China's Sexual Revolution - A Goldman Sachs Replay of the American Sex Revolution - Its in the Protocols - Documentary

Vatic Note:   This is an excellent history of the Chinese sexual revolution that began under Mao, and it was totally different than how the khazars got us out of marriage and families.   But in either case, the khazars wrote about how to attack and destroy the family in order to socially engineer the planet into a body that could be taken over by the globalists without resistance.  And they did this through their protocols and various groups, such as the Bilderbergs.

It was to start with children who would be indoctrinated and then grow up to be the adults the evil ones needed to accomplish their goal.   I found their method interesting, and  unique.   I now see the bad guys trying the same thing here, by putting women into combat,  dressing them in same uniforms as the men and  making them less feminine and more androgynous.   Its working and its what Goldman Sachs did here to America. 

I warned China and Brazil to be careful, otherwise they will be completely socially re-engineered as the Rothschilds have done to us in the USA.  Next they will confiscate both country's wealth as they did ours and took it from the very least of these, as well as from the middle class.  Now that they have one, they damn sure better protect it. 

China's Sexual Revolution - A Goldman Sachs Replay of the American Sex Revolution - Its in the Protocols - Documentary
Published on Apr 27, 2015
You haven't heard about China's other great social upheaval - the Chinese Sexual Revolution - and like everything in that country it's happening at warp speed. It's China's version of the 60s revolution - on steroids.

China's Sexual Revolution is the world's first glimpse - often using secret cameras - into this forbidden new China. It's a surprising portrait of the Chinese today: the new free love generation that's left their parents in shock; the booming sex industry that's creating an HIV crisis; the new generation of career women and feminists that suddenly wants it all - while millions of men feel left out.

This long untold story goes back to the days of Chairman Mao, who made sexuality a great taboo. He ordered everyone to wear unisexual Mao suits, and forbid women from wearing sexy clothing, getting stylish haircuts, or even wearing make-up. Men and women were expected to be comrades - not lovers - though Mao himself enjoyed an emperor's sex life, seeking virgins to retain his "youthö".

China's sexual libido was bottled up for 50 years, but now it's bursting loose, with dramatic effects on marriage, personal freedom and the government itself.

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