Cameron Confesses: Britain Backing Terrorists in Syria

Vatic Note:  Lets remember who is running Britain right now.   Its the khazars, Rothschild, using the khazar migrated royalty of Britain.  We did a blog where Prince Charles admitted he was descended from the Romanian line of Val the Impaler, better known as "Count Dracula", which is the same line from Khazars who migrated into eastern Europe.

The royalty of Britain were originally Germans, and Rothschild was originally named "Bauer", but were money changers in  east German early on and had a red shield over their door, which translates into German as "Rothschild" and that name stuck.  Those are the Khazar bankers early on in German History.  British Royalty changed their German name into Windsor so they sounded more British.

Now this below, is a deception once again to fool us into thinking Britain is against these khazars trying to take over the oil fields of the middle east.  In this highly convoluted admission,  Cameron neglects to tell us the role Britain has played in the support both militarily and financially, of ISIS which is an Israeli creation in order to "control" the opposition and discredit it.

He is admitting to supporting "moderate" terrorists or rebels, depending on where you sit, but yet neglects to admit their role in supporting ISIS that was created, funded, trained and armed by these deceptive khazars in order to gain control over the middle east and all the oil and gas fields.  Its getting to where we can believe no one in power anymore.   That is why Trump is doing so well in the polls.  People are sick and tired of all the lies and deceptions being thrown at them.   If you are going to lie, at least make it believable. 

Cameron Confesses: Britain Backing Terrorists in Syria

Cameron invented 70,000 moderate rebels, pulled the figure out of thin air


As big a liar as Tony Blair or George Bush, at least working at it
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Contrary to his prior claims, British Prime Minister David Cameron is saying “there aren’t enough” so-called “moderate” Syrian rebel fighters to work with against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, admitting  some partners belong to hardline Islamist groups.
“Are all these people impeccable democrats who would share the view of democracy that you and I have? No, some of them do belong to Islamist groups and some of them belong to relatively hard line Islamist groups but nonetheless that’s the best estimate of the people that we have potentially to work with,” Cameron told the Liaison Committee, according to The Independent newspaper.
In the run-up to Britain’s bombing of ISIS in Syria last month, which came in response to the November attacks in Paris, Cameron claimed there were approximately 70,000 such rebels in Syria on the ground whom they could work with.
He stressed it “wasn’t a figure I invented” but was a “best estimate” based on what security sources were telling him. Britain is allied with the US on insisting that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad must step down.
Cameron also said he is reluctant to specify the groups who he believes Britain can work with, since he believes doing so would be the same as “giving President Assad a sort of list of the groups of the people and potentially the areas that he should be targeting, and that’s not my approach.”
Britain and the US are desperately in search of a force powerful enough to present an alternative in Syria to Assad and ISIS, both of whom the Washington and London oppose (although they have only taken action against ISIS).
“Is there a third way between a Daesh-style (ISIS) state and President Assad the butcher remaining in charge of his country?” Cameron asked, “My answer,” he continued, “is there has to be a third way.”

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