins. The blood of the sacrifice was of significance in this ordinance. When a person could not afford an animal sacrifice though, the farmers left a portion of their crops for the poor to gather from in order to take for making their own sacrifices. But it's a plant and has no 'blood', so how does that work? Wrong. Plant oils, chemically the same as human blood, DO constitute as Blood. :) Neat, huh?

A quick story reference from the bible on early uses of plant blood. During the plagues of Egypt, when the lambs blood was painted over the doorways of the jews so that the angel of death would move past them without taking the lives of their children with plague, what did they use to paint the blood on their doors with? Hyssop. Hyssop is kind of limp soooo, in order to "paint" with it, you'd have to practically beat it against the door -which in effect leaves behind plant oils ...which thereby also resonates a particular megahertz that would keep the plague at bay.