How to show TSA agents what's under your clothes

Title:   How to show TSA agents what's under your clothes

Vatic Note:   This has been pulled due to misjudgement on our part.  It was not within the confines of our philosophy and beliefs in a higher ground for dealing with the  illuminati and the enemies of the emerging police state.   Please see the comments below to understand why this was pulled,  and I thank the commenter for having the courage to do so since she/he was fully right in their assessment.

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Anonymous said...


This is an illuminati porn flick if I ever saw one. Her role is to get you used to getting felt up - "comply and deal with it in a fun way". Although some may think her antics are cute and creative, it is anything but. Kinda like, someone is going to rape you, but you are okay with it, because you are wearing your best underwear. SICK!

I don't care if you play her game, they still win when they put their filthy hands all over you and your children... Would you take the TSA job? If not, don't fly, don't comply.

The video is disgusting and encourages their behavior just the same. :(

Vatic Master said...

You know what??? Your right. I had not thought of it that way until I read your posting. Sorry, I apologize and will take the blog down. Now I see what you are saying. I just thought if we are either forced to stay in a prison or be able to freely move about, and their objective is fear and intimidation, then its better to make fun of them. I didn't necessarily think her suggestions were the best, but I did think the idea of doing things that would foil their porn would work.

Sorry, I do apologize and I do see your point fully. I will take it down and leave only the commments.

Vatic Master said...

Just to make a point here. I am not afraid to stand for what I believe in and this turned out to be something I did not look at with the same jaundiced eye that I usually do. I am not afraid to argue or disagree if I feel it appropriate as many of you know I have done on here numerous times, but this time I feel she/he is right and I missed the boat on this one completely.

By the way, what did you think of the man who crawled through the scanner for luggage??? Now that one I thought was great.