Vatic Note:   After reading this I went back and reviewed the creation stories and what struck me was the instruction by God to Jacob to have his sons go after the land of "Canaan" and then he told him to kill all the canaanites including "every man, woman, and child".   Now why did He do that???

What we do know is that RH neg is found no where in nature, except in humans and the opposite is true of RH positives.   Further, we know that the RH Neg woman rejects the blood of the RH positive man and begins building anti-bodies to fight the alien invader to her body,  YET THE SAME IS NOT TRUE OF THE RH POSITIVE WOMAN WITH AN RH NEGATIVE MAN.  Why is that????   

It implies that the RH neg was on the planet first, and the Positive is the hybrid and RH Neg Alien blood was the purist blood prior to the advent of  DNA that was manipulated in some fashion.  We also know that the first child of the RH neg woman by an RH positive man produces offspring that are sterile on the first pregnancy.  I am one such offspring.   

That implies that the RH negs were the first ones here as humans and the manipulations came later creating a different species, which would then be the RH positives.   The implication of this was found in the Books of Enoch which were removed from the old testament.  Why????  Just asking. Could it have been Enochs reference to the "Watchers and the Fallen Angels and their mating with the daughters of man??"

The very first paragraph on this below may well explain why there are RH negs that are lizard like, and another set of RH negs that are human like.  You read and decide.  

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By Admin,  In Our Image,  October

In the preceding post I speculated on the beings created in Genesis Chapter 1 as well as Adam and Eve who were created in Chapter 2.  An entity named “God” created the Chapter 1 beings and someone identified as “Lord God” created Adam and Eve.  

Were these two, separate creation stories and were the creators two separate groups of extraterrestrial entities?  Were the first creations still on earth when Adam and Eve were created?  Did they interbreed?  And are pure strains of the first creations still on this planet?
The Nephilim are introduced in Genesis, Chapter 6:

“When men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them, the divine beings saw how beautiful the daughters of men were and took wives from among those that pleased them…It was then, and later too, that the Nephilim appeared on earth – when the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring.  They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.”

So at this point, we have three possibilities for the introduction of Rh negative blood:  The beings created in Chapter 1 who apparently did not have the DNA of their creator, Adam and Eve in Chapter 2 who did have the DNA of their creator, and the progeny of the Nephilim as described in Chapter 6. 

Elsewhere in the Old Testament there are impregnations of various women by an entity now identified as “the Lord” who might conceivably be yet another ET strain.  Chapter 21 states  “And the Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did unto Sarah as he had spoken.  For Sarah conceived, and bare Abraham a son in his old age…”   Other Old Testament extraterrestrial impregnations involved Rachel gaving birth to Joseph and  Samson and Samuel were both born to barren women.  Could Rh negative blood been introduced during these Old Testament impregnations? 

Then there are the New Testament impregnations.  It is possible, and in my opinion most likely, that the ET divine being of the New Testament is not the same entity/entities as described in the Old Testament.  Anna was impregnated by the New Testatment god, resulting in Mary’s birth.  Elizabeth was impregnated, resulting in John the Baptist’s birth.  Mary was impregnated resulting in Jesus’ birth.  Jesus had a double dip of ET DNA as both he and his mother were the result of manipulation by extraterrestrials.  I believe this is what made him so special.  Perhaps this is where the Rh negative blood came from, the god of the New Testament?
No one knows where Rh negative blood came from; but it was not of an earthly origin, and it cannot be cloned.  I wonder if the percentage of Rh negative blood (currently 15% for double alleles from both parents, and 60% with one allele from one of the two parents, the other having RH positive ) has stayed consistent since it was first introduced?  Was there more of it or less of it at one time?  So many questions…and no answers.  


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