Indonesia Hoax – Pyrotechnic Fireworks Device Explodes Killing Crisis Actors

Vatic Note:  Talk about the ultimate screw up, this one is it and it has cost people their lives.  I have always said that these khazars are geniuses when it comes to strategy, but suck big time when it comes to execution.  They get caught every time on all their false flags.   I can't think of a single one that has worked.

In saying that, an idea hit my head...... what if this was done by the Khazars on purpose because every other false flag with bogus movie production deaths has been  exposed, with not one exception.  With real deaths than no one would question the validity of the event.   That seems the most probably explanation since so many died.

Once again they are blaming the poor Muslims who have done nothing to us, and yet they suffer tremendous slander by these Khazars, who hate just about everyone, both Christians, Muslims, causasians, and real semitic Jews.

To be able to do this with not one ounce of guilt, compassion or humanity simply brings us back to the fact that these creatures (Khazars) have no souls or spirit from which to operate and that makes them extremely dangerous and  very good reason to fight their globalizing agenda.   I can't imagine the world they would create after having absolute control over the entire planet.   Who could imagine such evil....???

Indonesia Hoax – Pyrotechnic Fireworks Device Explodes Killing Crisis Actors
By Admin,  No Disinfo,  January 24, 2016 

What were two petty criminals doing on the streets of Indonesia, in fact, the main street of the Sarinah intersection, hoaxing it up before the whole world? They had, apparently, just been released from prison, one of them some three months prior, on early parole. Was it all just in time for the hoax arch-fake terror attack?
There can be no doubt about the fact that they were not dealing with real high-explosives and/or actual suicide vests, contrary to what is popularly advertised by the Zionists. That alone is a clue to the falsehoods. Here is the type of devastation which would be expected from an actual murderous bombing, where some 40 people were killed and wounded in Syria:

Here is another view, the char being clearly evident from the detonation of the high explosive:

Notice the edge of the road. The Zionists and their collaborators committed a real, obvious act of terror, placing an IED, at which they are masters, at the edge of the road and then detonating it for maximum effect: that is maximum death and injury.

Indonesia was “struck with terror,” right, absolutely: sure it was.


It was all smoke and mirrors, Zionist-style, make no mistake about it. Yet, the Indonesia ‘security’ had their assistants as collaborators of the fraud, such as this apparently Anglo-style mercenary; notice the backward slant of the forehead.


Why is he so carefully masked? What does he have to hide? Was he one of the snipers firing shots from above? Who in the world believes he is an Indonesian? Moreover, why isn’t he looking to the danger area and is instead looking backwards towards the camera?

Clearly, at one point the crisis actors were setting off smoke bombs. Nothing happened with these. No one was hurt. Regardless, there was no one anywhere near them.
As well, smoke bombs were set-off by the Zionist-trained Indonesian security forces, likely in collaboration with their US mercenary associates:


The propped up ‘militants’ may not have set off these bombs. Nor did they place in the middle of the road what appear to be dapper cadaver dummies. These mere smoke bombs were let loose exclusively by the security services or at least under their control.
Just doing their job as appointed, they set off a few smoke bombs in their close proximity. No one is doing anything about it. They can let off bomb after bomb, and no one approaches them, despite the fact that the entire area is crawling with security.

In close proximity are two entities that appear as if bodies. It is not possible that they are dead people. All the dead have been accounted for. Thus, they are most likely merely staged entities: mere dapper cadavers.


They keep fiddling around with their smoke bombs, preparing to set off another one. No one shoots at them or takes them out, because they are a strategic part of the hoax. They are not taking cover and are just going about the task: fully “under control.”


The man, left screen, then grabs for an item out of the back-pack. It can be seen that he drags on it, pulls on it. That’s when it explodes.


As he pulls, then, there is the blast:


It was here that, presumably, there was a nail and shrapnel bomb, also purportedly set by these men. There is no evidence for the setting of any such bomb. Though this is mere fireworks-style pyrotechnics, that is irrelevant. To be this close to such an explosive device can readily lead to fatality: to those in the immediate blast zone.
Even so, there was only a minimal blast zone, right in the immediate path of the explosive blast, which was highly temporary, causing no fire or distant damage. The damage was done in the immediate vicinity. It was sufficient to blow out the tire of the car and cause warping, even ripping, of the metal frame.

This is a massive fireworks-type blast, one that surely wasn’t intended by the victims. It is sufficiently powerful to cause death: by suffocation, by blast injury within the lungs, where all the oxygen is sucked out and the victims die of oxygen starvation; plus, inhalation of the blast dust can cause fatality due to collapse of the lungs.

Since it is pyrotechnic, it is not sufficiently powerful to blast off limbs.


Here they are in the immediate aftermath of this blast. The people taking the image are heart to clap, also saying, “They blew themselves up; they blew themselves up.” These men are supposed to be Afif Sunakin and of all things Muhammad Ali. Both were supposedly ID’d by their fingerprints “found in the Starbucks parking lot.”

As well, the blast can be seen from another direction. From the dress at this distance it appears that the man seen in the bottom of the image is an Indonesian official agent:


Why did no one shoot and incapacitate them before the pyrotechnic blast? It would have been easy to do.

Here they are in clear HD-imagery, apparently deceased from blast injury.


Notice the blast damage to the car, sufficient to tear it. This is sufficient power to cause human fatality.

It is said that at least one of them was shot in the head, even shot multiple times by unloading multiple cartridges. Where is the evidence for any such bullet-induced death? Rather, it looks like he died from the blast, this man supposedly named Muhammad Ali.

attacker 2

It is all so twisted, so false. They did not blow themselves purposely. From their actions it was an accident. Was a deadly bomb purposely supplied for this purpose, for the patsies to kill their own selves? It appears that they detonated it themselves, but not for suicidal purposes.

He’s a militant, though, and so the objective has been met, and somehow this non-Muslim appearing man morphed into an Islamic militant. Moreover, while it is said he was in prison previously because of “terrorism” charges, to claim he is a Muslim person who is performing acts of Islaamic terror is a real, extreme stretch.

If he was such a dangerous terrorist, why did armed police let him roam about, doing nothing to stop him: not until he set off plenty of pyrotechnic bombs some time later:

There were plenty of cops about that could have reacted, could have shot him down. Nothing was done against him to the least. No one even attempted to tackle. Yet, there are no images of any kind showing that he actually shot anyone.

The soon to be dead back-pack men are roaming about, right among a number of photographers. The man in the road has apparently been shot dead, possibly by a Zionist sniper. Soon, his body will adopt the following posture:


The pyrotechnic blast canister, that is its remains, can be seen at the man’s feet. Was the death intentional, that is by the man’s handlers? Clearly, this man died from blast damage as a result of the detonation of the pyrotechnic device.


Next to him is another body, below him yet another:

The mangled back-pack is still there, still full of pyrotechnics. If there was an actual bomb risk, then, these men would not be allowed to do this. That would be the domain of the bomb squad. Moreover, those gloves won’t do them a bit of good if those bombs were to go off.

Notice the degree of the flash-bomb. If these all were volatile explosives, the entire back-pack-full would have detonated, causing a massive degree of damage.

fakebombsmokecanister fakebomb

It’s not much of a bomb, as it cannot cause any degree of major damage to streets, trees, cars, or even human bodies. Moreover, it was blown apart and still didn’t detonate.

This is a fire charge based on magnesium and sulfur. It would be dangerous to let one-off right in front of your body. Even smoke grenades, known as flashbangs, can be dangerous:

Even flashbangs are dangerous:

Update on accidental flash bang death of Fred Thornton (SWAT team member)


No matter what the Zionist-controlled press claims these are not suicide bombs, suicide vests, or powerful home-made bombs but are, rather, pyrotechnic devices with likely a few fake home-made ‘pipe’ bombs. Perhaps one of those bombs was detonated at the small police station; there is no evidence one way or the other.


Notice the similarity of the two short, stubby drums in these images.
A pyrotechnic grenade seen below:

Other pyrotechnics seen, here:

Were smoke bombs let loose for effect against these bodies? Just how did these people die like this in the middle of the street?

Why will no one do anything to help them or see to their removal? After all, it is well established that no one is afraid of dangerous bombs.

How did these glass panes get so cleanly blown out? Where pyrotechnic devices used here as well?

Rather than a real terror attack by a Muslim group this is a hoax, a scam, to a degree a false flag attack with real fatalities. How in the world Islaam can be held culpable is unfathomable, seeing that the responsibility for the act has been claimed by the Israelis. Moreover, clearly, these men did not intend to blow themselves up but, rather, this occurred either as an accident or intentionally by those who placed them in this role.

It’s the old saying, it’s just not how it appears: or maybe it is, upon careful analysis.


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