Middle East being prepped for their super region #7 status??? Looks like it.

Vatic Note: Listen to this guy because its important to see what we have been told for so long. These preachers are paid by the Rothschild khazars/illuminati puppets to sell this tripe to their congregations. Even with all this visible, its still amazing to behold that this works and that their congregations do not question this Bull that he is spewing out. I am now for the first time thoroughly convinced that this Bible was not the one that came out of the Nicene conference. I believe the satanists that have been doing this plan for centuries, had a hand in the Bible being rewritten by the illuminati to make it look like prophesy is being fullfilled, and yet, I seriously believe this was fabricated at the time of King James Bible being rewritten.

Remember, The catholic Bible was not allowed to be touched or read directly by the masses. It was controlled by the priests. Then King James came along, who was a Brit (that should tell you something right there) and also part of the illuminati, had the Bible rewritten and for the first time, the average person could own a copy and not rely on a priest or anyone else. So they put into it what they planned over these many centuries while adjusting it as they went along based on advancements in technology. I am sorry, but it says in revelations, in keeping with their desire to tell us what they are doing and watch us ignore it, that the "ELECT" will be deceived.

Well, that Bible they are promoting was the foundation for their blue print, my goodness I never saw it until reading this and listening to that man and remember Hagee, that he references is a member of the CFR and a Christian zionist. When you look st these regions, what is interesting is the fact that Israel is assumed NOT TO BE THERE. Is that the explanation for their purchase of the southern part of chile and Argentina? We did a blog on that fact but assumed the Israeli's intended it for the resettlement of the palestinians. Maybe we were wrong. Khazars no know loyalty to anyone or any geography except their khazaria.

They do not have their ancient sages buried in Israel like the real Jews do, so it would be no big deal to abandon the same. Also if we have a real pole shift that area will be where the gulf of Mexico is right now and prime water front resort property.. This is a completely new way of seeing this after listening to the "spin" sent out to the entire religious community globally for a one world religion, including wiccans. Replay that again when he brings it up. If true, this is the culmination of every single conspiracy theory we have heard over the past 20 years. Unbelievable. Well, you watch this and read and decide for yourself, I am still in shock. LOL   Understand something if you do not realize it,  YOU WILL BE FORCED TO JOIN THE GLOBAL RELIGION AND NO OTHER.  This is not going to be a republic or anything else resembling a free society.  So get that in your head and see how it fits.  Can you live with it? 

What is Up with all the Unrest In Global Politics?
This from "The Cutting Edge", Thursday, February 17,

NEWS BRIEF: "Bahrain crushes protest camp, locks down capital", Excite News, 2/17/2011

"MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) - Troops and tanks locked down the capital of this tiny Gulf kingdom after riot police swinging clubs and firing tear gas smashed into demonstrators, many of them sleeping, in a pre-dawn assault Thursday that uprooted their protest camp demanding political change. Medical officials said four people were killed.


Hours after the attack on Manama's main Pearl Square, the military announced a ban on gatherings, saying on state TV that it had "key parts" of the capital under its control." What kind of government does Bahrain have? Is it a democracy, an autocracy, or an Absolute Dictatorship? Whichever kind of government it does have, it must be a strongman type which will resist losing its sovereignty as it melds into Regional Government, Supernation #7, "Northern Africa and the Middle East" (Read full details in NEWS2436).

Bahrain is an "an absolute monarchy headed by the King, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa". (Wikipedia, Bahrain)

The word "absolute" means that the King can have the final say in all matters, if he desires to exercise them. A sign of this power comes from the realization that "Prime Minister, Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman al Khalifa .... presides over a cabinet of twenty-five members, where 80% of its members are from the royal family". (Wikipedia, Bahrain)

For this reason, leaders feel they can safely send troops and tanks smashing into demonstrators in a brutal manner, without fear of much democratic recourse. While democratic reforms have recently been started, they appear to be in a fairly infant stage. Key powers still lie with the King.

This strongman type of government would certainly resist any movement toward a complete loss of national sovereignty as it disappears into Regional Government #7, especially since the country is so rich from oil revenues! The strongman -- King Al Khalifa -- is certainly well informed enough to realize that his country will be forced into a "Redistribution of Wealth" scheme, where he would lose trillions of dollars to countries far less rich, like the Sudan!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton weighed in against the Bahrain government, just as she did against the Tunisian and Egyptian governments before they fell. Her comments against a government under siege is getting to be an ominous pattern! But, not only is Hillary criticizing, but so is President Obama and the leaders of Great Britain and the E.U.

"The Obama administration expressed alarm over the violent crackdown. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called Bahrain's foreign minister to register Washington's "deep concern" and urge restraint. Similar criticism came from Britain and the European Union."

How important is Bahrain to Washington?

"In a region experiencing an oil boom, Bahrain has the fastest growing economy in the Arab world ... Bahrain also has the freest economy in the Middle East ... "Bahrain is sometimes described as 'Middle East lite' because it combines modern infrastructure with a Persian Gulf identity and, unlike other countries in the region, its prosperity is not solely a reflection of the size of its oil wealth, but is also related to the creation of an indigenous middle class.

This unique socioeconomic development in the Persian Gulf has meant that Bahrain is generally more liberal than its neighbors. While Islam is the main religion, Bahrainis have been known for their tolerance, and churches, Hindu temples, Sikh Gurdwara and a Jewish synagogue can be found alongside mosques. The country is home to several communities that have faced persecution elsewhere."

Bahrain is also a key naval site for the American Fleet, and its facilities give it great importance in maintaining Western supremacy in the Persian Gulf. Washington's ability to counter the growing power of Iran could be seriously eroded if it were taken over by Islamic forces. Listen:

"Tiny Bahrain is a pillar of Washington's military framework in the region. It hosts the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet, which is a critical counterbalance to Iran. Bahrain's rulers and their Arab allies depict any sign of unrest among their Shiite populations as a move by neighboring Shiite-majority Iran to expand its clout in the region."

("Bahrain crushes protest camp, locks down capital")

This vicious government assault could very well enrage anti-government protestors that the continued life of the current monarchy could be dramatically shortened. Bahrain is another example of how this current wave of "Regime Change" is sweeping aside all governments resisting the loss of national sovereignty inherent in a move into Regional Government #7; America's friends in the region are just as likely to be overthrown as are America's enemies. You see, the issue is not West versus Islam, but the working out of the Illuminati Plan which is fulfilling the prophesied 10 Nations of Daniel 7:7-8.

The nations currently under the gun of "Regime Change" can be seen from this map, to the left. The name of this Supernation #7 is "Northern Africa and the Middle East".

Slight variations in map

Any nation / government resisting the complete loss of national sovereignty which is a natural outgrowth of being melded into this supernation is going to be overthrown, whether that country is now allied with either the forces of the West or the forces of Islam.

If you believe that this struggle is one which is pitting West versus Islam, you are going to miss the point. This struggle is against any nation resistant to being melded into Supernation #7.

This struggle is occurring because the Illuminati Plan of reorganizing the world into 10 supernations has now moved into the phase where Supernation #7 is the nation being built right now. Sphere: Related Content

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


tyrone said...

Why do you have a Jack Van Impe video? He is a christian zionist and is all for Israel.

What do you mean by 'real jews'? Are you jewish, married to a jew? Are there many jews where you are 200 miles or so from the nearest city? The posts on the 'no real jews' vs. 'real jews' are interesting. I was hoping somewhere along the line you'd give a definition of what you mean by 'real jew'.

Since jews are apparently superior to the gentiles, would you be ok if all khazars/rothschilds/zionists disappeared and instead the world were ruled by the 'real jews', since they do believe themselves 'god's chosen' and will rule the earth? I ask because it's obvious the gentiles are not going to.

Lollipop said...

Are you kidding? We listen to Jack Van Impe? He is a christian fundamentalist fanatic and is pro-Israel all the way. A one-world religion? Will the jews be obliged to give up Judaism, do you think?

Vatic said...

Hahaha, LOL, your joking right? Did you bother to read the Vatic Note as well as then reading and watching the rest of it??? If you did than your comment makes absolutely no sense. If you did not, then why are you commenting on it before reading why that was put up there??? LOL I am sorry, but this is hilarious.

Vatic said...

You know, I can't believe this. No wonder we are in trouble. I spent literally hours posting and putting up all you need to know to answer all your questions. REAL JEWS ARE ONLY 10% OF THOSE THAT CALL THEMSELVES Jews. And they are only 1% of the global population and have not infiltrated every gov on earth. They are not practicing satanists, and they are such a tiny minority with no thousands of years of plans to take over the world, so they are no threat and if you watched the videos I put up, they are non violent and got themselves beat up by the russian khazar immigrants without fighting back.

You need to search the site and visit all these videos and series and documents and everything in order to understand what I mean when I say what I do. Most who have been with the blog for a long time, understand since they saw all this.

Its here for the asking. I will do the research for both of you and get all the links for you but first you have to promise you will watch and read everyone of them. Otherwise you will never know the truth. Jews have been blamed for hundreds of years if not longer for what these synogogue of Satan practicing their dark arts, have been doing.

Now America is being blamed for all the horrors we are doing in this world, but our gov has been taken over by these same khazars who never take any responsibity for their decisions and acts. That is why the acts are so horrific.

Master Rick said...

It doesn't seem to matter much what the percentage is of Jews in the U.S. They are smart enough to have gotten into positions of power from the bottom rung on up. They are your Masters now. The Khazars are Jews, and the "real jews" you claim exists don't seem to have a problem with it.

Also, considering how many jews have changed their jewish names to be more gentile-sounding, there's no way to know if the local authority figures are jews either. Typical 'under the radar'. No wonder you are ruled by them.

It was the Jews themselves that made it unpolitically correct to even ask another person what religion he belongs to. They stacked it all in their favor.

Depending on religious definitions and varying population data, the United States is home to the largest or second largest (after Israel) Jewish community in the world. culturally as Jewish (but not necessarily religiously).

Maybe I would understand all this better if you would answer the other poster's questions. I don't want to assume anything about you. Here:

What do you mean by 'real jews'? Are you jewish, married to a jew? Are there many jews where you are 200 miles or so from the nearest city?

Since jews are apparently superior to the gentiles, would you be ok if all khazars/rothschilds/zionists disappeared and instead the world were ruled by the 'real jews', since they do believe themselves 'god's chosen' and will rule the earth?

All Jews recognize other Jews.

The Jewish community in the United States is composed predominantly of Ashkenazi Jews who emigrated from Central and Eastern Europe, and their U.S.-born descendants. A minority from all Jewish ethnic divisions are also represented, including Sephardi Jews, Mizrahi Jews, and a number of converts.

Would you know a Jew if you tripped over one?

Do you know ANY Jews at all? If so, what is their stance on Israel, pro or con?

Goulston Street Graffito said...

From what I've read about history, there was GOOD REASON why Jews got themselves kicked out of the nations that composed European Christendom. Obviously, with all the conspiracy theories about Khazars and Rothschilds and Zionists -- history seems to have been right.

I imagine the historical stereotyping of Jews in novels was quite accurate also. Much of the original works of America's and England's classics are being purged for 'anti-semitism' no doubt, which gives the "real jews" today a free pass -- once again.

I would think a rudimentary understanding of their survival technique might be of value. May I suggest Kevin MacDonald's "Critique of Culture: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements" ?

Vatic said...

I made an offer earlier to provide some info to prove what I am saying, and I was willing to do the research in pulling these and spend the time, if everyone would commit to reading it and watching because frankly, I had no idea when I began down this rabbit hole and I understand so much more than I did before. What I say on here is from reading hundreds of documents that others researched before me. So, if you all really really care, I will spend my precious time pulling them all up for you to see.

Here is a start in good fail. Be sure to watch them or read and then if you do, I will get the rest up for you.




Vatic said...

Oops forgot to answer the personal question. No, I am not Jewish, I was born Irish Catholic, so that is way out the other side.... lol Further I have never been married to anyone Jewish or Khazarian. Further I had a debate team partner in high school and he was so different and his family etc to anything I was seeing these days, that I began trying to find out why. Now i Know. Good luck with your foundational reading and I will add more once I see that you are talking this seriously.

Vatic said...

Master Rick, 90% of all those who call themselves Jews are Khazars and are NOT Jews. Here is additional reading for you as I said. And I have more if you need it.


Lê Thanh Đức said...

Solutions 'nuclear' Iran http://laodongme.blogspot.com/2011/11/giai-phap-van-e-hat-nhan-iran-thang.html