Understanding the Codes of Darkness: Melanin

Vatic Note:   What a fascinating discussion about Melanin  and their function within the human body and its relationship to our subconscienceness of our being.   This expert being questioned also makes a distinction in our blood between the caucasian and blacks.  I found that to be fascinating and how complicated all this is and how complex we, as humans, are in so many ways.

She even discusses some of the diseases that are affected by the changes in Melanin.  One of the one she mentions is Parkinsons disease.  She also explains how the Dopamine reduction can cause that disease.  She says that eating raw foods can correct much of those problems.   They did not mention the Pineal in this video so I have taken it off the  original title.

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Understanding the Codes of Darkness: Melanin 
Uploaded on Jan 9, 2012

Ms Blue and Ann C, Brown Ph.D explore the Codes of Darkness. Dr Brown "Why Darkness Matters the Power of Melanin in the Brain" will be speaking on Melanin and Pineal, sharing tools for Understanding & Activation.


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