UPDATE: Prominent Oil Industry Insider: "There's Another Leak, Much Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away"

Vatic Note: Here we go again, watch this video and then read the article. We have a problem. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE NOT IN JAIL. Why are we not totally OUTRAGED at all of this.  We are not professionals and we have more than enough evidence of either criminal intent or criminal negligence if you want to give them a break, which I do not. This reminds me of the criminal bailouts and the fraud that was associated with it the night before Lehman bros declared insolvency. This is beyond my comprehension how we can not be up in arms over this lack of justice now pervading our entire system. Read the saying below here about what happens to a nation when Justice is ignored.

What this does clearly hightlight without a doubt :  THIS IS WHAT WE CAN EXPECT WITHOUT EXCEPTION WITH A GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER RUN BY THESE SAME CRIMINAL ELEMENTS  THAT NOW PERVADE OUR NATION.  Britian should be heartily ashamed of what they have wrought once again against this planet and it shows why they must never be allowed to dominate anything on this globe, must less this nation or any other commonwealth nation.  Maybe its time for the commonwealth to secede regardless of what it takes.   

Prominent Oil Industry Insider: "There's Another Leak, Much Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away"


Submitted by George Washington on 05/27/2010 16:27 -0500
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Matt Simmons was an energy adviser to George W. Bush, is an adviser to the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, and is a member of the National Petroleum Council and the Council on Foreign Relations. Simmon is chairman and CEO of Simmons & Company International, an investment bank catering to oil companies.

Simmons told Dylan Ratigan that "there's another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles away" from the leaking riser and blowout preventer shown on the underwater cameras:


MSNBC: Matt Simmons: There's another leak much bigger..............

I have no idea whether or not Simmons is right. The government should immediately either debunk or admit his claim.

If accurate, the bigger leak could have been caused by the destruction of the well casing when the oil rig exploded. That is Simmons' theory.

Or it could be caused by a natural oil seep, although the odds of a seep of that size occurring right around the time of the Deep Horizon disaster is nearly zero.

There is another possibility.

It is well-known that there were previous accidents at the Deepwater Horizon rig. For example, as AP notes:

From 2000 to 2010, the Coast Guard issued six enforcement warnings and handed down one civil penalty and a notice of violation to Deepwater Horizon, agency records show.

On 18 different occasions during that period the Coast Guard cited the vessel for an "acknowledged pollution source."

And as 60 Minutes reports:

[Mike Williams, the chief electronics technician on the Deepwater Horizon, and one of the last workers to leave the doomed rig] said they were told it would take 21 days; according to him, it actually took six weeks.

With the schedule slipping, Williams says a BP manager ordered a faster pace.

"And he requested to the driller, 'Hey, let's bump it up. Let's bump it up.' And what he was talking about there is he's bumping up the rate of penetration. How fast the drill bit is going down," Williams said.

Williams says going faster caused the bottom of the well to split open, swallowing tools and that drilling fluid called "mud."

"We actually got stuck. And we got stuck so bad we had to send tools down into the drill pipe and sever the pipe," Williams explained.

That well was abandoned and Deepwater Horizon had to drill a new route to the oil. It cost BP more than two weeks and millions of dollars.

"We were informed of this during one of the safety meetings, that somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 million was lost in bottom hole assembly and 'mud.' And you always kind of knew that in the back of your mind when they start throwing these big numbers around that there was gonna be a push coming, you know? A push to pick up production and pick up the pace," Williams said.

Asked if there was pressure on the crew after this happened, Williams told Pelley, "There's always pressure, but yes, the pressure was increased."

But the trouble was just beginning: when drilling resumed, Williams says there was an accident on the rig that has not been reported before. He says, four weeks before the explosion, the rig's most vital piece of safety equipment was damaged.

It is therefore possible that there has been another ongoing leak which BP has tried to cover up.

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Sailing Stones said...

Stop all the costs of the war stupid and fix those leaks. The war there is not a series of fictitious terrorist. We need a government that represents the people. Our government is just a front hand puppet, literally, just a bunch of money grubbing, henchmen to bid high to avoid.

Vatic said...

I agree and how do we make our case and remove such a government? I suggested a citizens empaneled grand jury which clearly outlines the protected right in the Constitution, but the PTB state it must be the prosecutor who decides and that is not what the constitution says.

So, if we empanel a Grand jury and indict them then maybe we can force the prosecutor to take it to trial. Its the only way within the system otherwise its the hard way and the seriously life threatening way. Frankly, I am so sick of their perversion (who would intentionally blowup the gulf and kill every living thing? Only perverts and devil worshippers, sabbateans) that I am now willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES AND WHATEVER THE COST TO RID US OF THEM.