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In case you haven't noticed more and more edicts are coming from the United Nations that are being approved by our sovereignly elected reps and President, so the transfer to the global fascists is well underway, especially when the TPP trade agreement is finalized, since that transfers our rights under the Constitution, over to the corporations at the highest levels and the Khazar bankers who own those corporations, take over control of the globe.  

I consider these blogs some of the most important blogs I have ever done, so please ponder them carefully, since it truly does contain the big picture and many admissions by the powers that be. 

Cell phone antennas blamed for kindergarten cancer cases - Chicago Tribune -
Uploaded on Feb 3, 2010

5:27 p.m. CST, January 8, 2010

BAYVILLE, N.Y. (WPIX) - A lawsuit is set to be filed Monday alleging that the cancer afflicting students and teachers of a Bayville school is caused by the dozens of cell phone antennas attached to a nearby water tower.

Three young students of Bayville Primary School have already died of leukemia and many more are sick.

"We believe as much as 30 percent of the teachers, administrative staff and employees have been diagnosed with some type of illness, cancer, leukemia and things of that nature," said Attorney Andrew Campanelli.

A brief email to WPIX from the school district denies Campanelli's statement.

However, the cell phone antennas are a painful reminder for Beverly Pacifico, whose son Mitchell, a student at Bayville, recently won a painful two-year battle with leukemia.

"My son went through 102 weeks of chemotherapy," Pacifico said. His leukemia has been in remission for the past two years.

Bayville is a public school, and those parents in the district without the financial means to enroll their child in a private school face a terrible decision.

Madeleine Parrin, whose requests to transfer her children to neighboring public schools were denied, said, "It kills me every day when I drop them off or send them on the bus to go to that school."

The lawsuit seeks to have the antennas removed, citing a village law that states that public property near a school or within a mile of residences cannot be used for profit. The cell phone antennas bring $200 thousand annually to the village coffers.

So far, the mayor of Bayville has not returned phone calls from WPIX.

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