Princess Diana The Secret Tapes Part 5 & 6 of 7

Princess Diana The Secret Tapes Part 5 & 6 of 7
Uploaded by LadyDianaBaksh,  February 26, 2011

Vatic Note:  After watching this series, I can't imagine the suffering she went through and the humiliation attended to her.   She had to have had an incredible amount of courage to sustain her during all this time over 10 years or more, including 2 loveless pregnancies. 

This was a good foundational video showing just how bad it had gotten for her especially with the other woman's involvement.  



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The NBC special program when princess Diana's secret tapes emerged with her own account of early life with prince Charles.
Previously unseen footage of her at the Kensington palace , James Colthurst and princess Diana secretly recorded secret tapes to be later published by Andrew Morton as a book.

It was the first time a member of British royal family ever recorded an interview with someone outside.   With shocking details of her private life.


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