Breaking: World Leader Accuses Obama of Treason on the Floor of the United Nations (Video) Start Of the Fall?

Vatic Note:  This was very interesting prespective on what happened with the Obama, Iran agreement.  It was very educational and enlightening.   This is one where I could not figure out the benefit to the cabal for all of this jockeying that took place.  Maybe if you read it, you could figure it out and tell us what you came up with in the vatic comments section.  We look forward to your analysis.

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Breaking: World Leader Accuses Obama of Treason on the Floor of the United Nations (Video) Start Of the Fall?
By King of Shambhala, Before Its News,  October 1, 2015

Address of the Argentine President Cristina Fernández to the UN General Assembly.



It begins at 16:40,Argentina President speaks about Iran and the USA and Obama’s treason.

Red Flag News Lost in the media hype surrounding the addresses of Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday was a bombshell claim by the president of Argentina.
President Christina Fernandez de Kirchener announced that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official with a request that Argentina provide enriched nuclear fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010.
The official in question was Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, who did not dispute the seemingly outrageous claim and has been open about his opposition to the nuclear agreement currently worked out between Obama and Iran.

Kirchener said that Samore wanted Argentina to provide nuclear fuel to Iran, ostensibly to counter Iran’s excuse that they needed nuclear fuel for their reactors, removing the impetus for them to continue their own uranium enrichment program.
Kirchener stated that the deal fell through when her government asked for the request in writing, to abide by proper protocol, at which point the issue was dropped and Kirchener never heard from Samore again about it.
For his part, Samore released a statement admitting that he had in fact traveled to Argentina in 2010 and made the request, though he insinuated the incident was no big deal.
In fact, Samore went on to explain how after Argentina balked at the deal, he subsequently approached France and Russia with a similar proposal in which Iran would send their low-enriched uranium to Russia, which would further enrich it before sending it along to France.
France would in turn finish converting the enriched uranium into nuclear reactor fuel, sending it back to Iran for its own use, ostensibly preventing the Islamic republic from weaponizing its uranium stockpiles.
This deal fell through as well, according to Samore, leading to the 2010 U.N. resolution that increased economic sanctions on Iran, ultimately bringing them to the bargaining table for the horrible deal Obama eventually worked out with them this year.
The White House did not immediately respond to the potentially treasonous allegations.
At 14:30: Obama is the Antichrist revealed.



As part of revealing the APOCALYPSE NOW Trump’s rise and Joe Arpaio’s insistance on the birth certificate are vital elements of revealing the Antichrist Obama.

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