Vatic Note:   This was very fascinating, but it did conjure up questions that poked me in the eye.  For instance, with all that advanced technology, why were the advancements recorded on primative low tech materials using the same type of "low tech" recording methods (Pictures on stone????)   It just did not jive for me to have "physical proof" of such advancements and yet all recording of these advances were done on primative, 3rd world type recording methods.  

Does that make sense to anyone else???  Where are the printed or electronic records?   Where are the descriptions and records showing the science behind it?   Could they have been in the Library of Alexandria that was burned down?   

If so, then how come there were no other libraries with the same information world wide and why no advancements in technology to do with daily air flights and other high tech modes of transportation.   Scientific break throughs have always carried with them, translations into civilian, public use for day to day living?  So why not back then?

While this was fascinating, it still had too many questions raised.  Another one that bothered me was who made these advances?   Was the society back then, structured in such a way as to hide these devices from the general pubic?  If so, then how were they able to keep it from the masses?   After all, artifacts were found during our day, and no explanation why it was not disovered prior to our day and then written about???  

If it was a monarchy then a very small percentage of the general population were educated in the field of science, sufficiently to make the tools of the advance technology and why were wars fought with primative methods and weapons???  See?  So much does not make sense. 

One thing the powers that be wanted to do was to gain recommendations through their 1966 Iron mountain report and their majestic 12 group, on how to manipulate us into accepting alien invasion as a justification for globalizing, in order to fight such aliens.   

In doing so, it was recommended that they create artifacts that could only be explained if there were ancient aliens in the past.   Is this one of those attempts to manipulate us????  Some serious thinking, and pondering is needed here.   

Then some serious answers to serious questions we have asked above.  I have an open mind, so if someone can answer these and document those answers, I am more than willing to publish the results.  Let us know in the comments section. 

I have also added VN in the text of this article, so include them in your comments if applicable. 

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Published on Dec 20, 2012

Complete Set -The purpose is to expose secrets, lies, suppressed info and illicit facts that most in authority would rather keep you ignorant of and most others don't even know exists. It's about challenging the comfortable world of official versions/established thinking giving you access to the knowledge/info that will make the most powerful people, whether in Government, business, academia, military, the judiciary, media, or the established church uncomfortable at the least and will probably piss them off. 

It’s designed for those seeking "TRUTH" in this world of lies. Like truth of our unbelievable ancient history, who/what is behind all atrocities committed against mankind/Earth, and the most important is what God actually is and our intimate/divine connection to It/Him. I want to help you ALL understand the amazing/divine creature you ALL truly are, what you are truly capable of and help you reach your full God-given potential. I do not wish to convince anyone of anything but simply wish to help give those who are truly looking for answers access to the hidden evidences.

Don't believe something, I encourage you to look it up and think for yourself. The info is not infallible but it is the truth as best I can pierce the veil of secrecy and decipher through the constant smoke screen of bullsh*t that we're being given by the evil aholes in charge as official “Truth”. The Real Truth is, History as you know it is a lie. It actually goes back further and is more amazing than what you have ever dreamed possible or are ready to believe.  (VN: so the question is,  "what happened that made it all disappear for centuries?"  How did we lose that technology and why has no one asked the question? They just accept that it was real, without any further probing.  Not very scientific if you ask me.)

The fact is, almost everything you have been taught to believe is wrong, the entirety of human history has actually been an immense Conspiracy known to the Global Elite as “The Great Work”, and despite its ancient origins, immense scope, incredible longevity, and obvious evidence hidden in plain sight, the vast majority of the general population still has no idea or refuses to believe that it even exists. 

There’s a vast amount of evidence that proves conclusively there has existed at least one, if not multiple, advanced civilizations with higher technical/spiritual knowledge in Earth’s past including several ancient artifacts that completely shatter the currently accepted/official historical timeline and have no business existing, yet they do and must be acknowledged. There is also evidence that confirms unquestionably that many types of alien species exist and some have been visiting Earth since the remotest of antiquity continuing up until the present day.  (VN: if true, then what happened?  why are they now living a seriously primitive life here underground, and how did the information get lost or hidden for so long?)

I assert One specific alien race developed a slave race by mixing their DNA with a humanoid species already here and then established these hybrids as the ancient Ruling Class of what we falsely consider the “First” civilizations across the globe, establishing The Divine Right to Rule Principle based on their genetic inheritance from the ancient Sky Gods who ALL early cultures say came down and gave them the many advanced gifts of civilization. 

Together the Sky Gods/Earthly God Kings began a long term agenda designed to keep their blood pure/in absolute power through history while subversively acquiring POWER/CONTROL of everyone/thing for their application /consumption using ANY means needed to achieve ultimate goal giving Infinite Power/Total Control to select group of the world’s most elite bloodlines which they term the “New World Order” and suppressing the things that do not. (VN: the explanation of this very idea, that these psychopaths preserved bloodlines, is more likely and documentable, through ancient writings if you accept that the line of the Canaanites, who were the first creation in Genesis, chptr 1, verse 26, and God did not blow into their nostrils as he did with Adam and Eve in chapter 2, so they were different from Adam and Eve and the first batch had no knowledge of the existance of both good and evil, everything was the same to them, no conscience, no morals or ethics. Are they the evil ones doing this to humanity for centuries?  Could that be a more reasonable explanation?)

Under their control cultures did amazing things, understood things we are only now rediscovering, did things that would be extremely difficult with our modern tech and even some we still cannot do. Descendants of ancient royal bloodlines, aka “The Brotherhood/Illuminati”, still control everything and are responsible for all evil happening today, throughout history and into the future too if nothing changes. 

A leaders National, Political, Religious or ANY affiliation is secondary to their prime allegiance to the “Brotherhood”/“The Family”. They control a vast web of secret societies/orgs utilizing ancient Esoteric info most every ancient religion, mythology, philosophy, and belief systems were based on and whom Quantum Physics is now proving were absolutely right.  (VN: all very true, so what happened that made it all disappear? That is an answer that needs to be sought out and provided to us, as well. )

Like existence of a Universal Field of Pure Thinking Energy we call God, the Holographic Nature of the Universe and the Divine Nature of Man. Everything is pure vibrating energy that on the Quantum level doesn’t follow rules of physics and it is consciousness that creates. ALL modern humans are powerful co-creators capable of manipulating reality because human beings/our thoughts are expressions of this same energy which experiments prove responds to thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as being moved/shaped by our observations/intentions. 

Live an Energy Affirming/ Positive Vibrational Frequency lifestyle. Please forgive any issues with audio sound/speed or visual image quality. Did the best with what I had. Thanks and Namaste. - Dustin Mangrum.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

So, the "khazars" I incidentally, do not believe the "khazars" are Khazarian. I believe Khazaria was their point of entry onto Planet Earth....in line with the Stories told by Michael Tsarion.
So, the Jews I mean fake "jews" have bamboozled Planet Earth with their "choosenite exceptionalism", to the extent of Holohoax lies and, thefts of fantastical proportions in relation to wars and, their costs, taxes, reparation repayments, Personal wealth stolen in the "chaos" of war.
We, the sovereigns of Planet Earth are victimised by their unlawful poisons, and yet HERE WE HAVE ANOTHER ....STORY....TELLING US OF THEIR EXCEPTIONALISM.....reference their... ORIGIN...i.e. ...SKY GODs....polluting their OUTSTANDINGLY AMAZING DNA....with monkey/human genes.

It is a load of "jewsuit" TRIPE. "THEY" 'aint going to give up "THEIR" delusional ....fake TOP DOG......origin fables.

Mankind did not descend from monkeys/apes as, the "jewsuits" would like us to think.
Compare mankind with the "jewsuits", which group presents the more favourable character ?

"sky gods" HA HA HA......GODS and, they have taken 2,000 years to ...OVERCOME....the monkey hybrids of Planet Earth........REALLY !

Boyd Mnstr said...

My brother u did good I thank you for the chance to help and I love love the way it turned out I will be donating soon as I can I'm sure your needen it as while innocent of wrong I'm sure it's stress of release in fact I know you need a chill pill to cool off the discoveries here in May they spread far and and never where off. Love n respects-the real dbc no shades Christian author of monster and rap god and full song structure