Vatic Note: Have any of you seen the size of the sun and felt the heat and seen the chemtrail dumpings to cool down our atmosphere?  We published a blog last year showing that the snow that was chemtrail dumped was patented.  It was used as a coolant for the atmosphere, to counter the heat produced by the superlarge body that is the twin sun to our own, its hot but not ignited as of yet.  This event happens every 3,600 years. Lets not forget that Rothschild bought the weather station so he now controls the weather news.

Its suppose to be traveling further away from the earth and thus getting smaller than when it is here during the summer, yet, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. I know that we have all been unindated with enormous amount of info about Nibiru, or the dark star, and its planets or moons, but this presentation is at a calibre greater than most of the others, so it is worth the listen and watch.  This can be checked out by anyone, using the coordinates and visiting Google sky yourselves.
After watching and listening to numerous Utubes and blogs on this subject,  I chose a select few to present to you that appears to clarify better than most of the others and to treat it more scientifically than fearfully .  STAY OUT OF FEAR, SINCE IT IS THE MIND KILLER.  If you accept this is true, then simply begin to prepare. Try to see this as a "We sure do live in interesting times."

I appreciate this man's apology, but it is not necessary.   TRUTH IS TRUTH, and the information has no emotional affect, rather HOW WE VIEW IT IS WHAT TRIGGERS THE EMOTIONS.  If we just view all of this with interest and a commitment to keeping an open mind, and keep the info handy, in case its verified by other sources, then we can pull it and realize truth when we see it, without all the attending fear that goes with it.
If anyone gets scared then they need to see why and that is an "INTERNAL JOURNEY" and no amount of denying truth or trying to CONTROL THE "TRUTH TELLER",  will change it.  TRUTH IS TRUTH and denying it does not cure our internal problem.  FACING TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR IS WHAT WILL CURE IT.

One last piece of info that also supports something major is going on, is the change recently in the Shuman Resonance of the sun.  It jumped from 7.82 hertz to almost 14 hertz which is almost double.  We also now know that the earths shuman resonance has also began to increase from 7.82 hertz to over 9 hertz.  So that begs the next question...... is their an attending increase in the resonance in Humans due to the arrival of Nibiru and if so, is that why the evil ones are so afraid of us???

Has any one noticed the major shift in the consciousness of babies being born in the past year?   I have, since I am the oldest of 8 kids, so I have a life time of experience, since a child, in the demeaner  and behavior of babies.  They are far more advanced at a much younger age than any previous time in the past during my life time. In the past, when a baby looked at you it was focused on motion.  If you moved your hand, it would twist its head to follow that motion, Today, its different.

They now focus on your eyes, as if to try and study "who you are", rather than a series of jerky motions.  I tried to distract them by moving my hand and other parts of my body and they held fast on my eyes.  They could not be distracted and that is a very large advancement in these childrens consiousness.  Is that due to the increase in the shuman resonance of the human beings affected by this large electromagnet force entering our solar system?

Is that why we are getting hit pointedly with the TPP,  the zombie movies, etc so we won't forcus on the dark star that has arrived?   Its a for sure depopulation expectation by the evil ones, but I think otherwise.   I think we will survive it, and that is a major problem for the globalists, if we do survive.  Is that why all the coffins distributed around the United States???  Lots of questions, you read and decide and let us know what you think.

Enough of my rabbiting on, please watch, listen and ponder this author of the video on this subject.

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Published by Soul Evolution on Oct 1, 2015
Planet X Nibiru is not just in Google Sky anymore, Its in our sky now!

My apology at the beginning of this video is well founded. During my previous work I did not take in to account how I was affecting others. Truth is truth of that there is no doubt but some truths can be devastating. I was known for making powerful You-Tube videos and its only when you sit down and read what many articles and blogs were saying about you that you realize the far reaching affects and implications of what you were reporting on.

One spiritual guy wrote a blog about me revealing this System on Google Sky and although he didn't criticize me he stated that my video had affected him deeply, this is something I will never forget.



Nibiru Expert Says Planet X Visible in December 2015 
Published by on Nov 3, 2015

Vatic Note:  Over the last couple of days, I have witnessed meteors way up high in the sky.  So the debri is here, but it won't be near as bad as in the past, since this time the dark star came from the south, instead of the eliptic which has the ort cloud for it to pick up even more and bigger debri.... so we are lucky this time around.   Check it out.  We clearly live in very interesting times. 


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Anonymous said...

According to Professor Nassim Haramein, Nibiru has come and, gone. The event was "apparently" in 2008.

'Video Proof That Niburu Has Come and Gone'.