Cynthia McKinney: The US Mainstream Media Has Been Legally Authorized to LIE to You

Vatic Note:   The reason Cynthia is out of office, is because her subcommittee tried to dig into who really did 9-11 and because she exposed the money and influence the khazars of Israel use on our elected officials in return for funding their election campaigns.

The Rothschild, khazar bankers went after her immediately  by finding a  new candidate to run against her in her primary and then financing them to the hilt which insured her loss in the primary.   Hows that for courage to stand for what you believe in and now you know why we have so few like her in public office.

We definitely need a massive housecleaning and better restrictions on foreign countries, through pacs, financing our elections.  Its definitely time to clean house and Senate, as well as the Presidency.

Cynthia McKinney: The US Mainstream Media Has Been Legally Authorized to LIE to You
Published by IWB, Investment Watch,  on Nov 27, 2015
In a quick interview, Cynthia reminds the audience that U.S. Courts have given the U.S. media permission to knowingly lie to the public. Recommends going directly to the source as much as is possible for more information. 

For more information, please see the Project Censored Story on the Court decision here: http://www.projectcensored.org/11-the...

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