A Philadelphia resident foreclosed on Wells Fargo's local lending office and won.

Vatic Note:  I had a hard time deciding whether to put this up or not.  I do not like, helping the evil ones advance their agenda.   But this was just a bit too much and I felt it needed to be exposed possibly for what it was or the coincidence it may turn out to be.  He just might be a satanist who is exhibiting his trade on TV.  But then that doesn't makes sense either.  One look at him and they would have done the story without his presence, unless they were told to show him as is.    Please watch and keep a few things in mind when you do.
1.  Wells Fargo is one of the Big boys, so why did the MSM press cover all this and bring it up into the light of day risking other Americans doing the same thing to all the other banks???
2.  Notice this man was completely dressed in all black,  his hair was dyed black,  and he had a satanic type oval stone on his tie.   Further he had vampire teeth,  and they were not his nor natural since it did affect his ability to move his mouth with ease. 
3.  Remember, we did a blog where the top level official of the Synogogue of Satan said they were going to be coming out of the closet,  not hiding anymore and exhibit their power for all to see.  
Am I am just dreaming or did I really see all this???  Did anyone else think this guy and the whole interview was strange??? surrealistic???  Or is it just me and do I need a vacation?  LOL 

A Philadelphia resident foreclosed on Wells Fargo's local lending office and won.


Video - How to beat your bank and stop foreclosure - Feb. 21, 2011

A Philadelphia resident foreclosed on Wells Fargo's local lending office and won.  Yes, we said 'foreclosed.' How did he do it?  He utilized a RESPA letter, which we have included below.

A RESPA letter - This letter is also referred to as a "Qualified Written Request, Dispute of Debt, Validation of Debt, TILA letter." The RESPA letter is a specific demand from the borrower to the mortgage lender or mortgage servicing company to produce evidence of the validity of the debt, and is very detailed and specific. Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), the Truth In Lending Act (TILA), Regulation X, and the Gramm Leach Belley Act, the lender must acknowledge the receipt of the letter within 20 days, and must correct or provide clarification regarding the disputed debt, within 60 days of receiving the letter from the consumer. During the 60 days, the mortgage lender may not report any overdue payment amounts to consumer reporting agencies.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Angel Wings said...


Madame, this is what comes from seeing 'satanists' under every rock, yet knowing next to nothing about the actual world of the occult. To know about occult knowledge one has to be willing to read their websites over many years, even buy books, if not even join a secret society.

Not that I am an expert in the occult, by any means, but I took a look at the video and read the full story at a link given.

All this said, yes indeed, Patrick Rodgers would look strange to, say, christians stuck in fundamentalist ideas, or the general population of those who look at any one different than themselves and begin to spread rumors and tales about the person. All of this is based on ignorant fear of difference.

Anyway, let me get to the point:

From his vampire teeth and black leather jacket and slicked-back long black hair I would say Patrick Rodgers is no more or no less than merely a member of the underground vampire scene and has a vampire lifestyle:

Vampyre lifstyle and club scene

He also seems to have a lot of luck in getting the court system and the sheriff's department to cooperate with him along the way. I know try taking the landlord to court means days off from work, filling out long forms, standing in lines. It is always understood, too, that the court system is always stacked in favor of the landlord, so the whole production is usually an experiment in futility. But Rodgers seemed to have breezed through it.

I suspect Rodgers has a lot of time on his hands, and possibly works with some local housing activist organization. Hence he knows about these RESPA letters, and how tricky they apparently are to even word right.

I notice the whole affair is over being forced to buy insurance, not that he was behind in payments on the mortgage. Though laudable for what Rodgers has achieved in helping, even a little, to educate the basically brain-dead on a small point, I suspect somewhere down the road it will turn out to be a can of worms, and he will lose that nice 19th Century house. It's not nice to get on the wrong side of banks, if you know what I mean.

Unless, like the 'Help me, Howard' segments on one of the 10pm slightly news channels where the media is brought into it, 'Howard' or whomever does help resolve Rodgers' issue in some way. If not, Rodgers may be in for a big surprise, as we all know it is practically next to impossible to fight the banks, or corporations, or any other large entity where everything is stacked in their favor to begin with.

So, no...doesn't look like a Rothschild agent to me. Just some yokel who thinks he's found a loophole, like so many others, and thinks he/she can force the System to act according to rules OF THEIR OWN MAKING, and wind up in even deeper hot water. Rather reminds me of something you posted from Australia, where a couple with 5 kids got a little greedy and was looking to expand their income from the backs of their renters by expanding their summer cottage or whatever it was in order to allow for more lodgers. They got in over their heads, now they have a huge website whining about their long-drawn out story with the bank and now whining for money for people to send them some just for plowing through their hard-luck story.

Anyway, no...Rodgers appears just a underground vampire enthusiast.

Vatic said...

Why, thank you. Its exactly what I thought. Lets see, what makes a vampire a vampire? Why those funny teeth?? How old would say he is???

So would you suspect he takes this very seriously??? Its not a party joke or something? I find it interesting that given the majority of Americans are not into blood sucking vampires, I suspect the press would not have put him on in person, but rather simply told the story, unless they had a reason that is more subtle.

As for your observations, they fit very well with what has happened to America that has led us to where we are today and you can call it anything you want that MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT IT, but in reality we have become as a people, those which we elected, so they really do represent us, don't they??? Thanks so much for making my point. I appreciate it. Keep those comments coming.

Angel Wings said...

Believe it or not, the nightly news would consider a person like Patrick Rodgers an added interest. Sometimes the interviewer might, at the end, inquirer about an oddity of the person, but in this case the news person didn't.

During the recent snow storms, on the nightly news they stopped a young man who had just gotten off of a train to ask 'how he liked the snow'. This guy had on women's earrings -- one in each ear -- of the clip-on sort of a large white pearl. I was wondering...what the hell???....yet the newsperson never said a word about it. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't inquire.

Yes indeed the underground vampire scene is taken very seriously by those who prefer the 'dark side' (not to mean 'evil' side, as there is a difference). Anne Rice is an author who understands the vampire genre, and basically the mindset. I've read a few of her books -- very lyrical, nicely written. The vampire lifestyle is more like a game I guess, but they prefer this alternative reality to the one that is. Who can blame them, really? They are like the people who go in for Renaissance costumes and show up fully clothed in medieval costumes at Renaissance fairs. It's where there head it is: a time past, a different reality to the one that is.

OMG YES! Americans have INDEED become as a people those which they elected -- and they really do represent 'us' all -- both parties, both sets of lies, both sets of hypocrites. The entire system in America has been based on Capitalism -- GREED, and i think that was the whole root of it all from the beginning.

I'll go you even one better -- I've been observing humanity a lot closer lately, and have become mindful how they are, deep down, not human at all, but in fact apparently incarnated DEVILS. They do one thing first and that is they immediately get into one's head and begin to FEED. Very much like that recent it movie 'The Walking Dead'. They can't seem to get their eyes off of everyone else.

And there is nothing in them but unending deviltries, lies, falsities, hypocracies, evil. They don't know the meaning of the word 'cooperation' and many other things.

I must say it's no wonder to me the U.S. political system has been revealed for what it is -- both sides -- and it's no wonder to me either that worldwide revolution has begun.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie now -- which NO ONE will be getting. Why? Because from my observations -- when this happened I don't know -- but lately humans have been born as incarnated DEVILS. I'm not just overstating things. I've even looked into the faces of two kids -- a boy and a girl -- and the depth of HELL and EVIL that looked at me frankly scared the shi-t out of me. I had an urge to kill them then and there, but it would not have looked good. No one would have understood what was going on. But I do know what i saw.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. No, you're not crazy.
Don't have a handle on this as yet, especially since it's on the
venerable Daily Bail. However....

Perhaps, since Fox has been 'humiliated' by not only being called out on some lies lately, but reported on nationally, they are merely picking the most outrageous (beyond its normal quotient of outrageous) stories and people to feature in their stories.

Vatic said...

Absolutely, vampirism, satanism, child blood sacrifices, teaching homosexual techniques in grade schools, instead of teaching morals, ethics, principles, higher level spiritual concepts, etc. Then we wonder why we end up with a satanic blood drinking, child molesting homosexual deviant for President???

Before you get on your high horse, there is nothing wrong with "normal" gay people who are that way as an act of nature, but that is not what I am talking about. If you have read the volumns we have written on here you would know that there are deviants in both homo and hetero pedophiles. Pedophiles were pedophiled themselves and that sets it for life. You cannot be cured of it and that is a scientific fact.

So what happens, you grow up thinking of sex as a ritual rather than a part of normal living in a normal traditional way. Anyway, I don't want to go off on a side track here, my point is, the result of us losing our moral code and base and believing killing people is ok to do, with no value for the sancity of life, and is the base of all that has deteriorated and rotted in our society so that all that is left is the smelly rotting corps of a once great nation.

Did you know we now have "sex" clubs in big cities where you can go jack off in someones body you don't even know? Its putrid and pathetic.

Angel Wings said...

No, I wasn't going to go off on my high horse over the homos, but I object to the lumping into the class of "vampirism, satanism, child blood sacrifices, ..."

The subculture, underground culture of vampirism is NOT satanism. I thought I was making that clear regarding Patrick Rodgers and the Vampyre Lifestyle and Club Scene link I gave. Because you don't understand what a thing is about, you yourself didn't know what to think of the Rodgers video and were confusing him with Rothschilds and Zionists and satanists.

The kind of 'vampirism' you are thinking about is the sort practiced by idiot teen-agers rebelling against the status quo and stuff. But the LEGITIMATE vampire club scene is something altogether different. I would find you more persuasive if you didn't LUMP things you know nothing about into one big Rothschild/satanist conspiracy.

Certain underground scenes keep themselves underground because of the ignorance of so many. So the enjoy themselves amongst their own kind. You might want to check out a documentary on TV about the vampire cults and scenes.

Some underground cultures even have official organizations to try to weed out the phonies from those who believe in the alternate culture. The BDSM crowd have the Black Rose Society. I don't know if the vampire scene has one, but maybe they do.

All the other things, like 'real' satanism or child sacrifice and pedophilia are in a different class. It is against the law to kill children and to engage in pedophilia.

I don't know about child sacrifice, but some believe it goes on. Actually it does -- it's practiced in some part of Africa with the witch doctors who sometimes must find a child to kill in order to work a spell or magic. Also in South or Central America, I read about a very viscious drug cartel, the main head of which engaged in a form of black magic that involved human sacrifice. They got him though.

I've read that some Hasidics get a hold of a goyim or gentile child for sacrifice right around some holy day or other. It's possible that it's true.

As to pedophilia, that Jon Benet case in particular had quite a cast of 'upstanding' citizens around her, but I suspect the case was never resolved just because there was a pedophile ring involving just these 'upstanding' citizens. Well, that's your United States of America for you, with its 'hands off' policy when higher ups are involved. Of course I know also about the Zionist (Russian) sex trafficing trade. IMO it is very possible indeed pedophilia and sex trafficing reach into high places.

A lot of people suffered under our alleged 'moral code'. And this 'moral code' hid a lot of sins committed by its 'fine, unstanding'.

This moral code was riddled through and through with hypocracies, ignorance, hate and prejudice all on its own. It is based on nothing but religion -- the Old Testament -- and is of jewish origin, Christianity being an offshoot of Judaism. That is one reason this country is called a 'Judeo-Christian' nation (and not the other way round either). In its rudimentary form this code is for keeping the masses in their place while those above the law live actual free lives.

What I would do is get rid of hateful religions -- all of them -- and have all children learn discipline via the oriental martial arts, like they do in China and/or Japan. They will gain all the rectitude (correct judgment) and a sense of self that they will EVER need in life from learning the martial arts and Tai Chi and have a better chance at leading balanced, decent lives. Along with this teach them the ancient Chinese medicines, herbal, and acupunture -- at least introduce them to it.

I'm not saying let's go all Chinese, but for an ancient society they have come up with some pretty profound systems.

What does America teach its kids? Don't ask. Religious fantasies (Zen would be better).

Vatic said...

Anonymous, do you mean this maybe satire? It may not be real??? I do not watch Fox News so I don't know who the reporters and anchors are. I would feel a lot better about this if it were satire. A lot better. LOL

Vatic said...

No, Angel Wing, you don't understand at all, not a clue. I did major research on these subjects and I have all the links and proofs in the world that you can access for free. Did you bother? Did you check out the MTV series??? Did you check out the interviews with rock artists and what they are forced to do to become a celebrity? They actually talk about it on the video's I have up unless they have been gutted.

Go do some real research and come back with links and support for what you have to say before showing us how very naive you are or are part of them, in either case you have no credibitiy on this issue. Sorry. I have dug to far down this rabbit hole to take your undocumemted word for anything. Sorry.

Angel Wings said...

You always come back to nasty attempts to brow-beat with that 'come back with proof and links' and talking to me about 'real research' -- implying only you have done 'real research' -- when I have already presented URLS that show the existence of an alternative vampire lifestyle -- that from what I saw of the video, Patrick Rodgers appears to be a vampire enthusiast, a member of the underground vampire scene and lifestyle himself.

And sorry -- i have dug deep and far down this rabbit hole to give you too much credence. Rather, it's amusing to see just how clamped shut your little mind really is. It's not 'multi-dimensional' the way you pretend it is -- rather it's simply CLAMPED SHUT like so many of your kind is.

That's o.k. I am well passed letting people like you get to me.

TRUTH -- as Zoraster himself taught is the cardinal concept of asa - which is highly NUANCED and only vaguely translatable - will plow over you regardless, like a tsunami and because TRUTH IS highly NUANCED, your self-congratulatory remarks on your alleged 'brilliancy' fails to understand it -- and asks questions of your readers 'what is the meaning of this video with Patrick Rodgers', and when you get an answer you attempt to twist what I say, then resort to brow-beating and other tactics.

You fail to comprehend a whole lot of things. It's quite amusing to see, really, 'how the heathen rage', so to speak. So don't bother to flail out asking me why I 'come here' in that case.

You have no particular credibility on ANY issue, frankly, seeing as how blind with hate, weaving that cloth of yours, you really are, Madame, and know not from whom and when it comes the boogy-man, the things that make you hate.

You are looking for the boogy-man under every rock, finding satantists/khazars/jews and Rothschilds. Yet cannot differentiate between these things -- and so cannot comprehend a simple thing like the underground culture of the vampire lifestyle which someone like Patrick Rodgers represents.

So don't talk to me about my 'credibiity', Madame.


Blue Rose

Vatic said...

Thats not true, you are not well past letting "people like me get to you". You overreact to people like me when we simply ask for proof of your meanders and undocumented and possibly uninformed opinions and then resort to claiming to being a "VICTIM" OF ABUSE, of those asking.

How hilarious. In doing this blog I have learned there are two types of commenters, those that genuinely seek truth because they "want to know" what is really going on and they Share proofs of their research with the blog in order to help inform others. You can always tell those by the fact they "ask questions", provide links to their opinions, suggest recommended readings, etc. Give info on websites to the issue at hand. In other words they contribute valuable info for others to follow up on for themselves. I have literally changed my mind as a result of their efforts and contributions.

Then, there are those who simply have a hard, concrete opinion of the structure of their world, and truth be damned. They simply want to make sure nothing interferes with that perception and if truth threatens anything they have rigidly hung onto, they begin the process of name calling, making outrageous assumptions, deflecting by calling the other person names and make assumptions about the other posters religion, and philosophy etc. without ever asking what those things are and ever providing evidence that such slander is true.

You can always spot them in those two categories and I suspect you know which one you fall into. The latter of course. I won't bore you with the evidence by quoting all those things I mention above in every single post you have made. Its almost been laughable, its so obvious.

You become this pooor victim who is browbeaten by the ugle big monster, etc etc etc etc.....WHO HAD THE TEMERITY TO ASK FOR LINKS AND PROOFS, AND NOT JUST UNWARRANTED AND UNREAL ASSUMPTIONS. LOL well, let me share one last insight with you about that and then I am done with this conversation since it contributes nothing to the big picture, ONLY TO your specific ego problems and that is not why I do this blog, so until you can "contribute" something other than you overvalued, uninformed opinion, then its ridiculous for us to continue down this path, sorry. Here is my final INSIGHT TO SHARE WITH YOU ABOUT YOUR VICTIMHOOD.


Vatic said...

Oh, my Gosh, I just saw your bottom line signature and you can't be Blue Rose? She is way into contributing and working with you and never makes assumptions about someones religion or positions on abortion which have never been discussed on the blog, she never name calls etc.

So who are you really??? Why did you use her name?