Cynthia McKinney: How I Became Pro 2nd Amendment

Vatic Note:   Then people wonder why I believe we will win this battle of control over our nations and ourselves.  We will because the powers that be have absolutely no idea about human perception, ideals and behaviors.  This below proves it.  Who, in their right mind, would turn a major liberal into a gun ownership supporter?

If the PTB are doing that to Cynthia, can you imagine how many other liberals are out there considering doing the same thing, because of the actions of the illums/PTB???  This is so typical of these illums since they are basically psychopaths, in that they try to manipulate us, but use tools that turn us more against them than toward them.  Now, how smart is that?   And they call the Goyim "STUPID"?  Hah. Compared to this kind of actions on their part, we are geniuses and I say "So Be It!!!!"

Cynthia McKinney: How I Became Pro 2nd Amendment
Published by Cynthia McKinney on Apr 9, 2014
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Cynthia goes off on a host of issues including informants, Homeland Security,
CO-INTEL PRO The Secret of Obama Care and she does so on the Alex Jones Show.

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