The Hijacked Name Of Jew By The Khazar Banking Cartel. The Jews (Khazars) Global Infrastructure

Vatic Note:  This is very comprehensive and an excellent, thorough job of research by Political Velcraft, so I have very little to add, since its soooo comprehensive.   Just read it and see for yourselves, just how good this is.

Remember, when we started this blog, back in 2010, we brought up the fact that these Jews in Israel are not the semitic Jews of the Bible, rather, khazars and now NETANYAHU  had to publically admit that fact, so read the rest of this and see just how organized, and thorough a "planning" job that these Khazars have done to ensure that "Jews", real ones, get blamed for all the Khazars do.

I was impressed with their infiltration into just about every part of the globe and how their agents have coordinated with their leaders to create and cause the chaos that they have done, and the protocols prove it was intentional.  The protocols became their blueprint for their actions toward dominating this planet and relegating the "goyim cattle" to status of work animal in a constant slave state for Israel's greater Israel plan for the middle east and so far they have been successful.  They also engineered the new TPP trade agreement, that further sells out the USA and every other nation, except Israel and Great Britain as well as NATO and the UN.  Not bad for a days work, huh???

They used the USA advanced military weapons,  taxpayer resources,  to achieve those objectives and so far they are on target.  We need to do an ICELAND, to stop it.  And no matter what,  NEVER, EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.   Our forefathers were geniuses.   They saw the day that they would be needed and they even knew the genesis of this counter action against the US colony..... yes, Britain is the brain behind the movement.

The royalty of Europe, especially Britain, are confessed Khazars, through their German line.  Its why the Royalty of Britain changed their last name to Windsor back in 1919, so it would sound more British, than the German name that they had.  Remember, it was MI6 that created the CIA, mossad, and other intel agencies that do NOT WORK FOR THEIR SOVEREIGN NATIONS,  instead they work for the GLOBALISTS on an international level.  This below will confirm all of this AND MORE...

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The Hijacked Name Of Jew By The Khazar Banking Cartel.
By Admin,  Political Velcraft,  September 18, 2012

Understanding Rothschild: The Divide And Conquer Of The Khazars ~ But Now For The Banks.


THE POWER OF THE ZIONIST STATE reaches far beyond the borders of Israel permeating the very centers of global jurisdictions.
These centers include not only the political machinery of nation-states but also the military, financial, economic, and propaganda realms of global infrastructures.
For what was once known in both geographic and cultural terms as “Christendom” has been supplanted by the global beast of Zionism.

  • The Mormon Church, Romney, Rothschilds and Bain Capital. Mormons were originally part of Freemasons.

And what began in the late 1800s as a movement to establish a homeland for the Jews in Palestine has created instead with the modern state of Israellocus of power in a body politic that harnesses the massive power of International Jewry.
This is a frightening development for the entire non-Jewish world fraught with omens of provocations which the entire world witnesses moment by moment.

Manifestly, Israel does not exist as some tiny insignificant state in the Middle East but as an international menace with tentacles reaching into every part of the globe.
Those nations that are not part of Israel’s international hydra: Iran — Iraq — Afghanistan — Libya — Syria, have either been destroyed by Jewry’s Amerikan proxy or targeted for ruin.
For this pernicious force, “International Jewry,” which up until the founding of Israel in 1948, only operated as a dispersed and diffused entity.
But now, with a state apparatus at its command, “International Jewry” — (in essence, an  anti-Christ organism) — fully operates as a globally-recognized body politic with a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons. And that’s scary.

Do most Christians grasp the force of this threat? Sadly, no.

For due to Jewry’s dominance of the Main Stream Media throughout the Western World, Gentiles have been brainwashed to shun any critical remarks that contain the word “Jew” or even the word “Israel” lest they be labeled (horror of horrors!) an “anti-Semite.”


WHEN JEWISH PUPPET OBAMA signed the US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act on July 27, 2012, not only did he bind Amerika to a “Jewish State” but granted to Israel an “enhanced presence at NATO headquarters and military exercises.”

This conferred additional global military power to Israel’s already current partnership with both Nato and US armed forces.

And it is International Jewish Finance that ultimately controls both Amerika’s military and its Nato subsidiary.

In the economic realm, Israel is the world’s leader in the manufacture of Drones and is the nucleus behind global Corporations such as Intel, Apple, Microsoft, and Cisco, providing essential hardware and software for production and operation.

INTERNATIONAL FINANCE is squarely in the hands of Jewish global banking dynasties such as the Rothschilds; the Warburgs; the Weinbergs (this is the family dynasty behind Goldman Sachs); the Moccatas & Goldsmids (global gold trading); and theOppenheimers.
Amerika’s own Federal Reserve Bank, (a private consortium), has as its major shareholder, NM Rothschild and Sons.

With regard to globalization, the components of world trade and its institutions have a distinct Jewish imprint.

The World Bank has as one of its chief economists, Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel and first Director of the International Monetary Fund where Israel enjoys a domineering role.
And with all the choke points of globalization firmly in Jewish hands controlling Currency Exchange Rates (Forex), SWIFT, (transfer of payments), and Letters of Credit, the state of Israel is guaranteed the enduring ability to wreak continual chaos and destruction not only in the Middle East but far beyond its own borderless borders.  (VN: this is what I mean by, "I have nothing more to add, this indeed, says it all", only I wish to recommend we all start using the word "KHAZAR" and substitute it when ever you see them blaming real Jews for what they do.)

THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE controlling the minds of millions finds Jewrydominating Main Stream Media venues throughout the Western World.
Israel and Jewry, of course, are presented as the good guys and autonomous Muslim nations as the bad guys.
With this incessant anti-Muslim propaganda shoved down our throats in myriads of ways and means day after day, wars for the Jews across the map will never cease.
This ready-made field of enmity (witness the latest anti-Muslim agitprop, the “Innocence of Muslims” film splashed on headlines ad infinitumby the Jewish-owned press) prevents diplomacy and cooperation from being undertaken.
AND ONCE AGAIN, Jewish-puppet Obama is “sending in the Marines.”
Prior to the forced colonization of Palestine by European and Russian Jews in the 1920s-1930s, the three religious groups comprising the native population of the area: Jews, Muslims, and Christians, got along just fine.
Those days are over thanks to the anti-Christ programme of the Zionist-Jewish state and its powerful agents of the Jewish Lobby corrupting the democratic process in Amerika and Europe.
Thus, with Israel’s (that is, International Jewry’s) global infrastructure, is it any surprise that Bibi Netanyahu continually pokes his finger into the eyes of terror-stricken Obama who fears losing the “Jewish vote” which decides who will win and who will die?
But the Jewish-owned press flashes Amerika’s real commander-in-chief, Netanyahu, before our faces day after day. The man gets more airtime than Obama or Romney could ever hope to get.
And would it be any surprise if global opinion voices that forbidden assertion, “Jews are our misfortune,” in a coextensive way: Israel is the world’s misfortune!”

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