The Satanic Origins Of Communism Exposed

Vatic Note:  Henry Makow also covers this subject very well, with the exception of his coverage of Hillary and Bernie Sanders.   What he describes on the origins of communism, is pretty standard fare, but he does go after the left and blames them for the wars, genocides, and occult.  His attacking Bernie Sanders simply hints to me that he is selling the  cabals candidate that they need to win, by berating her opponent and thus ensuring she gets the nomination.  After that we get to watch the GOP also controlled by the cabal, play their games.

They have a bigger problem on the right, in that Trump is popular on both left and right, as well as with independents.    Yet, the slander continues on him as well.   I believe they planned on Trump doing well, but then the GOP nomination would go to one of the cabals solid minions like Bush or Rubio, and that would force Trump to run as an independent or unaffiliated and if that ends up being the case, it would split the GOP vote and ensure Hillary's win.  In order to stop that,  Trump has to be the GOP candidate.

Having said all that, he does cover how Satanism did play a big part in the rise of communism, which is turning into fascism where ever it is encountered.  He is also right about the history of genocide and how the socialist/communists were the biggest group of genocide advocates.   Lets remember who was responsible for the take over of Russia by the Khazars?  It was the international bankers, who are Rothschild Khazars, and then the Illuminati got involved.   This is worth a listen.  Then you decide.

The Satanic Origins Of Communism Exposed
Published by Info Wars, Alex Jones,  on Feb 12, 2016

Alex Jones goes in-depth on the origins of the Illuminati and how it was created to subvert and destroy humanity.

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