For the first time ever, scientists can control human brain cells using quantum dots

Vatic Note:  Now here is another example of how something so called intended to benefit man, can also be turned around to be used to actually control him/her and how they think. Perfect for slaves. I do not mean to be pessimistic, but facing reality is the only way to counter it. .

Now the good news is, when we overcome these cretins and their agenda, we are going to have access to technology that can change mans life and that of the planet.  Our society could become the greatest ever experienced in Human kind.. That is worth fighting for, NOT in a violent manner, but in an energy manner and we are fully equipped to do so. All these blogs these past two days has shown me how that would work.
All of this is about energy. That means, the low vibrational hate, fear and demonic loving minions will be fried by the higher intensively powerful energy of such emotions as love, joy, belief in the future and the abundance of it. The only way I came to believe this was to read the previous two blogs over two days about the plasma universe and how its reflected in the fetus of a baby. The grid pattern is exactly like that within the fetus. Amazing stuff we have here. So here is a series of recommended suggestions to bring the future 1000 years about...

1.  Bond with those around you even if they are strangers. Use discernment, and avoid those you feel are harmful. Become that person who needs help and do what you would need or like done for and to you. That is called empathy, then do for others that you would like done for you.

2.  Judge no one Even if you feel someone is harmful,avoid them, but do not judge them as only "God knows" what is in a mans heart.  We do not know their story or the journey they are on.  This included "forgiveness" as well, for those who ask for it.  Remember no one including you or me is perfect.

3.  Focus on working on you and how 'YOU' RESPOND TO WHAT SOMEONE ELSE DOES. Face the fact that you cannot control a single other soul on the planet, but you can control you and change "how you see your world and those that offend you". When you do that you change from low vibration of judgement to the high of acceptance and focus from within.  For the first time you MUST listen to your "feelings" about things and keep your head out of it. Trust those feeling, as they serve you, where your head only educates you to what you are "feeling".

4.  Read all you can on the plasma universe since it basically tells us what is our connection to it and how the evil ones do everything in their power to disrupt that connection, like pumping fear. Its NOT the truth that is the problem, its our REACTION TO IT that is the problem.

How I deal with the information is I take it in, question it all, and if it doesn't "feel" right, than I ignore it. If it feels right, then I act upon it like posting it or passing it around everywhere with my comments and assessments and doubts about it if there are any. I then warn everyone, do not go into fear but go into connecting with everyone around you that is safe.  The composite energy is even more powerful than each of us individually..

This is only the beginning and as we learn, more and more of the veil is lifted, then we can respond appropriately.  Until the evil ones actually do something militarily to us, we can stay in our power generating mode.  If attacked, then the universe has provided for us to "defend" and made passion our ammo excellerator, which means we could even shut down their drones and any other electronic based equipment they throw at us.

Finally, remember, they do things to either make us afraid, or to get us to react violently and if we do not, they are toast as we have seen so far. If the time comes that we do have to react as such then we have right against might and right wins every time.  If you are willing to die to save the children, then fear is no longer a companion and only  then will your power work against the bad guys.  Enjoy the read. 

For the first time ever, scientists can control human brain cells using quantum dots

Robert T. Gonzales, io9.com, neuroscience, February 14, 2012

What if you could treat conditions ranging from Alzheimer's to blindness, all with a flash of light? Researchers think it's possible — and they plan on using tiny particles called quantum dots to do it.

Brain stimulation can be incredibly tricky. Performing it from outside the head is effective, but doesn't give you very much specificity when it comes to turning on a specific brain region; sticking electrodes on the brain itself offers you precision, but it's also incredibly invasive.

Recently, researchers have sought out solutions to these problems with methods that rely on light, in hopes that they can be used to stimulate brain activity with a high level of precision without having to crack your skull open. Right now, the buzz-word in light-mediated brain stimulation is optogenetics, which looks incredibly promising, but relies on genetic modifications that are still considered too risky to test in humans.

But quantum dots — which also rely on light, but not genetic tinkering — may provide a way around some of optogenetics' limitations. In a paper published in the latest issue of Biomedical Optics Express, researcher Lih Lin and her colleagues have demonstrated for the first time that quantum dots can be used to control the activity of brain cells. New Scientist's Catherine de Lange summarizes the researchers' experiment:

[Lin's team] cultivated prostate cancer cells on a film covered with quantum dots. The cell membranes of the cancer cells were positioned next to the dots. The team then shone light onto the nanoparticles.
For the first time ever, scientists can control human brain cells using quantum dots
Energy from the light excites electrons within the quantum dot which causes the surrounding area to become negatively charged [see diagram featured here]. This caused some of the cancer cells' ion channels, which are mediated by a voltage, to open, allowing ions to rush in or out of the cells.
In nerve cells, opening ion channels is a crucial step in generating action potentials – the signals by which the cells communicate in the brain. If the voltage change is large enough, an action potential is generated.
When Lin's team repeated their experiment with nerve cells, they found that stimulating the quantum dots caused ion channels to open and the nerve cell to fire.
For quantum dots to work in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer's, they would have to first be delivered to the brain. Believe it or not, this is a process that can actually be performed intravenously, and wouldn't pose much of a technical problem (at least in theory).

The major hurdle faced by cortical quantum dots is actually the light source; i.e. how does one expose these nanoparticles to light once they're tucked away inside your brain tissue?

This challenge means that brain-based quantum dots may still be a ways off — but other parts of your body are significantly easier for light to access. Your retinas, for example, absorb light naturally.

What's more, ion channels — which, you'll recall, the quantum dots act on — play a pivotal role in regulating eye sight. If quantum dots prove capable of reactivating damaged retinal cells, says de Lange, they could even be used to treat blindness.

The researchers' findings are published in the latest issue of Biomedical Optics Express (No subscription required).

Read more over on New Scientist

Visit the Lin Lab

Top image via Shutterstock; Quantum dot diagram via New Scientist

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TennesseeVolunteer said...

Your comments preceding this article were spot on. Just reading them uplifted me. Your work is invaluable, I find nothing else like your articles anywhere else on the web. I'll continue to try to help your blog best I can, even though my business has been in hard times for several years.
All Things Are Possible.

Vatic Master said...

Thank you, TennesseeVolunteer, for those very kind words. I never know how or what people will think, so I just put out there what I think and that is why I do the Vatic Notes. They are my thoughts on a subject and I am glad if they help anyone else to reason and think through all that we must deal with.

I honestly believe we are here for a reason and at this time in all of this and we must step up to the challenge for sure. All of us, or we will be lost. I also believe this is the final death throes of these creatures becauase we are coming into a new paradigm and it will destroy them due to their inability to adapt to the energy we will be receiving and in fact, already are receiving.

Can you feel it??? I can!!!

Vatic Master said...

As for your business, let me give you a hint, energy does not work like we are used to working. Its based on our belief system because that generates energy at a high leve, IF WE BELIEVE deeply that we are loved and cared for and will be taken care of as long as we do the best we can.

If we believe this, and do as I suggest, then what happens is we do not worry and worry takes us down the lower energy path. Trust and belief are the weapons of choice and by golly I am living proof they work... I never worry much any more and its brought a sort of peace into my life that I never had before. Try it if you can. Keep in touch or email me personally through the email on the blog. Thanks again for your great thoughts. They sustain me greatly.