Chemtrails and Rh Negative Blood: Is there a connection???

Vatic Note:   I have not been able to find anything that would prove a connection between RH neg blood and the Chemtrails, but then the evil ones never do anything for only one reason.   They usually have multiple reasons, so the RH neg blood "could be" one of those reasons.

You read and check out the photos and you decide.   What bothered me most were the two photos with the black or dark streak through it just like the white ones, only black.   Does that mean they used different materials to dump, then those being used in the white chemtrails? If so, why?  and What are those black chemtrails?

We now know pretty much what the white ones are, but not the black ones.  If anyone knows, please share and we will post it on the blog.  I just need to be able to confirm or prove it, so please provide a valid link to the info. Thanks for working with us.

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Chemtrails and Rh Negative Blood
By queenofsienna

The other morning I was out filling my bird feeders and noticed a chemtrail “X” over my house.  There was a truncated curved chemtrail coming off the center of it.

It was eerie looking up in that beautiful blue cloudless sky and seeing this thing hanging directly over my house. Pictures follow.

Then,  just a few days  later, I saw something that looked more like an asterisk over the house and this time there was a black beam going through it.  As I stood there looking up it seemed to me that I could almost see two dark eyes in a face behind the chemtrails.

I took pictures of this as well, and when I downloaded them onto the computer, I definitely saw a face in some of them (see the middle picture below).

I couldn’t help but think that this was God’s face in a gas mask looking down saying “don’t breath this stuff”.

Note:  you can click on these pictures to enlarge them.
Is it possible that Rh negative blood types are being targeted?

Are you Rh negative and have you noticed chemtrails over your head quite often?  I’m just wondering if others have experienced something similar.  Please feel free to comment.  (VN: I think the chemtrails are for everyone, since there are more discreet ways to introduce such elements into a target populations lives than mass dumping on everyone. But then I could be wrong. After all, these people are psychos and everyone knows it. They do not live by the rules of civilized society, making them extremely dangerous to their neighbors. )

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