“Conspiracy Theorists” Are Vindicated: U.S. Senate Reports Chemtrails Are Real and Are Killing Us!

Vatic Note:  I am going to enjoy sharing this very much.  I have been called so many names that I can't even remember them all.   This below will be a pleasure to send out and clear my good name for ever.  My vatic note will be short on this one.   Now we have been confirmed on chemtrails and it explains why so many of us have trouble breathing at night,  are catching pneumonia, have asthma attacks, experiencing sleep apthnea and a plethora of other ailments indictly related to a  lack of oxygen.

What should really make us outraged is the fact that all of this was known by our congress since 1978.   There is no excuse for this, unless it was to save the planet, but then we should have been brought in on it way back then.  That is what I call the "Zbig for President"  era since he was Carters' handler.  In fact, Zbig has been the handler to a majority of Presidents, some more or lesser degree, since  then.   This was the same man who was protege to Kissinger and that screams volumes.  True globalist Khazars with no conscience, morality, or humanity. 

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“Conspiracy Theorists” Are Vindicated: U.S. Senate Reports Chemtrails Are Real and Are Killing Us!
By Christopher Watson,  Before It's News, October 27, 2015

You are viewed as one pathetic “Conspiracy Theorist” if you think the U.S. Government is and has been involved in spraying harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

 Chemtrails is what you call them…a term that is often followed by eye-rolls and quiet chuckles.

 Well, now you have an OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT to prove your assertions to the naysayers.

 Not that anyone will take your message any more serious…but at least you can vindicate your belief to those who are closest to you with the documented proof and admission from the Government itself.

Here’s the link to the actual document: https://archive.org/stream/weatificat00unit/weatificat00unit_djvu.txt

You’ll also want to watch and share this video:

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