Is It Past Time for An Ethics Panel for Science and Legislation to Instill such Ethics into Scientists?

Vatic Note:  When I read something like this, I can't help remembering that nothing is as it seems on the surface, like the global warming scam that was idealistically suppose to save the planet and our human race and instead ended up being about another money grabbing scam, The Carbon Tax.  I also remembered the artificial womb that was created and we put up on a blog that could carry a baby to term.  Then about a week ago we posted another blog pointing out the new scientific ability to create a test tube baby and it would go to full term.  

They did not say how, or whether it was suppose to be supplanted in a woman for that purpose, but remembering the artificial womb story,  and the disclosures from Illuminati whistle blowers that their objective is to do away with  human reproduction and families, so the state could take over raising children, and then remembering the "every child left behind" federal programs to dumb down our children throuh the federalizing of schools with less and less authority and control by parents over their children,  it has all come together for me, that this is about a process for the gradual removal of endoctrinating our children through family sources and turning it over to the state.  

Sterlizing is also in the agenda through vaccines, so no babies by humans, but state controlled babies and raising the children by the state, then insures there will never be rebellion by people against their autocratic rule.  So many pieces are now starting to fall into place.   This below is being sold to us as a way to cure diseases, but then they never tell us the truth about anything.  The Patriot Act is a good example, as was global warming.   I believe they intend to control us and affect our DNA for those remaining, by using HAARP radio impulsing. 

Just another something else we have to stop.  If you are religious or believe in any higher power, now is the time to start praying about all this.

Scientists switch mouse’s genes off and on with radio waves http://www.activistpost.com/2012/05/dhs-considers-collecting-dna-from-kids.html by Jennifer Lynch, The Activist Post  

Some laboratory mice were given specially engineered insuling-producing genes. These genes were then remotely activated using radio waves. This could mean a whole new field of medical procedures in which we turn genes on and off at will.

This breakthrough is the work of geneticists at New York's Rockefeller University. (VN:  that name alone should send off warning bells galore!  This is the grandson of the Rockefeller foundation funder of Eugenics as well as promoter since 1921. He funded Hitlers eugenics experiments and managed to avoid accountbility for that while others were hung for doing so through the Nuremberg crimes against humanity protocols. And we want him controlling this technology?  I don't think so, do you?) 

It's a pretty circuitous path from the initial burst of radio waves to the activation of the gene, and there's still a lot of refinement and improvement that needs to be made before this can be used in medical treatments, but still - we're talking about the ability to modify the behavior of genes without ever going inside a patient's body. That's a potentially colossal advance.

Admittedly, while the treatment itself is totally non-invasive, the researchers did first have to inject some nanoparticles onto the mice's cells in order to affect their genes. It's a bit of a complex process, but Nature has a good explanation of just what was involved:
Friedman and his colleagues coated iron oxide nanoparticles with antibodies that bind to a modified version of the temperature-sensitive ion channel TRPV1, which sits on the surface of cells.
They injected these particles into tumours grown under the skins of mice, then used the magnetic field generated by a device similar to a miniature magnetic-resonance-imaging machine to heat the nanoparticles with low-frequency radio waves.
In turn, the nanoparticles heated the ion channel to its activation temperature of 42 °C. Opening the channel allowed calcium to flow into cells, triggering secondary signals that switched on an engineered calcium-sensitive gene that produces insulin. After 30 minutes of radio-wave exposure, the mice's insulin levels had increased and their blood sugar levels had dropped.
The radio waves are ideal for this sort of remote manipulation because they can pass through thick layers of tissue, and they can be easily focused by the TRPV1 channel to affect only the desired target.

Lead researcher Jeffrey Friedman says that, although this particular treatment had to do with insulin production, this isn't actually meant specifically as a diabetes treatment. That's a good thing, considering this treatment is massively more inefficient than many diabetes treatments currently available. Instead, this is just meant as a general proof of concept, and insulin production happens to be one of the easier gene activities to manipulate.

Even better, the researchers have already developed a way to achieve similar, albeit weaker, results without having to inject nanoparticles at all. They have developed cells that can grow their own required nanoparticles, meaning there would be no need to give patients strange chemicals or molecules.

However, as Nature explains, this would still require growing tumors inside humans to actually get these cell cultures in place, which means the treatment isn't yet ethically permissible in humans. It's definitely early days yet, but this is one seriously intriguing line of research.

Via Nature

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