Lioness Trusts Man With Her Newborn Cubs

Lioness Trusts Man With Her Newborn Cubs
Mandie4321,  January 22, 2009

The ultimate trust between man and beast.

Vatic Note: Something light and happy for a change. I try to do this every sunday or sooner if it presents itself as this one did. So enjoy. This is up to show what we have been trying to say..... "THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN'T DO IF WE DECIDE." This proves it since there is no way this would or could happen if we were in the same space we have always been, but look at this man and FEEL THE LOVE HE HAS FOR THOSE CATS AND THEY FEEL FOR HIM TOO AND RESPOND. There is tons of proof of this condition in this universe and we know it too but on a subconscious level. WE MUST BRING THAT POWER UP TO THE CONSCIOUS LEVEL and be in that state as a way of life. Now because it works on Lions, is there anything it wont' work on??? Yes, psychopaths. However, when we are in our power they can't hurt us, but because we stepped out of our power they were able to hurt us, but we know this now and can "stop" any additional harm, and maybe have to fight to reverse harm already done. But you watch and decide if the analogy is appropriate.


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