Alien Moon: Why NASA never returned to the Moon EnigmaTV Part 1/3

Vatic Note:  As most who read this blog know,  I have not come off the fence on this issue, however, this series is very well documented and very convincing and worth the effort to watch this series.   The first video was unable to be opened and viewed, however, someone downloaded it and its now on Metacafe,  the rest were from from UTube.   After watching #1,  I can understand why it was cut from viewing by whoever.  Its quite scientific and thorough and documentable.   I am moving closer to the idea that in fact aliens are around somewhere.  Apparently not bad becuase they could have done whatever they wished to our primative society and did not.   Are there bad aliens who will invade us???  So far all we know from top secret classified experts who were killed,  is that yes there are, but they are here already and its the good guys who they want us to be afraid of and to fight.   So, lets keep an open mind and reread "Report from Iron Mountain" to get a bigger picture of the false flag planned to globalize us. 

Alien Moon: Why NASA never returned to the Moon EnigmaTV Part 1/3

Uploaded by WeHave2009 on Jul 13, 2009

Mystery about the moon which is unsolved.  Why hasn't NASA returned to the moon?  They will not give a clear answer at all.  (watch these three videos)

Part I


Part II


Part III


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