HAARP Chart for NZ Quake - Evidence of a Man Made Disaster - Feb 21.2011

***  Sorry, I rambled a bit, but I was mad after I saw that second video and the one with the link in the first paragraph of this vatic note.  It was like a perfect storm, they all showed up synchronistically at the same time.  Not good for someone with passion as I have.  lol

VATIC UPDATE: Additional proof of Haarp induced earthquakes. (Be sure and watch the second video as it is compelling and indicting and would definitely solicit a guilty verdict in a court of law).  This is now confirmed murder (see 2nd video as proof) and a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY by whoever gave the orders to use it on New Zealand.  So, the enemy/terrorist is not the muslims after all, its the israeli's,  US traitors in our government and the British (who have a history of bullying everyone around who their king, Rothschild, wants bullied for their natural resources.)  I wonder what New Zealand has that Rothschild wants? WE just put a video up that is a very indepth treatment of these british and the horrors they have visited on damn near every country they have occupied or coveted, its time the world knew it  too, so watch that video, its in the link above here and we are finding out the Swiss are not as innocent as they act, but that is for another day  It would be good if someone could figure out what it is the pervert, Rothschild wants from NZ.    And the globe needs to deal with this and the BRITISH and  international zionist satanic bankers who are doing this through their treasonous agents who infiltrated our gov through the city gates.

Trust me, its not the American people, it is truly our foreign occupied enemies who control the perverted government and its inhuman and barbaric uncivilized and perverted actions, who are the British and the Israeli's,  and now they are the world's enemy as well. They are the globes enemy since they have no compunction about mass murdering people at will. Keep that in mind. Why do you think we revolted from them?   BECAUSE THEY WERE REVOLTING.  We can sit and take it or we can die fighting back. I prefer the latter. How we fight back is the question and that is complete and total withdrawal from their system and reestablishing a system of our own. True, it will be tough, but rewarding and natural rather than this artificial and false reality matrix that we have been living in... NO MORE living in ant colonies as worker bee slaves.  Does anyone think that maybe we should form a temporary alliance with Gaddaffi, Mubarek, the King of Saudi Arabia, and others that have been betrayed by these same players???  Am I mad?  You betcha.  NZ is one of the most peaceful places on earth.  Their fish are safe because they do not allow pesticide runoffs from their land.  Or at least that used to be the case.  I love their orang roughy fish.  Wonderful fish. 

New Zealand EARTHQUAKE Caused By H.A.A.R.P?
by Disclose TV, Feb 2011

While watching a friends store listening to news-radio AM720 hearing about &thinking about the 7.0 earthquake that rattled New Zea land this morning, while @the same time watching the crazy ass weather that we are having here In Elmhurst,Il..


You see, for the last month it has been freakishly hot here in the Midwest. when yesterday it was 90+f and today we have 30+Mph winds crazy looking clouds moving so fast that I actually saw it raining across the street for a min. while not a drop on our side. Not weird you say? The composition of the rain was outside the box, it was more like a heavy ash that floats(you could almost focus on dark colored drops)as they fell.

I whipped out my handy dandy NoteBook and jotted' down some thoughts and then stopped w/ a question.
"Could this be Haarp?"

Disclose.tv - New Zealand EARTHQUAKE caused by H.A.A.R.P? Video

VN: Here is the excellent job done proving the connection between haarp and the New Zealand quake. This work was definitely impressive and indicting as heck.

HAARP Chart for NZ Quake - Evidence of a Man Made Disaster - Feb 21.2011
by the CrowHouse, BrutalTruthMediaMaui
Feb 23, 2011

I threw this together very fast,try to connect the dots,the clues are blatant..it gets more and more obvious that man made earthquakes are real and being executed globally and at an alarming rate, wake up to the forbidden truth that has been hidden from you,its scarier then science fiction.

You do not need a fault line to be able to produce a man made earthquake,HAARP can create quakes anywhere there is water or trapped moisture,& our planet is honeycombed with water & pockets of gas. HAARP can move tectonic plates in any direction it is aimed at,Scalar waves which are generated off of EM waves can accomplish this.There are countless top secret HAARP array's worldwide,stop focusing on just the HAARP in Alaska because its one of the only publicly known antenna farms,top secret above & underground haarp facilities cover the globe.


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brussellsprout said...

I think it might have been for the symbolic significance of Christ's church being demolished as a prelude to the New World Order.

Brock said...

This evidence is so Damning,that even I am sufficiently pissed off.It's time to start cutting the tentacles off the Octopus one at a time and then go after the body.Come on folks.We out number this cabal a trillion to one.Wake up!Break free of the matrix.Filter your water,stop eating GMO Frankin food,and turn you TV's off.Spread the word,and lets get on the move.We are way past the tipping point.Together as one we can take these friggin monsters down1!!Brock

Brock said...

I might add that I am sending this to every commentator,producer,webmaster at coattocoastam.com.If we all do that then maybe we can get it out to literally millions of hip people!Tonight guest host is Georgeknapp@coattocoastam.com.Maybe we can even get Percy on the show!!! Brock

Vatic said...

Brusselsprout, first of all brusselsprouts are my most favorite veggie.... second of all your comment is very insightful. I never thought of that and its spot on. I bet your right.

Vatic said...

Brock, I agree about cutting the tentacles of the Octopus. I wish we had stuck with the "no bailout" vote that passed and prosecuted Paulson for economic terrorism. I tried to file just such a complaint with Homeland security and did not even get a courtesy of a response. But I agree about the tentacles and what are their tentacles..... gas, energy, oil, food companies, publishing companies, newspapers etc. MONSANTO seed company.

The moral question is what do you do when they ignore the crimes against people and allow these crimes to go forward and yet impose enforcement only on crimes against the state or bankers??? That is the question. Whatever we do must be from a moral stand point with law and right on our side.... at all times. So, lets brainstorm about that shall we ???

Anonymous said...

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