85,000 Petition British Parliament to Demand Arrest of Netanyahu on War Crime Charges

Vatic Note:   I have begun to wonder if Netanyahu is not  a canaanite???  He acts as a man with no conscience, no morality, no soul, no humanity and no integrity.   That is a lot of "no's".  The canaanites had no soul or spirit and neither did the Edomites, so could it be that the Khazars are really canaanites?  Just wondering.

Further, leadership in England is unphased by the public knowing they are a client state of Israel, as is the United states.  Looks like the fascists are losing the battle of control and they are doing so to the benefit of the Zionists. That is important because the nazi's are goyim and that means the Zionists are dangerous even to them.  They have been partners all this time, but something has shifted or happened that is causing this rift.   Lets hope its permanent. 

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85,000 Petition British Parliament to Demand Arrest of Netanyahu on War Crime Charges 

By Anthony Bellchambers, Global Research, August 26, 2015

In an anti-democratic decision that is clearly bad politics and which colludes in serious human rights violations, David Cameron is currently ignoring the demand of 85,000 British citizens for the arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu on alleged war crime charges, regardless of diplomatic immunity, should the Israeli Prime Minister enter Britain. 

Netanyahu is an Israeli born, American educated politician who is alleged to have committed a serious war crime by having authorised the killing of over 2000 unarmed civilian men, women and children, in 2014, during Israel’s reprisal attack against dissidents in Gaza.
However, the Cameron government is apparently now so dependent on the supply of Israeli drugs for the NHS plus Israeli-made drones and military equipment for Britain’s armed forces, that it finds itself in the invidious position of having to welcome and entertain a suspected war criminal.
If Mr Cameron had any political sense he would cancel this proposed visit by a politician who is probably less welcome in Britain than Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.
One obvious lesson to be drawn from this dangerous and unsavoury situation is that Britain should in future source all pharmaceutical supplies and military equipment from one or more of the 28 member states of the European Union and not from a country in the Middle East that is not a member of NATO, nor a party either to the IAEA or the NPT, or the Chemical / Biological Weapons Conventions.
For any EU government to ignore these vital facts by acting otherwise, is to contribute to a high-level, future security risk to Europe.


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