Vatic Note:  As I have stated before,  you may or may not believe in alien ancestors,  even I don't know what I believe at this point, however, I did promise to "keep an open mind" and to publish what I found.   There is something strange going on since I first read this and other articles about this subject.  For instance, I now found out that the government is collecting DNA and blood samples for recording and tracking.   I also found out that the Basque have been seriously under attack by both Europeans and Americans inordinately specific to them, and  no one else in the European continent, why???  Also there appears to be a connection to some tribes of American indians, which may or may not explain why the effort to literally genocide them at some point in time.   Read this and decide for yourself.   I just have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing story.   Read what the author says,  after watching the video.  THE AUTHOR HAS HIT ON A LOT THAT MOST OF US DO NOT KNOW.  Check it out.  Its great. 

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If you accept what we have published numerous times about the British and their lineage, their paganism, and especially the Windsor Usurpers to the British Throne, then this may all make some sense.  There are damn good questions this author postulates and the answers are what needs to be sought and published.   Remember, we are entering an  era of discovery, transparency, and change.  We are finding two of these already occurring,  if not all three, but change, as meant,  has not come yet,  we are still in the upheavel of the destruction that precedes that change for good.  


Are you an Rh Negative blood type? If so you could be a decendent of the ancient astronauts themselves!

About a year and a half ago my sister Bonnie and I were discussing some of the unusual characteristics of our family. Bonnie had a problem with infants haemolytic disease. She has 0 negative blood. She has written a book including this problem called "The Deux" by Venus Thaddeus. One of the questions we asked was why does this haemolytic disease occur?

Why, along with the Rh negative blood does our family have such a high IQ (135-140 average). Why so many psychic experiences? Why this urge to ask "why?" Why the early maturity or the large head and eyes? Why have, we always felt we were "different" from other people. And so many other things to set us apart.

We were raised in the church, but we never received answers to the questions we asked. Why doesn't anyone else ask these same questions? We are not satisfied with the answer "just because". Are there others out there who ask the same questions? Then we heard about the possibility of the ancient astronauts and the pieces started to fall into place.

For the past decade many people have been working to prove that the earth has been visited by extraterrestrial beings. Who are these visitors? Why did they come? Why did they leave? Did they leave? If earth was visited in the ancient past, are there any descendants of these visitors? If all mankind are not descendants of these visitors, which ones are? Who are the "Children of Israel?" Why was their seed blessed? Why were they told not to inter-marry with other people and to circumcise their sons for identification? Why were they told to preserve their geneology? Where did Adam and Eve's sons go to get their wives, if they were the only "humans" on earth? (VN: remember our first video about 2012 I believe was the predictions for 2012 by a true Mayan Shaman, and he made it clear that date is when "THE ANCESTORS AND WISEMEN" would return. Check it out again and listen to what he had to say. It certainly implies they are returning from somewhere, doesn't it?)

Many scientists believe that modern man evolved from ape-like primates. They have much proof to back up their theories, including modern blood analysis and comparative studies between modern man and lower anthripoids, such as the chimpanzee and the Rhesus monkey. (VN: also remember, it was determined that man had more DNA in common with the Kangaroo than with the Chimpaneze, which shocked me no end.) It has been proven that the majority of mankind (85%) has a blood factor common with the rhesus monkey. This is called rhesus positive blood. Usually shortened to Rh positive. This factor is completely independent from the A, B, 0 blood types.

In the study of genetics, we find that we can only inherit what our ancestors had except in the case of mutation. We can have any of numerous combinations of traits inherited from all our ancestors. Nothing more and nothing less. Therefore, if man and ape evolved from a common ancestor, their blood would have evolved the same way.

Blood factors are transmitted with much more exactitude than any other characteristic. It would seem that modern man and rhesus monkey may have had a common ancestor sometime in the ancient past. All other earthly primates also have this Rh factor. But this leaves out the people who are Rh negative. If all mankind evolved from the same ancestor their blood would be compatible.

Where did the Rh negatives come from? If they are not the descendants of prehistoric man, could they be the descendants of the ancient astronauts?  All animals and other living creatures known to man can breed with any other of their species. Relative size and color makes no difference.

Why does infant's haemolytic disease occur in humans if all humans are the same species? Haemolytic disease is the allergic reaction that occurs when an Rh negative mother is carrying a Rh positive child. Her blood builds up antibodies to destroy an ALIEN substance (the same way it would a virus), thereby destroying the infant.

Why would a mother's body reject her own offspring? Nowhere else in nature does this occur naturally. This same problem does occur in mules - a cross between a horse and donkey. This fact alone points to the distinct possibility of a cross-breeding between two similar but genetically different species.

TRIVIA: The bible leads us to believe that we are all descendents of Noah and his family, but how does that explain the genetic diversity within various ethnic populations? It doesn't, but we are not supposed to ask questions like this. We are supposed to have "faith" in a system created by man to control man. (VN:  However, lets not forget the story of Noahs father, Enoch, who was lifted up "alive" into the heavens with others of his town, which made him so important to God as to life him without death first,  that its hard to understand WHY THE BOOK OF ENOCH WAS LEFT OUT OF THE BIBLE BY THE KHAZARS?)

No one has tried to explain where the Rh negative people came from. Most, familiar with blood factors, admit that these people must at least be a mutation if not descendants of a different ancestor. If we are a mutation, what caused the mutation? Why does it continue with the exact characteristics? Why does it so violently reject the Rh factor, if it was in their own ancestry? Who was this ancestor? Difficulties in determining ethnology are largely overcome by the use of blood group data, for they are a single gene characteristic and not affected by the environment.

The Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh negative blood. About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene. The average among most people is only 157%-Rh negative, while some groups have very little. The Oriental Jews of Israel, also have a high percent Rh negative, although most other Oriental people have only about 1% Rh negative. The Samaritans and the Black Cochin Jew also have a high percentage of Rh negative blood, although again the Rh negative blood is rare among most black people.

Could the Basque people be one of these colonies? Or could it have been the original colony on earth? The origin of the Basques is unknown. Their language is unlike any other European language. Some believe that Basque was the original language of the book of Genesis. Some believe it was the original language of the world and possibly of the creator.

Genesis 6:2 "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and took them wives, all of which they chose." Who were the children of these marriages? Genesis 6:4 "God came into the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, and the same became mighty of old." From the King James Bible dictionary we find: "menchildren - men of Israel, male children of God, not children of man - Ex. 34:23." Ex. 34:7 states "The iniquity of the father will be unto the children unto the fourth generation." It is plain that something is inherited, could it be the blood?

Blood is mentioned more often than any other word in the Bible, except God. These two words you will find on almost every page, blood and God! (The blood of the Gods?) This message has been written for thousands of years. There is a connection between the blood and the Gods.

The American Indians had the tradition of making good friends, "blood brothers", if they thought they were worthy. Could this tradition have been for a reason? Could they have actually been checking to see if they were blood brothers (the same type blood)? The clumping (aggulation) that occurs when Rh positive and Rh negative blood are mixed is visible to the naked eye. Could they have been told, by their ancestors, that their blood was different from that of the rest of mankind except for their brothers and sisters, from other tribes, scattered throughout the earth. Indian tradition declares that their ancestors were of cosmic origin. The Indian totem pole is actually a family genealogy.

Why all this preoccupation with genealogy among different people scattered throughout the earth? No other animal on earth has this preoccupation with ancestry. Where did this tradition come from? People scattered throughout the earth, who have had no-known contact with each other all simultaneously got the urge to chart their family tree. Why? How important could this have been to primitive cave men? Struggling to survive, to chart their genealogy? They had no understanding of modern genetics and inheritance. So why should they preserve their genealogy? Were they told, by the ancient astronauts, to preserve their heritage, until a future date when they would return and it would be understood? Until a time, like now, when their descendent would be able to understand the message they were leaving.

Although they probably didn't realize the importance of preserving their genealogy, they were told that future generations would understand. Are we that future generation? Was there a message left for us to understand? Do we have the courage to look for the answer?

Do we really want to know or would we rather keep our heads buried in the sand? What we don't know will still affect us. You will not see unless you look. Only through knowledge will we find truth.

SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY: Albert Einstein: The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day.

I have searched, in vain, for scientific proof that the Rh negative blood was a natural earthly occurrence. Instead I have found proof that the Rh negative had not evolved on earth in the natural course of events.

For many years people have been searching for the wrong thing. Could the true "missing link" actually be man himself? The unknown link between earth and the stars - hybrid man. Man may be the missing link between primate and extraterrestrial. It seems inconceivable to me that those working on the evolution theory have overlooked this possibility. How can they state, that these people are lacking a factor contained in all other earthly primates, including the naked ape, and not ask why? What other characteristics are common among these people that are uncommon to other people? Is there a real difference other than just a different blood?

A very good comparative study between man and the primates can be found in Max Flindt's book "Mankind, Child of the Stars," Fawcett publisher, Books 1 and 2. He has documented many of the characteristics we may have received from our cosmic ancestors. It does show quite conclusively that mankind is a hybrid between our cosmic ancestor and our earth ancestor. I have merely carried this idea to its logical conclusion.

If mankind is a hybrid descendant of the ancient' astronauts, surely there would be some, appearing periodically, who would be genetically very similar to them. Would this not include their psychic powers? Could the great sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, have been one of these? Could Jesus Christ also have been one of these? A true descendant of the ancient astronauts. If he was a true genetic duplicate of them he would also have their powers and possibly their knowledge.

I cannot say whether he was born with this knowledge or whether he established psychic communication with our cosmic family, but it is plain that he had powers far beyond those of mortal man. Could he have been an example of what the ancient astronauts were like? Jesus stated that the Father and him were one. Could he have actually meant that literally? He may have been an exact duplicate of his (our) ancient Father. He may have even been a clone of the cosmonauts. Everyone knows the story of his virgin birth and the heavenly intervention. Could this have been implanting a clone into Mary's sterilized egg? Could the whole egg have actually been an implant?

The Rh negative blood, which appears not to have originated on earth, may prove to be a major factor in proving mankind is a hybrid. It is not the whole answer but it is a key for unlocking the genetic puzzle of our heritage. Tissue factors will also prove to be quite revealing. Scientists are now able to determine the tissue factors of 5000 year old mummies. Could some of these mummies have been the ancient astronauts? Why were these mummies preserved well enough for us to analyze their blood and tissue factors? Could there be a message in the genetic factors of the mummies themselves?

There is an interesting fact found in the book "X-Raying the Pharaohs" by James Harris and Kent Weeks, 1973 (Scribners). Upon x-raying the tomb of Makare, high priestess of Ammon, it was found that the infant buried with her labeled Prince Moutenihet was actually a female hamadryas baboon. An examination of Makare showed she had given birth shortly before dying. Could she have given birth to the baboon found with her? Why else would it have been buried with her? A genetic throwback?

My research has shown that the majority of those with psychic powers also have Rh negative blood. Most psychic and faith healers also have this blood. Strangely enough, many of those doing research into the ancient astronaut theory and other phenomena also have Rh negative blood.

Erich von Daniken has Rh negative blood and a thirst for the truth. Brad Steiger also has Rh negative blood. His new book "Gods of Aquarius" considers this possibility. Robert Antone Wilson, author of "Illuminus", also has this blood. There are many others too numerous to list here.

Why is there such a large percentage of negative in these unusual fields? Could we have a vague memory of what we are looking for? It has been said that a question is not asked until the answer is known.

There are about 5,000 known blood factors and all of these must contribute to the complete picture. But the Rh negative blood is the place to start our search.

A comparative analysis is now being done and we need your help. If you are reading this, you must be one of the lost children of Israel. Anyone else would not have read this far.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

I have simular feelings, my kids are Rh factor and brainieacs.
been looking for answers all my life.
The book I'm reading now seems to make some sence of this.
Masters of the Mirror by William Darren Reder
it's a tough read in that it questions...everything!

KeyUP said...

Anonymous, I would appreciate it if you would provide your
children's birthdates so I could do a litmus test using the
cosmic code. The Cosmic Code is very powerful, amazing
and fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... well my mother is Type O Neg and I am A pos. She is in EXTREME denial about all of this and can barely keep up with my revelations.

I have always been in gifted and talented classes and was even ambidextros (sp, but was taught phonics! LOL)

I was raised Christian (My mother is still stuck there in the dogma & thinks the devil has me), but I always knew the real truth came from my heart.

My mother's father was a "radar" operator with top secret clearance (we found out after his forced death in a VA hospital), and then interestingly enough with no education she ends up as VP for a shipping middle man co Honduran Express line run by the man I grew up calling my uncle who told me when I was 7 he tried out for CIA and then confirmed he was CIA 2 years ago to me. He also admitted he had met my mother's father before he ever met her and that he never told her. He too was a "radar operator" but with top secret krypto clearance.

If you watch some of David Corso from project Camelot you can see that radar operator is more like electronic weapon or electronic monitoring (the frequency ranges are ranges of consciousness)... hence why the ionic chemtrails teamed up with haarp are a planetary auric reader and can actually amplify whatever is within the aura be it fear or unconditional love.

My CIA "uncle" told me he always knew I was of the Higher Order... I feel this means the higher dimensions which are in greater frequency harmonics... the order of the geometry of their frequencies is more fractal radial with more powerful torque.

I find it odd that I am the more aware one of my mother and I (she litterally swears that somethings happened that don't, not like visions but like she will say a fight went one way (her being victimized)when a whole room of people saw her being the agressor! She will twist stoyies for her benefit for sympathy, but she truely believes it went that way... when clearly many witness just the opposite... it is like she is stuck in opposites. Where there is good she sees bad. She works now for Israel... sucking gas from the land, straight up Zionists.

She's been in the oil shipping industry all of my 27 years of life.

There is more than one ET race. The ones who bred violated the code and were not of the highest vibration. The positive et's birth into any blood type they want I feel... they are not bound by such physical restraints. That is not to say that the negative RH are not high vibration, but to think that they are the only ET beings on earth I feel is a mistake.

The ones who came here in a physical form (in violation of codes for infant races) came to divide and conquer... to act as Gods and NOT shear their full knowledge but to the elite.

The higher dimensionals litterally are spirits born in any type of body... thus we have the emerging RAINBOW tribe of Is-Ra-El (Isis-Ra-El)... the archetype of the WHOLE-y trinity unified.

The lower dimensionals are bound by physical constraints.

Plus all were given the reptilian brain... the Alpha form of consciousness... as in firt separation and the birth of survival of the fittest... which is tamed by raising the kundalini up the spine and into the higher mind, turning the fearful snake into the wise dragon protector of all life <3

tina said...

So the jews were really the ancient astronauts, told to preserve their bloodline, etc., as per the bible, and are the ones to whom we look for as a return of the ancient astonauts (or the messiah)?

Vatic Master said...

These are some truly fascinating comments. I have to say my mother was RH 0 negative and thus I was fascinated when I red the first article and saw the video in a previous blog. Then I fell upon this one that was more direct.

My mother was french , but I do not know what part of france but she did not speak english until she was 7 years old, so its possible she is from the French Basque. Also I wish I could find it again, but the Europeans and Americans are killing the Basque in massive numbers and now it makes sense why if those running our gov (Khazars) are lizard brained.

I have all the same symptoms listed above not only in the article but in the comments section here, so its nice to know I am not alone in my feeling different which is not a pleasant way to feel. High IQ, always asking questions, driving people crazy when I do..... lol I drove my teachers nuts.

Went to a private catholic grade school and had the highest GPA in the history of the school including my fathers family who attended the same school, AND THE WORST GRADES FOR CONDUCT AND EFFORT. LOL See the problem??? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Just a little note on this subject. Please have a look at this video:
(http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=6056789081969524094#). I watched it many times a long time ago but when I read this article I just thought about it.
Great website by the way I am a big fan!

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting hypothesis, I'm AB neg. Definitely no Israel connection, don't know if I'm psychic so I guess not.

Now my sister, whoah, different story. I'll bore you with a single example.

Some years ago, I was living in Texas, far from home and on a whim, I married my girlfriend without telling anyone but two mutual friends who acted as witnesses at the JP. The family I decided would find out when it was convenient.

We put off the honeymoon till we could figure out a tropical location and spent our wedding night at home. A quiet night, some wine to bed at the usual time etc.

A little after 3AM, I was awakened by a phone call, from my sister. When I growled "hello", she replied with a familiar retort as if in relief. Naturally, I yelled down the line "what the hell are you calling for at this hour?"

She laughed and said she was sorry. She'd had a feeling that something really really terrible had happened to me and it woke her from her sleep. She simply had to know I was ok.

When I told her I'd gotten married, she was totally puzzled made apologies, said her congrats and goodbye.

For the record, I married a beautiful girl, when we filed our joint taxes, I nearly fainted in the accountant's office, her trust fund was worth just over $74 million, in today's money probably closer to 200 mil.

A recipe for happiness? Not quite. When we divorced two years later, I gladly signed over my house, one car and everything in the bank just for my freedom. For 7 months, I was the brokest man in the Lone Star state and happier than I'd been for ages.

Then there's my mother... ;-)

next time

ps. I'm not rich but I always finds money or should I say it always fins me. Bills on the ground, literally. Strange eh? Must be us Negs

Charles Edward Frith said...

Always worth checking out Slave Species of God by Michael Tellinger.

Vatic Master said...

Well, its only taken me five months to find these comments again, but they are great and I thank you all. Anonymous, I love the story about your sister, since I do that all the time. In fact, I am one of those that begins dialing a friend or relative and they are already on the line before I get the chance and the phone hasn't rung yet. LOL So, I know what you mean.

Charles Firth, thanks for the heads up on that book, I will definitely get it. I am also working on possibly starting a separate blog for RH negs so they have a place to meet and talk and share and find comraderie. Its difficult when you are the oddball and its nice to know its normal for your particular blood type RH factor rather than you are just odd. Will notify everyone when I get the chance to put the new blog up.

Dublinmick said...


I have some information along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Blog. I'm a student of the evidence from the Kennedy assassination event. Most of the testimony, documents and pictorial evidence seems illogical when looked at linearly or conventionally. I'll cut to the chase, the evidence points to certain individuals and organization being able to jump to different parts of time. Or manipulate time in a targeted region. Oswald and his wife, people surrounding them, the White Russians and CIA types are capable. Multiple letters from Russia are written to the Oswald in America dated 1961 in the WC Docs. Officially they came to the US in June 1962. Galena Khontuleva wrote Marina in June 1961 saying "I don't know what blood RH factor I have, but I want children soon." I can't put it all together, but Oak Ridge Facility, linear particle accelerators and finding cures for certain diseases that strike these people are involved. Any thoughts on the ability of RH Negs would be appreciated. Write at seriabutaha@aol.com

Le Gallinacé said...

Je suis O négatif, breton, et complètement antisémite !!!

Vatic Master said...

Brebis, my french is very weak as I have not had to use it in 40 years now, so I am going to use english, if you don't mind.

I got that you are o negative blood and British, but live in France. Is that correct??? did I get that right? However, I looked at your profile and you are not anti-semitic, you are anti-zionist as most Jewish people are, at least the "real Jews" of the Holy Land, who have had to seek asylum in London and New York due to the influx of khazarians who are the Ashkenazi Jews, Well, my blog is loaded with information on the khazars, so read and see what I mean.

Holly Simon said...

Vatic -

He said he is Breton - Brittany, not England.

I have the same descendant and I am in Newfoundland Canada on the French Shore. We are all Breton/Basque descent and there is no trouble tracking the bloodline here at all.

R1b S116, RM-269 are common DNA groups carrying the bloodline. You can find the DNA groups wherever you trace the potential Basque-related languages. (Breton, Welsh, Galic..)