The Last Word on Terrorism: The Corbett Report.

The Last Word on Terrorism (VIDEO) http://members.beforeitsnews.com/story/435/944/The_Last_Word_on_Terrorism_VIDEO.html
February 22, 2011, by Activist poster, Before Its News

Vatic Note:  This is an excellent report, called the "Corbett Report" and he is impressive.   His historical context of the Egyptian crisis right now, is indeed thorough and profound.   Yet he is also very descriptive of his take on the global elite doing all this.   He is no Keiser, but he is going down the same path of calling a spade a spade.  In fact, I am seeing more and more of that occurring.  Enjoy the video and decide for yourself what to believe.  Have a great day.


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Angel Wings said...

The video was excellent. I never heard of him before, but I just subscribed to the emails and bookmarked his web page. Bravo!

Vatic said...

Angel Wing, good for you. He is exactly what real reporting should look like. I agree with you 100% about his professionalism. He makes Faux News and the others look like amateurs.

Angel Wings said...

Faux News, not even amateurs. They are definitely Republican corporate propagandists. I can't stand that nitwit Steve Doocy, as fruity as they come, yet I think he once said he was married. I don't watch Faux News, only just enough once or twice.

God they make the Marxists over at Amy Goodman and WBAI-FM look like geniuses. In NYC this is the ONLY station -- radio or TV -- where I can get actual news.

American Action Report said...

Angel Wings, search for the Corbett Report video "When False Flags Don't Fly." The video we just watched was great. "False Flags" is dynamite. I've cited it several times in my blog. I'll have to add "Final Word on Terrorism" to the collection.
As for Corbett himself, I actually like him better than I like Keiser. He lays it out in a calm, even voice. I know of no more dramatic effect than that.