UPDATE: New Video of Nibiru - 2012 Mayan Calendar Doomsday or Ascension 1 of 3

***Ok, they are messing with this for the third time now, I even tried to get it  up before its regular schedule and before they could do the videos again.  I have fixed them but if they don't operate,  THEN YOU KNOW THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE THIS.  If still broken, go to the links and visit them at Utube instead.  THEY ARE DEFINITELY WORTH THE WATCH and will dispell all doubt.   That foreign nation whose rear end we kiss constantly  is preventing our gov from telling us about this so all can prepare.  PARASITES.... Sorry, they make me mad. 

Breaking:  New Video of Nibiru:  This is NOT a comet, too big for a comet and moving too slow for a comet and no tail.  Watch this all the way through to the very end.  When you first see it, it seems like its the sun rising, but its not.  Its the planet rising,  and at the end comes the sun and you can see the major difference in brightness at breaking over the clouds of the horizon,  that sucker is HUGE.  No wonder it got recorded in ancient writings.   I can't imagine how the ancients felt about seeing such a huge body,  its suppose to cover the whole sky when it passes through.  REMEMBER, ITS DONE THIS BEFORE AND WE HAVE SURVIVED IT BEFORE.  The "Parasite" class would not be going underground as they have prepared to do, if it was an extinction event, rather they would be on space ships on the way to some planet by now.  It is not coming in on the elliptic, rather its coming in from the south, which means it will have an impact, of course, but not as presented to us to get us all in fear.  PREPARE is all I have to say.   Remember the Mormon prophets have been saying "prepare, prepare"  since the mid 1800's.   .  

Breaking: Hawaiian Observatory Records Two Suns At Sunrise
June 1, 2011


Now back to our original article, Vatic Note, and videos.  

Vatic Note: Once again, I say that I do not know how I feel about all this, but the more I read about the Mayan Calendar and after listening to a Mayan Shaman tell us in his own language that 2012 is nothing to fear, its the return of the "Ancestors and Wisemen". The more I do hear and read about all this the more likely it is that we do not have a catastrophe that the "PARASITE CLASS" is trying to shove down our throats. I think they are afraid of what is coming that may not be a danger to us but rather to them. We put that Mayan shaman's video up here on the blog back around Christmas, so check it out. This pretty much confirms the Mayans as well. Now you have to take this as an open intake of information and contemplate what they are saying and what is scientifically provable. Also do as he says on the 3rd video about checking all this out on his site and do other research to see what the truth may well be. He says "hold off on an opinion until it is an informed opinion". I agree with that wholeheartedly. But these videos are worth the time and effort to watch them. Since Nibiru is almost here, its a good idea to find out what that really means. STAY OUT OF FEAR since fear  is "THE MIND KILLER". Stay in objective curiosity and open to information. One thing we have learned over this past 10 years since 9-11 and that is the world is not as we believed and its changing rapidly from what it truly was. We see it around us every single day. Good luck and enjoy.   I am chosing to see this as a new adventure of a pioneering type of event, not as an end to all, rather as a "BEGINNING" to something new.  

2012 Mayan Calendar Doomsday or Ascension 1 of 3
Uploaded by in5d on Apr 22, 2009

Many people believe the Mayan calendar represents the end of the world by December 21, 2012 through a doomsday or apocalypse scenario. Other people will agree that these are the "end times" but also believe we may be witnessing the beginning of the "Golden Age" and the Age of Aquarius through a DNA upgrade. By 2012, some believe we will see a return of Planet X or Nibiru and are trying to figure out how to survive 2012. There are also people who believe nothing will happen by 2012. Who is right?

The most accurate 2012 predictions come from ancient civilizations, such as the Mayan, Aztec, Hopi, Hindu and Egyptian calendars, and all agree on the Maya December 21, 2012 end date. On that day at 11:11 am, the earth will be in the exact alignment with the sun and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is a rare astrological event that occurs once every 26,000 years. The earth will also undergo a Precession of the Equinoxes by this date. This event occurs only once every 26,000 years. Is this a coincidence or synchronicity? What is your opinion of what will happen by 2012? Tell us on our 2012 Forum!

Time is cyclic. There is an old saying, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." The Mayans were obsessed with time and placed great importance on the December 21, 2012 end date. The Mayan calendar is based on five cycles of time with each period lasting 5,125 years. We are now at the end of one of these cycles. We are also at the end of the five cycle period. Now, we are at the apex of a 26,000 year event. What have we learned?   It is not a coincidence that you are here right now.

Our websites, the Official 2012 Mayan Calendar Countdown ( http://www.maya12-21-2012.com/ ) and in5d ( http://www.in5d.com/ ), provide everyone with their own piece of mind through many different paths, ranging from scientific evidence to spiritual enlightenment to surviving 2012 through disaster preparedness. Perhaps nothing will happen by December 21, 2012. Perhaps not.  (VN:  Then again, maybe something will, but maybe not as we have been fed to believe. Maybe something marvelous. )

Video 1


Video 2


Video 3


The countdown to December 21 2012 has begun. It is our recommendation for each person to research the Mayan calendar and 2012 as much as possible.

Thank you for finding us! Our websites are dedicated to providing you with as much information as possible. Please bookmark us!

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Anonymous said...

Who is the "they" you keep referring to in your articles...."they are messing with my files, they a not letting me post etc."

Quite honestly this sounds rather old and is starting to get annoying to read....even if this is true. There are so many sites like yours, there are sites like before it's news and so many other alternative sources of information and I hear none of them saying "they are messing with my files".

Yu say it so much, that it is sounding fake now. This brutal honest feedback. I don't expect you to post this comment publicly...I will be surprised if you do.

But please spare us this complaining about "them going after just IOU in the whole wide Internet".

I can't read your posts because of this....I skip directly to the story beyond your commentary. From now on, I may skip your site entirely.

Thanks for having provided useful insights for sometime now. I have been a reader for about a year but now I am done with your site I think.

Vatic Master said...

Well, lots to answer here, so where to begin. First of all, you have access to our email above, if this was truly intended to be a comment about how we are running the blog, that would have been the normal way to comment, since its not directed at this particular blogs subject.

Then you make the comment that you don't expect I will post this comment publically. That shows you are not a regular here. I post everything that is not racist or advocating insurrection etc. We are truth seekers here, but you must be new.

My bringing up what is going on with the gutting of videos, moving of blogs from submit status into draft status, is our way of communicating with our readers about what they are seeing rather than having them try to guess. If you are unhappy with that type of honestly and openness, please, move on to some other blog. We are not here to make money, to disinfo for the powers that be, or to be "politically correct".

We are here to tell the "TRUTH", all of it in every aspect and area. If you are uneducated as to what is going on right now, then you need to find a good blog and read diligently as to what is happening so you have a foundation that would be obvious to anyone else. Like who is doing this. My readers know who is doing this and you are welcome to search the archives and educate yourself as to who is running this nation rather than our own people.

I can't speak for other blogs, but unlike you, I get to find out that others have literally been taken down or are being harassed worse than me. You obviously do not travel the blog circuit that much and what is obvious from your comment is either you do not know what is going on, OR YOU ARE HERE TO TRY AND DISCREDIT THIS BLOG.

What you obviously miss is that I don't care what you think about this blog. Its here to speak truth to power, to expose when censoring, manipulating, interfering with our Bill of Rights, etc. WE WILL ALWAYS EXPOSE YOU FOR DOING IT AS IT SEEMS TO WORK. Now, HAVE A NICE DAY.

Vatic Master said...

By the way, you chose this method of confronting us, but you lacked the courage to use your name, why is that? When you answer that question, you will understand my answer. By the way, their gutting certain blogs that are put up or moving them or putting them in draft status also indicates what they do not want you to read.

That is important to know in this time of disinformation and propoganda. Its a filtering of the truth through their actions. I am surprised you haven't figured that one out. Fortunately most of our readers understand the value of knowing what they do not want out there. If other blogs are not getting harassed, that would be because the are publishing what they are suppose to publish to keep us distracted. Lets see, who are the "controlled opposition" press? Do you know?

Anonymous said...

I can also add that I have had the experience of trying to publish something "they" didn't want people to see. It was buried on every site on which I tried to publish it. When I finally was able to get it up on something I had more control over, the page would disappear within 10 minutes (though it would still be there.) When the webmaster of the site disabled the back door it stayed up. I for one am grateful for this information such as Vatic publishes because it indicates to me that these are the things that get close to the truth "they" don't want us to know about.

Talon R said...

O.K. As a member of Zeit, nonsense is not part of the plan. Generally, the world over is a mess, its about time to know the truth. 1. We nave been manipulated politically into wars for centuries, finally to realize we are only fighting to make those rich who devise contingencies of war for their political advantage.

Politics was once ruled by kings, now by the corporations which we have allowed (by consumption) to flourish beyond the service they once provided, because laws allow cartels to operate, unhindered, just like insider trading. Cartels change laws to suit themselves, and this is an issue for Truth.

The truth is, we are kept poor, so that we will fight. Thats it. Our real war is on the Cartels which is not public informationm in fact they own the news, so its unlikely anyone except spirit or alien force can change that, what ya gonna do, storm NBN, CBN, Morgan ?

I hear the illuminati have been given an ultimatum by China, I read illuminati are European.. the group started there, now obviously global,the U.S. testing ground for media manipulation, successful would you agree? Want to help? 1st help yourself to education, start with Hegelian Dialectic to find out how political dialog works. Its circular. Have you noticed? Next: World Bank, U.N. & how money is a control feature. What to do ?
Demand the U.S. print its own money and set its exchange rate.
Thats the only way out of this mess. I am all for small enterprise. Days of the conglomerate are numbered, or get used to being kept dumbed down.

2. That is not Nibiru, on the Bo video Sunrise,2011, a 2nd celestial body is not going to track the Sun, what does, is a lens flare, and if you watch closely towards the end, is the real Sun , along with lens flares mostly with iris shutter polygon, but theres another perfectly round, so iris settings do not appear in every lens flare. O.K ?
What appears to have happened here, due to low angle of incidence is a beam of the already risen Sun (note the daylight thru cloud breaks) created what appears to be a sunrise, with a round lens flare tracking it ... the proof of this, that suddenly near the end, the Sun is in full bloom the lens did not move from the "first sunrise" Thank you, Talon R

Ric said...

Hmm, this is all well and fine and maybe it's true and maybe it isn't. I start asking questions the second I see the "donate" button on sites like this. I understand that doing all of this take up your time and that time is money bla bla, but if you really believe that this thing is coming then money really isn't going to matter in about a year. There are plenty of sites like this that all have the "donate" button. Why? What does the truth have to do with money and why does money matter when the truth is that it isn't going to matter? I don't mean to knock your blog, not at all, but you have to understand where I'm coming from. I still find all of this information interesting though.

Vatic Master said...

Talon, thanks, that was a very good catch and I will check it out to see if I can catch the same thing. Do you have any guesses as to where Nibiru is now???

Ric -

I have no idea what your true problem is. Is it that those of us in the alternative press do not have access to the same funds that the MSM has??? Or is it that we are not wealthy so we can do this all for free for you so you don't have to do it??? Or is it that you do not like helping others to bring to you the truth?

This blog started out as a hobby and became a full time job for many reasons.... rabbit holes with no end...... harassment and extended time to put up just one blog, the powers that be messing with the distribution lists, etc....

Notice its voluntary. Unlike many blogs that you have to subscribe to, our is open to everyone since many people are struggling with money right now. The cheapest one I have seen so far at $5 per month.... or $60 a year per person. The rest are way above that.

Are you saying you prefer we do a subscription rather than voluntary donations?

Not sure what your particular hang up is, but I suspect you may be a very wealthy person who has no clue what is going on out there these days or you would understand fully why these blogs with truth in them are needed and they are off the backs of those who care enough to do the research, work, technical work, etc etc, IN ORDER TO GIVE YOU THE TRUTH THE MSM WILL NOT GIVE YOU. Or your a troll.

A "Thank you" note for doing it even if one can't donate, at least the courtesy of a thank you.

They ask for donations, since they are unable to carry the entire financial burden for doing this by themselves. If we had access to funds like the MSM DO, we would not need donations, but we don't have such access and thus we do need to ask for donations.

Try doing a blog yourself and see just how damn hard it is. Then come back and share your opinion.

Talon R said...

Vatic , Generally man is wrong.

Philosophers fabricate math in attempt to explain matter & void.

Bankers fabricate wars, in attempt to take over matter & void.

Science fabricates excuses to keep the installed consumption cycle hi

Why would Nibiru be any different ?

When it does appear you can be sure it will be smoke & mirrors , just like 9/11. Anyone not convinced ought to have a closer look at the reams of paper still on the desk of the Pentagon, after purportedly a fuelled up Jumbo ploughed into the wall.. Look ma, no plane , no wing sections , no engines , no wreckage .. Do we need to repeat the delivery of dozens of suitcases into the towers 3 days before "hi Jack" , do we need to repeat C4 residue found everywhere , the firemen telling their story of sequential demolition blasts inside the tower

That was a tactical sacrifice, easliy mocked-up - obvious use of missiles, at least on the Pentagon
And they got away with it..

The next one may be Nibiru

Vatic Master said...

Talon, no doubt you could be right. Remember, Rahm Emmanuals favorite saying "never let a good crisis go to waste". I believe Nibiru is here or close, but as the Mayan Shaman says , we have nothing to fear from its approach since its simply the return of the ancestors and wisemen.

What we do have to fear is the Air Craft carrier sized Space ship we have built in space and that is why NASA is no longer in charge of space transportation, rather only the military is now in charge of that. Good opportunity for them to use those ships and weapons to depopulate the planet and blame it on the bogus aliens that Bill Cooper told us they would use to scare us into globalizing in order to fight them. Yes, I think anything negative that comes from this will be us doing it and no one else. But that doesn't mean its not real. I watched every morning and every evening as they chemtrailed the sunrise and sun set and yesterday we saw two suns by accident and I was not alone when we saw them. But as usual, we will see.

Anonymous said...

Nastradiums comet is G 3 Planet - X was found in 1983 or 84 by nasa and the mayan its called nibiru the last time she passed was 3600 year's ago. The ICE AGE so my question is who cls will it pass to earth and beening two x bigger what will the magnetic fields do to earth as tomastradiums its the beginning of a new wirld

Anonymous said...

What can the space station fo yo nobiru. Its two times bigger than earth if anything it will send it into space now if nibiru is two times bigger what affect do you think the magetic field will do she holds 5 moons and one that is to be the same as earth try reading about the sumerian people as of them its writing in text that they saw it and spoke as its dated in text