Secret TPP Text Unveiled: It ’s Worse than We Thought

Vatic Note:   This agreement is a major bold step toward destroying the soveriegnty of nations in favor of "sovereignty" of Corporations.  Wait until you read this.   You won't believe your eyes.  I know I didn't.   It took me a while to digest what I had read and then tried to figure out if they had a reason for leaking this to us.  Up until now, they would not release this to the public, and withheld major portions from the congress who has responsibility for ratifying all treaties. 

They need a war, so maybe a revolution was the objective here, because this will certainly cause one and all the Walmarts are certainly set up and ready to rock and roll on any dissidents or resisters.  Under normal circumstance, our reaction would be understandable, but right now, we are not under normal anything.  My first reaction was outraged.  Its still my reaction.  I am putting up a few paragraphs and then the link to the rest of it for you to read without the powers that be interfering with it.  Read it until you GET IT...... its codified slavery for every nation and her people. 

I strongly recommend downloading this or copying it to have for future reference.   Show the sheep and they will finally realize they are seriously at risk with this abomination of an agreement.    Freedom is not included in this document, since they intend to do away with all Rights and protections that we once enjoyed.  If they succeed in this, then I can understand Ron Pauls edict that "..... we will suffer a dark ages, the likes of which the world has never seen before" and after reading all this, I agree with him whole heartedly.

You will not believe what you are reading when you begin.  It takes a while to understand the dramatic changes that will take place in our lives, families, work, friends, and travel.  You are to keep your mouth shut, ignore all that you see, and behave or you could be arrested, if lucky, tried, and if convicted, sent to prison ( They even have a section in here that gives them the legal right to shoot you without a trial......) and this below explains under what evil circumstances that could happen.  We will experience something completely alien to us.  Read and see what you think????

My final word????  NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, NOT EVER.   If you find this difficult reading due to them messing with my blog.... go directly to the link below and read it from there.  It is a MUST READ.....


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Secret TPP Text Unveiled: It ’s Worse than We Thought
by Public Interests groups

Initial Analyses of Key TPP Chapters
This initial analysis
compiles contibutions
 by labor and public interest experts. For more info on labor, jobs, wages,
 contact: Celeste Drake, AFL

As one would expect for a deal negot
iated behind closed doors with 500
 corporate advisors and the
public and press shut out:
The TPP would make it easier for corporations to
The TPP includes
protections that reduce the risks and costs of relocating production to low wage countries.

free trade Cato Institute considers these terms a subsidy on offshoring, noting that they lower
the risk premium of relocating to venues that American firm
s might otherwise consider.
The TPP would push down our wages by throwing Americans into competition with Vietnamese
workers making less than 65 cents an hour.
The TPP’s labor rights provisions largely replicate the
terms included in past pacts since the
“May 2007” reforms forced on then  president George W. Bush
-by congressional Democrats.  (VN:  Both parties are gone.
Not just the dems but the GOP as well. )

A 2014 Government Accountability Office report found that these terms had failed to improve workers’ conditions
. This includes in Colombia, which also was subjected to an
additional Labor Action Plan similar to what the Obama administration has negotiated with Vietnam.
The TPP would flood the United States with unsafe imported food
, including by allowing new
challenges of border food safety inspections not provided for in past trade pacts
The deal would raise our medicine prices, giving big pharmaceutical corporations new
monopoly rights to keep lower cost generic drugs off the market.

In Brunei

Read the rest at this link below,  it is a MUST READ,  It totally gutts our Constitution and our BILL OF RIGHTS.  ALL FREEDOMS and PROTECTIONS GONE.  

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