"Magick" is Illuminati's Most Potent Weapon

Vatic Note:   This is a great illuminating article and I commend, Dr. Makow for his courage and tenacity in the face of unprecedented deceptions and lies, on a massive global scale for decades if not a century of such acts.   This below exposes it all and spares no punches in the process of truth-telling.  Remember, we said in the past that the real Jews had to seek asylum from Israel in London and New York and we explained why.  Now its confirmed. 

We, at Vatic project have said, more than once, that it was not the real Non zionist Jews doing all this, as many believed and said time and again.   It was the khazars using their "magic" to blame and use the real Jews as a front for blame on all that they were doing to the planet.  I am so glad this has finally been said, directly, honestly and forthrightly.  God Bless you, Dr. Makow.

"Magick" is Illuminati's Most Potent Weapon 
By Henry D. Makow,  Phd, March 15, 2015

warburgmax.jpg(left, Max Warburg, 1867-1946, the mysterious Illuminati banker who helped mastermind the Russian Revolution and World War Two.)

I was taught Communism was "public ownership" and the overthrow of capitalist tyranny, not how certain capitalists stole the wealth of other capitalists while pretending to champion the working class. This indeed is "Magick"  a.k.a. deception, propaganda, education, the "news."

(This is an update of  an important article, "The Illuminati World of Make-Believe" first posted in 2007.)

If you asked
  Genghis Khan for his formula for world conquest, you'd expect to hear "overwhelming force" or "terror."

You would NOT expect to hear, "'Make-believe.'"

"Make-believe?" Who is this tyrant? Walt Disney?

Yet in the First Protocol of the "
Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the author says three times, Our Countersign is "Force and Make-believe."

"Make-believe" is the Illuminati's "Magick." Magick is simply deceit or lying which is pretty easy to do when you own the mass media and educators.

The evil magician Aleister Crowley defined Magick as "the science and act of causing change to occur in conformity with will... any willed change in ourselves or in our environment is Magick."

In other words, Magick is reshaping the world according to their interests. The Illuminati are masters at using false pretexts to do this. Our reality is largely their magick spell.

I finally noticed this when I read 
"The Truth About the Slump" (1931) by A.N. Field. The Bolshevik Revolution was portrayed as an egalitarian revolt. In fact, the Illuminati Jewish bankers financed it to confiscate Russian industry. (pp.62-72)

German Secret Service documents instructed the Bolsheviks to "destroy the Russian capitalists as far as you please, but it would by no means be possible to permit the destruction of Russian enterprises."

The German Imperial Bank sent the Bolsheviks in excess of 60 million rubles.  Documents 10 and 11 between the bankers and the Bolsheviks "give a complete synopsis of the terms on which the German banks after the war were to control Russian industry." (p. 69)
Of course German Secret Service Chief Max Warburg, the brother of US Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Warburg, was behind this. We're talking about international bankers and their confederates here.


I was taught Communism was "public ownership" and the overthrow capitalist tyranny. I was not taught that Communism was how certain capitalists stole the wealth of other capitalists while pretending to champion the working class. 
The international bankers used US Treasury money to finance both the Bolshevik Revolution and the USSR. (Collective Speeches of Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Chairman, House Banking Committee, p 397.)  
The Third Baron Rothschild was a Soviet agent  and half the British establishment were Soviet assets.
What a triumph of "make-believe" Communism was! Think of the millions of idealists who devoted their lives to this farce? Think of the millions who died in World War Two when the same bankers financed Hitler to keep Stalin in line

Think of the trillions of dollars spent in the Cold War? "Make-believe!" Think of how little we in the West hear of Stalin's or Mao's atrocities compared to Hitler's. (See my "The Other Side of Holocaust Denial")
If Communism was a ruse, we can assume that every major historical event and cultural trend in modern Western History, including the religion of "secular humanism and modernism", are also the products of "make-believe."

If they could pull off the Communist fraud, then the 9-11 attacks and the "War on Terror" are small potatoes.


Some people think the central bankers are instituting their world dictatorship on behalf of the Jewish people. This is understandable since the same bankers (Rothschild, Schiff, Warburgs etc.) were the official leaders of the Jewish community. 

They financed most Jewish organizations and political movements where Jews are prominent. Conversely, they denied funding and publicity to competing Jewish groups. 
Louis B. Marshall, (1856-1929) the Counsel to bankers Kuhn Loeb said in a letter dated Sept. 26 1918, "Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan: it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon."
Gee, how would Jews who dedicated their lives to a "national homeland" react to this news? Or to the information that the new Israeli Supreme Court is filled with Masonic symbolism designed to serve the New World Order?
Recalling that "force" is the other half of the formula, Marshall's letter ended with a threat to non-Zionist Jews: "All the protests they may make would be futile. It would subject them individually to hateful and concrete examples of a most impressive nature. Even if I were disposed to combat Zionism, I would shrink from the possibilities that might result."   (VN: Vatic project has been saying this for the entire time we have had our blog on google.  That is 6 years in March 2016, so its a confirmation of what we had published many times.  It has never been the real Semite Torah Non Zionist Jews.)

This letter was addressed to Max Senior, a businessman and philanthropist, who had asked Marshall to speak out against Zionism  (Marshall posed as an anti-Zionist.) 
The threat is indicative of the gangster tactics Zionists used against the Jewish community. Senior was quick to react. He replied to Marshall Sept. 30 1918:
"I repudiate any connection on national, religious, racial or cultural grounds, with 'national home-land for the Jews in Palestine.' We have seen how demoralizing a divided allegiance was to the Germans in this country. I do not pretend to know the inside political history and intricacies of policy at which you hint...I am not to be intimated into silence by either of the threats you mention...I regard the real danger to the Jew to lie in the silent acquiescence to the Zionist claims." (L. Fry,  Waters Flowing Eastward,  p.55)


Communism and Zionism are just "incidents in a far reaching plan" to create a "world government" dictatorship dedicated to Lucifer run by the central bankers
The "powerful weapon" is the energy of organized Jewry in helping to overthrow the Christian basis of Western Civilization and ushering in the "New Age." 
Communism is satanic. Its emblem, the five-pointed star, is Satanic. The Communist Manifesto calls for the destruction of the family, culture, science and religion (atheism), the confiscation of property and inheritance, control of communication and dictatorship. It also called for private central banks and income tax. Yet it has been tolerated and even glorified. 
Thanks to "Magick," the masses have been tricked into advancing the Illuminati's satanic agenda. The Cold War, 9-11, the War on Terror, the Credit Crunch and the current Sovereign Debt Crisis -- are all "Magick" - false pretexts to achieve their diabolical evil.

In order to build the "New" world order, they need to destroy the old. "Magick" refers to the specious excuses they use.     
- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/001805.html#sthash.7LMBIwMm.dpuf

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Anonymous said...

The Warburg Institute founded by German Jew Aby Warburg. This is from their website.

Anonymous said...

Molloch "endowed" his little helpers with two "derrieres", one of which is embellished with a set of lips.
In spite of this handicap, the khazar zionists have managed to "MAGIC" money into existence and "DISAPPEAR" the Worlds Gold.
Are they ever going to be held to account ?

Anonymous said...

The Emblem of the Warburg Institute

The emblem, which appears above the door of the Institute and on all its publications, is taken from a woodcut in the edition of the De natura rerum of Isidore of Seville (560-636) printed at Augsburg in 1472. In that work it accompanies a quotation from the Hexameron of St Ambrose (III.iv.18) describing the interrelation of the four elements of which the world is made, with their two pairs of opposing qualities: hot and cold, moist and dry. Earth is linked to water by the common quality of coldness, water to air by the quality of moisture, air to fire by heat, and fire to earth by dryness. Following a doctrine that can be traced back to Hippocratic physiology, the tetragram adds the four seasons of the year and the four humours of man to complete the image of cosmic harmonies that both inspired and retarded the further search for natural laws.