Rh Negative Blood Origins and DNA Mutation

Vatic Note:   I have quite a few blogs just on this subject of the RH neg designation that accompanies the blood types.   One of the things I discovered that I want to share with you is how the Books of Enoch were removed and rediscovered in the writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls and they confirm much of what the Sumarians wrote about the gods from the sky.

So please read this blog and see what you think.   I have also put comments within the text of the article that were appropriate at that point to show, in order to make things more clear.   Please take the time.  There will be more coming.

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Rh Negative Blood Origins and DNA Mutation
By Queen of Sienna,  October 29, 2009

The origins of Rh negative blood are unknown and believed to be caused by some sort of mutation that occurred many thousands of years ago (VN:  Not so.... here is a ditty that confirms the RH neg is NOT a mutation.  Give it a gander and decide for yourselves.  So what else could it be?  After reading the 5 books of Enoch, you might be able to guess.)

As indicated in other of my posts to this blog, I’ve considered the possibility that the human was created by extraterrestrial intervention, and have linked that intervention with the plural pronouns used in Genesis “let us make man in our image, after our likeness…”  

I’ve also discussed the possibility that the extraterrestrial “god” of the Old Testament is not the same extraterrestrial “god the father” in the New Testament.   Is it possible that the original humans created by the OT god, those original humans who have Rh-positive blood, have been altered by extraterrestrials affiliated with the NT god, resulting in mutation of DNA and deletion of the Rh factor…producing Rh negative blood? (VN: what he is talking about here is in Genesis Chptr 1, verse 26, where God says "He made man", and then continues on with the rest of creation until chapter 2 in Genesis, and then finalizes his creation, and THEN HE MAKES ADAM AND EVE and blows into their nostrils, which he did not do in the first creation.... so were the first creation, the canaanites that God instructed Jacob to have his sons kill every man woman and child???  Why would God give such instruction???  Did he make a mistake by not giving them souls and ended up with a slew of psychopaths???  Is that why he told Jacob to kill them all off and then made Adam and Eve later, and BLEW INTO THEIR NOSTRILS giving them a soul/spirit? )
Following is a passage from the sequel I’m currently working on to my novel “In Our Image”.  This is all conjecture, but it is an interesting concept and I thought I’d share it:

“I have a question,” I said.  “In Luke’s gospel he goes through a genealogy backward in time listing who begat whom.  He ends with ‘…the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.’  That says to me that Adam was the son of God, and if you are the son of someone, then you would have their DNA.  The ‘god’ that is supposedly the father of Adam is the god of the Old Testament, Yahweh, who was an extraterrestrial.  So if all that is true, wouldn’t Adam and all his descendants have Rh negative blood?”

“Yes, Adam and his descendants had the DNA of the creator god, Yahweh".  The first humans were apes that had been genetically altered with extraterrestrial DNA.  That is where the Rh positive factor originated in humans, from monkeys/apes used in the creation process.  However, Yahweh’s DNA did not alter the Rh factor.  An individual’s DNA can change over time.  The benevolent extraterrestrials’ DNA has mutated over millennia to an extremely advanced level.

They have on average 8 strands of DNA and use 50% of it.  The human has 2 strands and uses approximately 5% of it.  Yahweh had considerable fewer strands than 8; I’ve heard somewhere between 3 and 4.  He wanted to be worshipped and obeyed by the humans he created, so he only gave them 2 strands with minimal activation of even that paltry amount of DNA.

When the more spiritually evolved benevolent extraterrestrials join in the creation process with humans, the DNA mutates to a higher level and one of the changes that occurs is the elimination of the Rh factor.  These humans have Rh negative blood.  Jesus was Rh negative.”

I’ve read of some people who say their blood type has changed from Rh positive to Rh negative.  If this is true, could it be the result of alien abduction experiments?  And are the alien hybrids being born on Earth today Rh negative?

Has the percentage of people with Rh negative blood remained constant since it was discovered in the late 1940’s or has it changed?   I’m sure Rh negative blood is being closely tracked and someone/group has the answers.

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American Action Report said...

Logic tells us that you can't give what you don't have. Just as God cannot give us the capacity to love unless He has the capacity to love, it logically follows that God could not give Adam DNA unless that DNA were part of God's essential nature. That thought has profound implications.