Pro-Israel Lobby Shudders as Bernie Sanders Beats Clinton and Threatens Neocons in Washington and Wall Street

Vatic Note:  I did not know Bernie was Jewish and yet, he has gone against netanyahu, and against the various invasions in the middle east.   Remember, we did a blog on how Israel soldiers were sniping at American soldiers hoping to blame the sniper killings on the Iraqi's.  I would also read the comments on that blog, as they were revealing as well.

As much as the trolls wanted this to go away, they worked hard to try, but Instead, Israel got outted as the soldiers who were killing our soldiers when they were suppose to be our allies.   Now this article below,  shows just how deep into our candidates, the khazars are.  That includes both parties, not just the left or right, but both.  So, outsiders are preferred by average citizens who are NOT professional politicians. Most Americans no longer "TRUST" any of our institutions since we have been told so many lies and distortions.  Thats why Trump looked so attractive.

You must read and decide for yourselves whether Bernie is as he professes.  I know for a fact that Hitlary is completely controlled by the khazars as was her husband, but now we have a chance to stop it.  But first we best find out about Khazar control over the non cabal candidates.   Are they truly independant?  You read and decide.   I am currently suspicious of "Global Research", but again, you decide.

Pro-Israel Lobby Shudders as Bernie Sanders Beats Clinton and Threatens Neocons in Washington and Wall Street


Bernie Sanders is a self-declared Democratic Socialist who believes that the US middle class and the working families who produce the wealth of America, deserve a decent standard of living. 

He believes that international trade agreements as written by corporate America, Wall Street and the political lobbyists, have been a disaster for the American worker.  He advocates comprehensive financial reforms that will focus on income and wealth inequality.
Sanders was a strong opponent of the US invasion of Iraq and the misconceived Bush ‘war on terror’. He is a strong advocate for a two-state solution in the Palestine-Israel conflict. This means that he is opposed to the right-wing extremist policies of the Netanyahu Likud government and its agenda of illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories. Mr Sanders is no fan of Binyamin Netanyahu and, therefore, no fan of AIPAC, the Israel lobby.
He advocates a crackdown on police brutality and bold action to reverse global warming.  Bernie Sanders describes himself as a secular Jew and is proud to be Jewish. His wife is Roman Catholic. They believe that they cannot turn their backs on the suffering of other people. That is not Judaism or Roman Catholicism and he has denounced institutional racism.
The result in New Hampshire is a defence for an American democracy that has for too long been hijacked by the powerful lobbies for Israel and other vested interests.

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