Satanism Trying to Rebrand Itself

Vatic Note:   This entire article speaks for itself including the offered comments, which I found very interesting.   Satanism is in the process of "trying" to become mainstream and appeal to everyone possible who are not committed in any way to a moral or spiritual course of existence.  

Many are sitting on the edge and this new Satanism is just another marketing attempt to shove them over in Satans direction without all that entails being exposed.   Its a very slick way of recruiting those who are ignorant about the subject, into offering themselves as souls for Satan.  

What is the end result of such ignorance???  It ends up being a lot more than just losing your soul, it also includes losing your freedom and ability to be happy.   
Thomas Jefferson once said to us, "A civilization that expects to be ignorant and free, expects what never was and never will be."  Keep that in mind when considering your options. 

Finally, remember Bush Senior, in 1991, just before he left office, signed a resolution switching America's Legal System from "The TEN COMMANDMENTS"  to  "THE NOAHIDE LAWS", which declare anyone professing to be Christian is a criminal and the punishment is "decapitation".  

That told me, since Noahide laws were created by the Khazars, that the so called ISIS rebels who were beheading Christians in Syria, were in fact, khazars and not arabs. Lets not forget, these same Khazars also killed 63 million Christians in Russia after the 1917 Russian Revolution and introduction of Communism to the Russian people by these same khazars.  That is exactly what they have planned here and probably even globally. 

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Satanism Trying to Rebrand Itself 
By Leo Lyon Zagami 

(Jarry, left and Greaves)
The "Satanic Temple" is an attempt 
to mainstream Satanism by
pretending they don't worship the devil. 
Seeking wider social influence 
through political activism, they are
another front in the Illuminati war on humanity.

Leo Zagami: "All true Satanists do indeed believe the devil exists.  They worship him in their secret cults. Don't fall into the demonic trap of The Satanic Temple. They are just like LaVey." 

By Leo Lyon Zagami  
"The Satanic Temple" is presented as a "new brand of Satanism" in the US media. 

The New York Times wrote recently that founders Lucien Greaves and Malcolm Jarry -- pseudonyms -- "have done more for the Satanic brand than anyone since Anton LaVey, the San Francisco carnival worker who wrote "The Satanic Bible" (Avon, 1969). With only a website, some legal savvy and a clever way with satire, the two Bostonians' new, mostly virtual religion has become a sharp thorn in the brow of conservative Christianity."

Greaves and Jarry are two rich kids connected to the elite of the New World Order. At least one, Jarry, is a Jew (VN: Khazar....) like LaVey.
They initially gained notoriety in 2014 when they attempted to hold a Black Mass re-enactment at Harvard University, followed by a "gay marriage" performed on top of the grave of Westboro Church's matriarch. Their effort to erect a statue of Baphomet at the Missouri Capitol was instrumental in a court decision to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments. 

How do they differ from the Church of Satan i.e. LaVeyan Satanism? Their website states: "We feel we represent a natural evolution in Satanic thought," adding later on, "TST also strongly rejects the LaVeyan fetishization of authoritarianism. We believe this is antithetical to Satanic notions of individual sovereignty. Further, while LaVeyan Satanism is atheistic -- in that it rejects the notion that Satan is a conscious entity -- it is still supernaturalist." 

So it's pretty clear  that "The Satanic Temple" is the ultimate "left wing" evolution of Satanism. Among the sick causes they support is "Planned Parenthood." (VN: See link on planned parenthood.)

 "Many Satanists believe abortion is sacred and some participate in the procedures themselves." In fact, an ex-Satanist explained that, "participating in abortions is particularly important for Satanists because it's considered the best way to give an offering to Satan." 
Lucien Greaves'  Satanic mentor was Shane Bugbee; a High priest of the "Church of Satan" who in 1996 conducted the final interview of Anton LaVey before his death.

Shane Bugbee later disavowed Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner.  Originally from LaVey's  inner circle, Bugbee knew perfectly well  the Satanic Temple was a deception.

All true Satanists do indeed believe the devil exists.  They worship him in their secret cults. Don't fall into the demonic trap of "The Satanic Temple." They are just like LaVey. 

Their leader, Lucien Greaves, (aka Doug Mesner)  is power crazed. Shane Bugbee says: "His actions indicate a desperate need of power, Doug is very smart, dangerously smart, if you're on the wrong side, so what he seems, and his actual actions just don't add up." 

"The Satanic Temple" presages what once seemed like a distant nightmare: open Satanic political activism.  An example is their lavish statue of Baphomet unveiled in Detroit. ABC described it as "The largest public Satanic ceremony in history..."  
The Satanic Temple is simply another Illuminati creation, a new stage in their evil program to conquer the world. 
More in Zagami's new book series, "Confessions of an Illuminati."

 First Comment from Dan: "The Satanic Temple" isn't a real coven.  It's members are useful idiots that function as decoys. "

For someone who remembers Anton LeVay from his peak in the 60's this is all very boring.   Mesner is recycling LeVay's pseudo-Satanism. Atheistic Satanism is a decoy. They're the ones that do pubic appearances on talk shows to talk about how 'Satanic Panic' is hysteria,  and that real Satanists are animal advocates who champion human rights and freedom of religion. 

From my own experience with pseudo-occult groups like Mesner's dog-and-pony show,  is that the leaders of these will stage feuds and schisms between themselves and other groups, but it's just a Hegelian maneuver to keep drawing attention, as well as test loyalties.  Bugbee's self-proclaimed falling out with Mesner smacks of publicized feuds we've seen before.  For instance, Michael Aquino's famous split with Anton Levay in the mid-1970's which spawned the Temple of Set.   The maneuver gets a lot of free publicity and expands venues of recruitment. For one thing I learned - ALL these groups are controlled by a single  clique - which is the only one that's really secret.   

That's how we can say that "The Satanic Temple" isn't a real coven.  It's members are useful idiots that function as decoys. 

I lived in a city with cliques going for every taste from lesbian goddess worship to skin head Thulites, Wiccans and various neo-Celtic Pagans; neo-Greek pagans, Satanists (atheist and theistic), Luciferians, and Ordo Templi Orientis. 

But there were also swinger's cliques and a Sado-Masochist club, none of them ever knowing that all their leaders were in a SECRET order of their own, playing them all. 

Malcolm Jarry and Doug Mesner's  hackneyed attempts at publicity stunts are boring.    Comes off more like Mel Brooks 'Young Frankenstein' than Mary Shelley's 1818 masterpiece, 'The Young Prometheus'. 

- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2015/10/Satanism-Trying-to-Rebrand-Itself%20.html#sthash.SfSDr8nW.dpuf

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