BLM Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes And Imprisoning Ranchers... Paid For With YOUR Tax Dollars!

Vatic Note:   This blog and the next one are seriously tied together and a must read together, so we can see the scope of the work being done to bring us down and the only solution to stop it is in the one after this blog.  Lets remember, it was in the 80's that these khazar bankers went after our farmers, and ended up, through our politicians in transferring our source of food from our own people, who were farmers, here,  to South America and corporate agrifarms, so now they are going after our ranchers at the same time, just like they have done in the past.  WHY???  

Is it to poison our food supply in a soft kill effort to depopulate us???  We are the only ones that can change this from a soft kill situation to a hard kill, where they take the same risk we do.  Otherwise, its just them murdering us, using weapons of mass destruction that only they control.

Is it to avoid government oversight on what is in our food?  GMO seeds?  Pesticides?  Processing with chemicals that devalue the food component and thus contribute to disease and shortened life spans???  Is it part of the depopulation plan?  Lots of questions with no answers.  One thing is certain..... the BLM is definitely committing crimes that have jail time as sentencing.  We need to get on the phone and let our reps and senators know THAT WE KNOW AND THEIR ROLE IN IT. 

Now add to that, the desperation required to stop all these acts against our ranchers, that states are going to have to step in and rid us of the Feds now controlled by these khazar bankers to bring us down.  What other reason could there be for these acts listed below???  

And further, what has changed that makes the powers that be confident that they can continue these actions against our own people? These not only violate our protected God given rights, but are actually criminal in their actions.   They should be arrested, tried and if convicted punished to the max extent of the law.

BLM Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes And Imprisoning Ranchers... Paid For With YOUR Tax Dollars!

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Federal Bureau of Land Management is destroying property, terrorizing American families and torturing and burning live cattle to death. Two of Hammond men are being sent away for 5 years on terrorism charges because they did maintenance on the grazing land. ~ Video

Help Ammon Bundy expose the BLM. Follow Ammon’s channel for more updates… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Jc…

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