Astrophysicists: Strong evidence gigantic 'Planet X' does exist

Vatic Note: Ok, that seals it..... that round object we have seen is not planet x after all. It may exist but its supposedly not in view.  I know....... yeah, its a death star made from the funding of "Star Wars", and that is what everyone is seeing.    lol   No matter what you believe there are some unanswered questions that need answering.   Like, how and why did Rockefeller and Gates decide to build a huge gargantuous seed bank and DNA bank?  Well, either its a real pole shift coming, a combination of real and magnetic pole shift, or its a plan to repopulate the planet after they kill us off.  Remember they are planning on some 6 billion people to die, by any number of ways.   False flag of a bioweapon,  a bogus stolen nuke or two, or just slow death by GMO seeds and toxic water.  Maybe that is why all these bills taking our life sustenance from our control and placing it in their hands.   I can't image we would seriously allow that to happen.   Who knows but they do know something.   They ordered milions of body bags and food packets about 10 days ago.  So keep an eye out for any of those possibilities.  I still think they are too crazy and chicken to do a false flag on us since we would know immediately who did it.  Then I wouldn't give a plug nickel for their future careers. The figure I read for the food was 14 Million, and in the millions for the body bags.  Very strange indeed..  

Astrophysicists: Strong evidence gigantic 'Planet X' does exist
by Terrence Aym, February 17, 2011

What's up to four times as big as Jupiter, is so distant that astronomers haven't been able to find it in more than 80 years, and is the stuff of legends and conspiracy theories?

"Planet X." A mystery object that most astronomers would rather not discuss. Whenever a discussion of the possibility that the massive planet exists does flare up, most astrophysicists and professional astronomers treat the subject with the same respect they give to UFOs.

But now some scientists think they have actually found the elusive Planet X. And if they have, many that have been debunking it for years are like to experience conniption fits.

Astrophysicists have compiled evidence that a gigantic gas giant—similar to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune—may be lurking at the very edge of the solar system in a region of space called the Oort Cloud.

The Cloud itself is huge-a sphere with a radius of six trillion miles that reaches one-quarter of the way to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri.

Astronomers have named the mammoth planet "Tyche" after the Greek goddess that ruled ancient cities fortunes. Each day that passes more of them believe the titanic world may truly exist.

One that thinks it does exist is Professor Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. During an interview with the Independent he stated that "If it does, [fellow astrophysicist Prof John Matese] and I will be doing cartwheels. And that's not easy at our age."

Whitmire believes the acquired observational data might be all that's needed to prove once an for all that Tyche does exist. He thinks it can be proven from analysis that will take less than two years.

The enthusiastic professor believes Tyche would be comprised mostly of hydrogen and helium gas. Taking an educated guess, he hypothesizes that it would be much like Jupiter, although magnitudes larger, and might well have spots, rings, and clouds. "You'd also expect it to have moons. All the outer planets have them."

If Tyche does exist, its orbit about the sun is many thousands of times more distant than Earth's orbit.

The Oort Cloud contains billions of objects including comets. Those far flung visors come zooming from the Cloud and enter the inner solar system to slingshot around the sun before whipping back out towards their home on the fringe of the solar system. For some time it's been hypothesized that the region may contain one or more gigantic planets.

The ancient Syrian legends of a planet they called "Nibaru" has fueled much speculation the last few decades amongst space enthusiasts and ancient astronaut believers that such a world enters our part of the system every several thousands of years causing destruction and terror before leaving.

Planet X is similar to Nibaru, but is not a rogue planet. It stays out on the fringes—in this case the Oort Cloud.

But it might still be potentially destructive. Some astronomers think a massive body like that changes the orbits of the comets and flings them out randomly towards the sun.

The comet connection is strong as both Whitmire and Matese deduced the existence of Tyche from the angle that comets were being ejected from the Cloud. Since 1898 about 20 percent of the comets that entered the system were higher above the ecliptic than expected.

If Tyche—Planet X—is real, then the debunkers will have to lick their metaphorical wounds. But then so will the starstruck Nibaru conspiracy buffs, because the gas giant won't be paying a visit to the vicinity of Earth anytime into the far distant future. It's staying put in the Cloud.

Tyche doesn't make house calls.
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Jammer said...

Well, something is rotten in Denmark...

On your blog for 2/18/2011 entitled "Sign of the Times -- The Dark Twin" I posted a link to this article:


I thought Planet Tychee was an observed and given fact from this article. So I specificallhy noted the last few letters of the url: DIyXE to make sure I got the right article and went back and just now looked at it again.

Now on the 2/18 blog I noted that "scientists have observed a slow acceleration of Planet Tychee towards Earth". So it appeared to me its existence was now all a given fact (as opposed to the above article that says it's still mere speculation).

I would not have come up with the idea of an "acceleration" of Tychee towards Earth, out of thin air, but got it DIRECTLY from DIyXE article.

Now, I find all mention of any kind of "acceleration" is omitted from the DIyXE url article.

This is the sort of thing that happens a lot and why I began to think everything on the internet is lies and disinformation.

I realize that Google and the internet are both run by the Khazars...but can they be this thorough in removing portions from articles -- or putting them in to begin with?

There is no point in even bothering to read any articles on the Internet if the Internet itself is a psyops operation of some sort.

Jammer said...

Oh ok. I relooked again for the fifth time or so and note the DIyXE article now says the NASA space telescope, Wise, is making observations and that Tychee may be given planet status depending on what it finds:

'Evidence gathered by the NASA space telescope, Wise, could prove that this gas giant is hidden in the outer Oort Cloud, the most remote part of the solar system.'

There is also a Clarification at the end of the article. So I see now that this is where they removed the 'acceleration towards Earth' part I read:

'Clarification: According to a NASA spokesperson, it is still too early to definitively tell if Wise data confirms or rules out the object in the Oort cloud. After data is collected for a few years, the hypothesis that Tyche exists will be tested. Some language from the original post has been modified accordingly.'

I guess it just doesn't pay to believe anything anymore, especially upon a first reading. Wait-and-see is about the best thing to do concerning everything these days.

Vatic said...

Boy, do I agree with you. But if you notice, I say constantly we are on our own. The information is available but we have to be discerning and verify. YOu did that and I would stick with what you verified. I believe they pull these articles when they see us sending them around because they do not want us to know what is coming.

Why? Because if we know about this, then we have nothing to lose to go after the bankers who are doing this and they can't afford it since there are so few of them. That is exactly why I believe they pull these. It would not have been up there in the first place had it not had validity. So trust yourself and understand this is now tough times and no one is going to be able to feed you truth without you do some work on the receiving end of it. I put that up to let everyone what is being said.

I also speculated that they have a death star up there, so now they have to decide which of those two pieces of conflicting information they want out there. ITS ALL JUST A GAME, BUT OUR CHANCES AT TRUTH ARE EXTREMELY BETTER ON THE NET THAN ON MSM CONTROLLED PRESS.

AS WE HVE LEARNED "NOTHING WE WERE TAUGHT IS AS IT SEEMED..... ITS ALL BEEN A HUGE HOAX AND LIE". So now we get to begin over again to build the world we want. Hang in there and don't give up.

Vatic said...

Jammer, just checked my map for hits and guess what? I think there is something to this article and to the fact this planet is on the way, because I got massive hits from WA DC and Israel. I never get hits from Israel. So take that for what its worth. Its all we have to deduce the truth.

Vatic said...

OOps or they are checking on the fact that I said it was a giant death star they created with all that star wars money. If that is the case then maybe they are going to do a false flag PRETENDING Planet X is here. Just keep digging and digging and you know as I do eventually the truth does show up.

Anonymous said...

Planet X definitely exists, but I think we should be more worried about the Superwave which is accellorating towards us. Dr Paul LaViolette talks to Project Camelot about it but Pane Andov thoroughly covers what is about to happen to our sun when it hits and in turn the effect this will have on earth. He also explains the meaning of the genuine crop circles which have been trying to warn us of this superwave for years. This information has really really resonated with me and I hope anyone reading this will look into the work of Pane Andov.

Anonymous said...

You have been linked from a page from the BNP website discussing Ashkenazi Jews. Perhaps your guests from Israel may have come from this route.

Anonymous said...

Apols, not the BNP website but a blog on TheBritishResistance.co.uk site.

Jammer said...

Yes, you are right about that -- if we knew the truth (of just about anything really) we'd have nothing left to lose but to go after the bankers.

In fact this was the THEME of the movie '2012' which was on Directv.

Let me just say, this movie was thoroughly idiotic with its plot. The graphics of catasrophes was pretty good, but that's about it.

The movie covered a lot of angles of conspiracy theory (earth crust displacement due to particles or something from the Sun suddenly acting like microwaves and heating up the Earth's core, space ships being secretly built, and Mayan prophecy, worldwide tsunamis).

Woody Harrelson plays Charlie Frost, a scientist disguised as a Yellowstone hermit who explains the Mayan 2012 legends to Jackson Curtis, an average guy trying to save his family.

Now Frost said the government knew what was coming and was secretly preparing on its own. It didn't want to tell the people because panic and chaos would ensue all over the world.

A moral dilemma here, I guess. What to do about the population since the whole population cannot fit onto a space craft (which was really a gigantic ark, two actually). Since there would be nothing the population could do to protect itself, the question was, what would be the point of telling them?

On one level this made sense, but I got a strongly sickly feeling that something is really known higher up -- we are just not being told about it.

Kinda scary, really.

I didn't understand why there was such emphatic emphasis by the government on a portion of humanity being saved so that civilization could go on. I just didn't see why. In all these kinds of movies there's always this emphasis on a portion of humanity being saved. I just don't see why.

How nice for the portion that might survive...but what does it do for the rest of us to know that and then die?

Vatic said...

Jammer, I think its bogus. They have spent billions if not trillions of dollars on star wars since the early 80's and we have never been told what they are building up there. I believe its a death star about the size of a planet.

I think they intend to use it to pretend we are being invaded and then we will agree to globalize when the aliens demand it..... can you see the picture now??? Talk about fantasy!!!!

Do not panic, this is all manufactured for our consumption so we will go out of down right anger and mire ourselves in fear. DO NOT BUY INTO IT. Anger leads to action, fear leads to helplessness. GET DAMN GOOD AND MAD AT THEM. That is the first step into a healthy reaction that would be considered normal.

Jammer said...

When you say death star, what do you mean? Are you talking about some sort of apparatus that can project huge laser images of alien crafts that can be seen from Earth?

This, of course, would be part of Project Bluebeam. Combine this with weather-changing technologies and HAARP technologies that induce earthquakes -- kind of like earth crust displacement -- to strike chaos and fear into the populations, then the entire scenario of Bluebeam seems a possibility, though somewhat farfetched. I mean *they* will have assuredly crossed a line into a new Paradigm altogether, allowing the populations to believe alien contact has indeed be made, and showing them to use visibly.

They (worldwide governments) would have to then consider these aliens as part of EVERYTHING they (the world's governments) do henceforth, not to mention what it will do to worldwide religions. As much as I'd love to see a grand Light Show, I rather doubt the government would go as far as to induce so radical a New Paradigm -- but then maybe this is why Dec. 21, 2012 has entered the mass consciousness.

I wanted to also mention in the movie 2012, in the beginning of it, they show that inexplicably large cracks began to open up in the ground in California. Some cracks ran through a supermarket, one in a street, people were killed because these cracks were rather large.

Right after seeing that movie I received an email from a news source about a large crack in the earth suddenly appearing in Lima, Peru. You can read about it here:




Straight out of 2012 the movie. Kinda weird.

The only thing in the first article I didn't understand was this:

"...but what is clear is that the ground opened up and large blocks of earth can be observed scattered throughout the area."

If a crack opened up in the earth, how would it be possible for large blocks of earth to have scattered themselves throughout the area?

But one thing I did notice:

When I goggled "earth crack opens up in Peru", ALL the usual suspects -- the conspiracy websites -- had the story.

The only legitimate-sounding source I could find offhand was the first link from the livinginperu website, and that story was too brief.

I'm beginning to suspect conspiracy theory type websites and religious apocalypse/end times type websites, are the ones putting out lies and disinformation.

If you google like I did -- all you will see are these conspiracy theory and fundamental religious type websites coming up. I am doubting even the livinginperu.com is legitimate.

And if lies and disinformation are so mixed into what actually might be news, how is one to discern which is which?

Really messed up.

Vatic said...

Jammer, these are very good questions you pose and this is where "The power of our mind" and the "heart as brain" comes in which is why they are afraid of us. Truth has a resonance....seriously it does. When you are unable to trust any of your institutions to tell you the truth, then you have to rely on your "Gut feel" until further information is obtained.

I am sure you have noticed the difference between my writings when I am fully aware of what the truth is and when its still unclear. But in both cases I leave my mind open and trust today even more than before, my gut about it and by golly down the road its been right. Very few things were not as I had felt they were.

We have no other choice at all. Its that or believe nothing you read and that is just as bad.

For instance, you wondered about that movie, well, for some reason the satanists religion requires they tell us in advance what they plan on doing to us and always they tell us through movies, so I would not discard that movie too soon. Something in that movie is the truth. You just have to figure which part of it. I have not seen it because I am quite sure they intended it to scare us and put us in fear and that is when our power does not work. fear is the mind killer.

kaesem said...

Werner von Braun has said the last two cards played will be the terrorist and alien invasion before he died in the 1970's. They are still trying to milk the terrorism card by trying to switch from Al Queda to the Muslim Brotherhood, without much success in my opinion.
Additionally, in my opinion, the motive for doing just that would be trying to bilk Defense Contracts for more money than even the Banks and enforcing the NWO.

GirlTropix said...

My observation over the years is that movies are used to condition the human race to concepts that otherwise might cause panic. They introduced us to UFO's and visitors thru Close Encounters of the 3rd kind. Friendly visitors thru ET. Then visitors among us with Mork and Mindy, Men in Black and such. All conditioning us for the fact that they already live among us.

Hybrid species isn't just a theory.. its supported by fact. Different species cannot interbreed with out using drugs to prevent the mothers body from killing the fetus. They use drugs to mask the fetus to breed Lions and Tigers together. They use shots to allow humans with Rh negative blood type to have babies with those with positive blood types.Rh- means negative existence of the gene found tied to the evolution from primate. Rh- means - no monkey gene.People who have Rh- blood type are a different species than those with positive blood type. Well know fact that is kept under wraps. Ever wonder why you have to take a blood test when you get married? That's why.I know because I'm Rh-.

Continuing on... when "they" thought an asteroid might hit... the movie "Armageddon" and others came out. Now the 2012 issue is being hammered into the general public's minds. For the better part of 8 months in the beginning of this years there was endless shows about all the 2012 theories. Endless survival shows. Man vs Wild etc. dozens of shows quietly teaching people what to expect and how to survive under extreme conditions. We have been taught how to survive- weather or not we ever realized it.

That's how I learned that in a destroyed how- you need only to find steel wool under a kitchen sink- the 9 volt battery from a smoke detector- fluf the steel wool- and with a gloved hands- rub steel wool with the battery to start a nice little fire.

Are you all aware of the 800 detainment camps they built all over America- linked by railroad tracks. These camps can hold over a million people. This is a fact- my dad's friend worked building the tracks that connected the camps. He saw all of it. Its good thinking really- think about the mass looting that occurs following natural disaster- if your going to arrest several thousand people- you need somewhere to put them and an economic way to transport them.